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Sensory integration in early childhood

Through sensory integration, children can learn to process and respond to different stimuli, which in turn improves their ability to learn and participate in everyday activities.

smart office furniture

Smart office furniture: Maximizing efficiency and comfort, space optimization, ideas for efficiency

artisan cheeses

Artisanal cheeses: A world of authentic and traditional flavors, discover the delicious tradition behind these dairy delicacies

How books shape our mind

How books shape our mind: The influence of reading on our personal development. Reading is one of the most enriching and transformative activities that we can practice.

wedding flower arrangements

Creative wedding flower arrangement ideas to decorate the bridal path. Tips to personalize your special day: A touch of elegance and romanticism

Pets: practical and fun accessories

Pets: practical and fun accessories: Create unforgettable moments together. One of the greatest joys that our pets bring us is sharing unforgettable moments with them. Walking the dog, playing with the cat or just snuggling on the couch with them can turn an ordinary day into a special experience.

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Jules Verne's XNUMX best-selling books

Jules Verne is one of the fathers of science fiction and the second most translated author. Today we will know the ten best-selling books of him.

Eladia Illescas. Sociologist and political scientist

Eladia Illescas is an Andalusian sociologist and politician, specialized in electoral sociology and in the study of Andalusian society.

The best soccer school in Africa

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November 30th 2022 These are the 'influencers' with the most followers in Spain: All of them have numerous collaborations and some have launched their own brands. Font: es.news.yahoo.com
November 25th 2022 SURVEY | Who is the queen of fashion influencers in Spain? | uwu: Their million-dollar Instagram accounts have elevated them as fashion references for an army of loyal followers, but which of these profiles is essential? Font: publico.es
November 04th 2022 There are 1,5 million influencers in Spain - Dircomfidencial: Instagram has close to 1 million influencers in Spain, while there are almost 600.000 on TikTok and barely 42.000 on YouTube. Font: dircomfidencial.com
28th October 2022 The CNMV monitors financial 'influencers' in Spain: 50 of them would be failing to comply with the regulations: The journalist Hugo Domínguez analyzes in laSexta Clave who are those highly popular profiles on social networks that recommend investing in cryptocurrencies, copy trading or even miraculous formulas that do not work. The CNMV has its eye on them. Font: lasexta.com
11th October 2022 A man from Almeria, among the most important 'influencers' in Spain according to Forbes: He has more than 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel Source: Diariodealmeria.es
08th October 2022 From Laura Escanes to Dulceida: how much does an 'influencer' earn?: Laura Escanes, Paula Echevarría, María Pombo or Dulceida are some of the 'influencers' with the most followers in Spain. Their cache gives them a lot of money... Source: rtve.es
07th October 2022 The best influencers in Spain: who they are and how much money they move: Forbes magazine has recognized the work of ten influencers in different categories and has crowned Dulceida as the best in 2022. Source: as.com
04th October 2022 These are the best influencers in Spain, according to Forbes: Influencers have become the great image of many brands that build their future from them. These types of people are essential in communication with consumers, becoming the protagonists for audiences. Check here the complete list, presented by @SantaTeresaRum... Source: elperiodico.com
04th October 2022 The ranking with the best Spanish influencers in 2022, according to Forbes: The job of being an influencer is here to stay and will last as long as social networks are among us. Some will come, others will leave, but this trade, a priori new, is Source: marca.com
27th September 2022 What is the life of the oldest influencer in Spain like?: Interview with Rudy Ruymán to learn details of his life and work. Font: Cincodias.elpais.com
August 31st, 2022 The ten favorite destinations of Spanish influencers: After analyzing and categorizing all the existing content data of 112M Instagram posts by Spanish influencers, in different formats (fixed posts, stories, reels and IGTV) with Primetag software, these are the l Source: murciaeconomia.com
August 22st, 2022 The 10 Andalusian influencers who rule on Instagram: Andalusia has always been the focus of culture and now shines on social networks Source: Diariocordoba.com
August 17st, 2022 Pasties, 'influencers' and advertising: You no longer need to win I don't know how many world championships or have the credibility of a news presenter to sell, now the 'likes' are in charge Source: epe.es
July 28, 2022 This is the first law in Spain that includes obligations for ''influencers'': Those known as 'influencers' or content creators for social networks have been postulated as the new celebrities, thousands and thousands of people follow everything they do, and that also requires a certain responsibility. For this reason, on July 9, the new General Law on Audiovisual Communication entered into force, which includes various obligations for these people. Font: eleconomista.es
July 25, 2022 The 'influencers' already have rights and obligations, this is their new law: The legal limbo in which the 'vloggers' found themselves is over. Since July 9, 'influencers', 'streamers' and content creators in gene Source: niusdiario.es
May 12th 2022 This study shows that brands waste money on influencers: A study reveals that influencer marketing is not as efficient as it is believed. VIDEO: Laura Pausini is caught giving her all in Chanel's performance. Font: Diariodecadiz.es
May 01th 2022 The most famous influencer moms in Spain: They travel, attend events, take care of themselves, go shopping, serve their followers and have many children. Font: antena3.com
April 29th 2022 Young people want to be 'influencers': The salaries of the best known reach one hundred thousand euros: According to a study by the Reina Sofía Center on Adolescence and Youth, one in three young people wants to be an influencer and one in ten is a professional... Source: elcierredigital.com
April 28th 2022 Influencers are growing in Spain: more than 9.100 are professionals - PR News: According to a 2btube analysis, there are more than 9.100 influencers in Spain who are professionals, with more than 100.000 followers each Source: prnoticias.com
April 06th 2022 These are the 5 favorite fashion 'influencers' among young Spanish women (and that you should know): Beyond the catwalk, 'fashion' trends can be found on Instagram, but which profiles should we follow? Here the top 5 of the favorites among the Spanish according to a barometer of a well-known fashion 'app'. Font: 20minutos.es
March 20th 2022 A stricter regulation hangs over the millionaire business of 'influencers' in Spain: The new Audiovisual Law will regulate the activity of digital content creators, who will be considered as audiovisual providers Source: abc.es
March 19th 2022 Six 'influencers' from the countryside unite in the networks to defend rural Spain: They have more than 2,5 million followers on social networks and more than 10 million weekly views. Three women and three men who have risen to fame as... Source: elmundo.es
March 05th 2022 The Spanish celebrities with the most millions of followers on Instagram: On Instagram, that "you have so much, you are worth so much" is true: followers are fame, fame is money and money is power. All these are the most 'top' of our country. Font: tenminutos.es
February 01th 2022 Dulceida, the first 'influencer' in Spain, reaches a new record: the real reasons for her rise: In recent days, the Catalan has surpassed the barrier of three million followers, a triumph that she has celebrated on her successful account. Font: elespanol.com
28 January 2022 Ibai, María Pombo, Patry Jordán... These are the main 'influencers' in Spain: Influencers have become key figures in the marketing strategy of companies. Last year the total investment in advertising campaigns with them involved Source: expansion.com
15 January 2022 Judges and prosecutors "influencers" in networks: these are the ones that accumulate the most "followers": Explanations about what the courts say about the use of condoms or threads to clarify the sentence of La Manada sweep social networks and bring Justice closer to citizens Source: larazon.es
02 January 2022 Georgina Rodríguez heads the list of the 10 most popular Spanish 'influencers' of 2021: Georgina Rodríguez heads the list of the most followed one more year Source: hola.com
December 30th 2021 A golden year for creators: 'influencers' and 'streamers' multiply their income amid a savage war for talent between TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch: 2021 has been a very good year for content creators thanks to the battle of the platforms to offer better compensation and retain talent. Font: businessinsider.es
December 20th 2021 The 50 most influential 'influencers' in Spain: 6. Alexandra Pereira. (Vigo, 1988) Better known as Lovely Pepa, she is one of the most important international influencers on the Spanish scene, and one of the Source: moncloa.com
December 20th 2021 The 50 most influential influencers in Spain: We have the fourth edition of the 500 most influential people in Spain, divided into 15 categories, and prepared by Grupo Merca2. In each delivery is Source: What is it
November 10th 2017 'Influencers' in the history of Spain: It may seem modern, but this trade has centuries of history with the most curious 'influencers' Source: elplural.com
The 50 most influential influencers in Spain in 2022 – Fundación Marqués de Oliva: The Marqués de Oliva Foundation publishes each year the “Study of the 500 Most Influential Spaniards”. Made up of 14 categories and 500 people. Starting today, MERCA2 in collaboration with the Marqués de Oliva Foundation publishes a cat Source: fundacionmarquesdeoliva.com

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vernian notes

Jules Verne wrote down everything he saw in the magazines of the time on small cards (more than 20.000). Scholars of his life claim that when Verne died he had thousands of logogriphs on those cards. Also many stories and data that would have been of great interest to learn Vernian thought.
Tags: Curiosities
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Barely left France

Although he traveled through his novels, Verne hardly left France. The desire to travel, learn and live adventures is reflected in all his characters and in all the attempts he had as a child to go and fulfill his dreams.
Tags: Curiosities
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The 17 doctors from Barcelona who appear in the Forbes TOP 100

They are professionals who work at the Vall d'Hebrón Hospital, the Cínic, Quirónsalud, Teknon or Sant Joan de Déu
Tags:Forbes- View source
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Inheritance in life or how to donate money to children to pay less taxes

More and more people decide to make a donation of their assets while they are alive instead of doing it with the traditional form of inheritance, when the person has already died, which is still the majority formula. This is certified by the statistics of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) for the year...
Tags: Divorce - View source
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Divorced at the campsite

Nostalgia is typical of the divorced, of the divorced, that look down and that sadness not of the lost, but of the impossible
Tags: Divorce - View source
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We already have a jury for the Mediterranean Awards

Under the presidency of Enric Millo, responsible for External Action of the Junta de Andalucía. Soon we will know who the Mediterranean influencers are.
+ Info
Tags: Andalusia,Mediterranean - View source
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The Bank of Spain warns: your bank can block the purchase of cryptocurrencies

The wave of cryptocurrencies is only growing.
+ Info
- View source
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Not declaring the sale of cryptocurrencies can lead to penalties of up to 150%

The 2021 income campaign began this past April 6, 2022 and will last until the end of June.
- View source
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Attendees at the cryptocurrency convention in Badalona deny being a sect

The Federation of Neighborhood Associations demands the immediate closure of the event held at the Palau Olímpic.
- View source
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A company investigated for fraud organizes an event on cryptocurrencies for young people in Badalona

Neighbors and associations have asked for it to be cancelled.
- View source
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The Parliament applauds Rafa López on his return

The plenary session of the Parliament has applauded the deputy of the Catalan PP Rafa López after returning to activity after a serious illness.
Tags: Rafa Lopez- View source
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El món a RAC1 - El perquè de tot foldat.

Podcast of the RAC1 political gathering at Apple, with Neus Tomàs, Josep Martí, Rafa López, and Tian Riba.
Tags: Rafa Lopez- View source
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