Do you know which are the most demanded tires of this 2021?

In today's article we are going to try to know a little more about tires. We will know what kinds of tires exist and their characteristics. We will also know which are the most demanded in this 2021 and where we can find cheap tires madrid.

Tire classes

Choosing the right tire is essential to reduce driving risks and have a feeling of calm while driving. There are various classifications of tires. Let's get to know some of them.

Tires according to the time of year

This classification would meet the needs of the tires, depending on the weather conditions they face, such as snow, rain, ice or heat.

  • summer tires. They are designed for wet and dry conditions. They provide grip and control, with a suitable drawing to dislodge water and with practically non-existent deformations on the edges. When the temperature is below zero degrees, they do not respond well in gripping.
  • winter tires. Good for extreme weather conditions. They are made of a special rubber that does not harden in freezing temperatures. They are recognizable by having a mountain or a snowflake drawn on their profile. Provide better traction, grip and control than summer tires
  • all season. Designed to provide comfort and control on the road. It also has a good traction capacity in all seasons of the year. It usually has a symmetrical tread pattern, along with circumferential and shaped grooves, which facilitate grip in wet weather.

Tires according to driving

This classification of the tires is directed, according to the environment where we are going to drive

  • City. When we drive in an urban environment, we find certain characteristics. In city driving, fuel consumption increases. For this reason it is advisable to choose tires with low rolling resistance. The constant starts or stops (traffic lights, pedestrian crossings...), force us to buy long-lasting tires with good braking distance, thus avoiding problems typical of the city environment, such as pedestrians and cyclists.
  • highways or roads. As speed increases, tire choice changes significantly. We will need these to give us better performance and much greater security. We must also take into account that the braking distance is different and must respond to a much higher speed than in the city.
  • Rural or muddy roads. Due to the low grip of these surfaces, we must choose tires that have solid traction. The tires must have large grooves in their tread. They are ideal for conditions with snow, mud and mud. Obviously they are not good for driving on asphalt.

Tires depending on the vehicle

This classification will attend to the type of vehicle we have.

  • Sport. They normally have circumferential and lateral grooves, which are larger than other rubbers. This circumstance considerably improves its traction capacity in wet climates. They also have silica-enriched compounds in the tread. They are high-performance tyres, with greater adherence, grip and stability than normal tyres. They respond well on roads with long straights and curves. They also have an optimal response, both on wet roads. as wet
  • All terrain. For off-road vehicles, the tires have a larger and more aggressive tread pattern. They are not recommended for use on asphalt and are designed to be carried quite heavily. One tip for identification is that most have the A/T code on the tread.

tire characteristics


Grip is the ability of the tire to adhere to the ground. It is also in charge of the transmission of the traction and braking forces, the maintenance of the march and the possibility of changing the trajectory of the car. The behavior of our vehicle in snow or ice will also depend on the grip.

There are 3 types of grip:

  • grip by adhesion: The more contact surface there is between asphalt and tire, the greater adhesion there will be.
  • Mechanic: The irregularities of the asphalt are what cause this type of grip.
  • By wear: Progressive loss of material from the surface of the contact area. The tire, as a material, has a limit in its resistance and after a certain pressure, it ends up tearing.


We can say that a tire that has good comfort features is one that does not make noise or minimizes it to the maximum. It is also a type of wheel that allows us to withstand the irregularities of the asphalt and does not produce vibrations that can be felt inside the car.


We refer to the number of laps that a tire can make, throughout its life. This will be affected by different factors:

  • Driving. With sporty driving styles, wear is increased by acceleration and braking. It is convenient to accelerate progressively, when starting the march, regardless of the type of road on which we circulate.
  • tire pressure.Circulating with different pressures will reduce the life of the wheel. Tire pressures must always be adjusted to the operating conditions of the car and its loads. We must take into account the pressure that appears on the side of the tire and that corresponds to the maximum pressure, not the recommended one. Check them at least once a month and with cold tires.
  • surface types. Greater wear on mountain roads, where we have to take many curves, accelerating and braking more times than usual, than for example on the highway
  • car status. The state of the damping and correct geometry have a great influence on the wear of the wheels, shortening their useful life.
  • Car type. The power of the engine and the shaft to which it is transmitted also have an impact on wear. On cars with a turbo diesel engine and front wheel drive, the tires will last much less than on cars with gasoline engines.


We understand by durability, the safety margin, with which the wheel rotates throughout its useful life. The factors to take into account are: technology, experience, product quality, the compounds used... etc.

rolling resistance

It is the force that must be applied for a tire to roll. In addition there are other forces that oppose the movement of the car: Aerodynamics 65%, Tire rolling 20% ​​and the internal forces of the car 15% that remains.

Most demanded tires of 2021

Tires make up one of the most important parts of our vehicle. It is not surprising, the insistence of those responsible for road safety, on the importance of making a good choice and maintaining them well.

In this article we will talk about some of the most demanded brands in this 2021


It is one of the first brands. It owes its name to Charles Goodyear, who was the inventor of the process of vulcanizing rubber with sulfur in 1839. Currently, the brand's technology stands out above the rest. Its main innovation is the Run-Flat tire, which allows us to drive for more than 80 km with a puncture.


The French brand Michelin is one of the most popular in the world. The brand's wheels have been manufactured in Spain since 1934. They are characterized by their reliability and durability. It is also a brand committed to the environment, standing out for the use of very respectful materials in the manufacture of tires.


German brand founded in 1871. It is a company that has more than 150.000 employees in more than 30 countries. In Europe, it is a benchmark brand (30% of European cars have its tires) and it is considered to be among the 5 most important suppliers in the world. In addition, its innovations are very important, such as the «in-tyre» pressure sensors that detect when it is necessary to change the covers of a wheel, due to the wear of its pattern.


Japanese tire brand, operating since 1931. Currently, it is the largest producer in the world. Prestigious manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes or Ferrari mount wheels of this brand. It has a wide catalog of tires for all types of cars and in any weather condition. It is also characterized by being the sponsor of many car competitions and countless sporting events.

We hope that the article has been of interest to you.

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