Luxury bags used by influencers

What bags do influencers carry?

New technologies have brought about an absolute change in our lives, promoting the appearance of new work activities.
Among the most outstanding we find the Influencers, authentic figures of the social networks that have a fundamental importance among their followers.
Therefore it is not surprising that they can be very important in the choice of any product that they can advertise. If we refer to luxury handbags, influencers are decisive in opting for a certain brand.
Luxury bags used by influencers

Brands of bags worn by influencers

We already know that our favorite influencer is going to have an absolute importance in our way of dressing and in the accessories that we use. How can we not look at the bags carried by Aida Domenech, Alexandra Pereira, María Pombo, Rocío Osorno, Gala González, Sara Escudero, Jessica Goicoechea, Sara Carbonero or Tamara Gorro.

As the most used brands we have

  • Bimba y Lola: It is a highly prestigious Spanish firm, founded in 2005. It is characterized by the use of unique patterns, mixing avant-garde with modern Spanish nuances. We can say that it is a luxury accessible to our economy. Their anagram and elegant designs have made them a popular trend in the looks of women of all ages and around the world. The firm has more than 200 stores spread over 17 countries.
  • Burberry: Brand that manufactures the best accessories and bags on the market. It is one of the oldest (1856). It is characterized by its colors (black, brown, white and red), its vintage checkered design, the logo and the horse. It has a very loyal clientele in the world of fashion earned and guaranteed by its career and professionalism.
  • Carolina Herrera: Carolina Herrera signature bags are usually made of different types of leather, always of great quality. Its catalog is characterized by variety and by having different styles that adapt to the taste of each person. In this way we find shoulder bags, short handle bags, handbags and shopping bag models. Buying a bag from this brand is making a great investment. Carolina Herrera is synonymous with quality and good taste.
  • Gucci: The Gucci brand is characterized by high quality materials, elegance and special attention to small details. It is also famous for its crafts. It was founded in 1921 in the Italian city of Florence, with leather suitcases being its most characteristic product. Gucci was the first to experiment with little-known materials used to make its items, such as hemp and cotton.
  • Michael Kors: It is known as one of the greatest accessories and luxury goods designers in the world. In addition to having been awarded on many occasions. With his firm of the same name, he is characterized by the sale of all kinds of items. His bags are made with high quality materials and care for each detail. He is a brand that achieves perfection in each of his designs. Wearing it is synonymous with elegance and good taste.
  • Lastelier: Relatively new French firm, which has recently presented a catalog full of timeless pieces with a lot of natural elegance
  • Loewe The firm Loewe is characterized by its wide variety of luxury bags. Includes iconic bags like Puzzle, Hammock, Gate and Balloon. They are available in a wide variety of sizes. In addition, Loewe bags are characterized by being made by expert hands with nappa leather, grained calfskin, suede and natural fibers. There are shoulder bags, crossbody bags, totes and handbags. Its basic colors are brown, black and tones that vary by season.
  • Love Moschino: Italian firm, it is characterized by its ingenious prints, original designs and its heart-shaped motifs. It allows us to choose between models for day to day or for the most special events. Their catalog has different sizes: Small, medium and large. In addition to having different types such as a shoulder bag, to carry a handbag on the shoulder. Great quality at a very affordable price.
  • Louis Vuitton: The firm's luxury bags are among the most popular on the market. It is characterized by the high quality of its products, the exclusivity of the decorations and materials used, the location of its factories, its innovative way of manufacturing products and even the glamor of the brand's logo.
  • Prada: The Prada firm is characterized by the materials used to make its bags (nylon and leather). In addition to the elegance and modernity that they transmit through their elegant design.
  • Tous: The Tous brand presents a great variety of types and formats. Their bags are characterized by having a touch of elegance and personality that makes them different from other firms. Sometimes even this fact makes our choice difficult because we don't know which one to buy.

Characteristics of a good online store

We already know the brands of bags most used by Influencers. We only need to choose the one that best suits our needs and our tastes. We cannot forget that in the world of brands, there is a lot of imitation and much more if the purchase is made online. So in this article we would like to highlight the characteristics of a good online store for buying luxury bags.
  • Personalized treatment: Each client is different. Attention should be individualized and with advice. In addition to being detailed. In short, we are satisfied and wanting to buy again.
  • Security: That the store has different payment platforms and that they are secure. Card, Paypal or even the possibility of installment payment.
  • Reliability and guarantees: We are talking about luxury bags. We must demand top brands and 100% originals with full guarantee. In addition to the corresponding certificates and a good quality/price ratio according to the current market.
  • Agility and speed: We refer to the time after the purchase is finalized until the home delivery process.
  • Post-sale service and customer service: Indispensable for any type of claim or query about the product we have just purchased.

We hope that the article has been of your interest

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