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Black novel. most influential accounts

The most influential Twitter accounts related to the Novelty. Discover the most influential in police literature. A genre with a long tradition in Spain, proof of this is the RBA Detective Novel Award, the best endowed in the world of its kind.

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Updated: 02-12-2022
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Crime novel (68)

N.First NameScoreTextPlace. Lists
1 @carlossalem
(carlos salem alone)
43 Spain 38,9K
2 @cpgellida
(Cesar Perez Gellida)
57 Writer. Facebook: Instagram: Valladolid 22,0K
3 @Fco_Sainz
(Francisco Sainz)
33 Audiobook announcer. Author of the novel #OperaciónHades available on Amazon. Link on my website. Spain 11,0K
4 @AlexisRavelo1
(Alexis Raveno)
43 Bald, atheist writer who survives by writing anything that allows him to maintain his diet of chopped sandwiches and beer. Las Palmas 10,0K
5 @J_J_Navarrete
(Jose Javier Navarrete)
31 Sometimes dreams come true, if only for a moment. Spain 9,4K
6 @snegra
(Black Week Gijón)
41 Great summer cultural festival. Black Week of #Gijón Follow our Official YouTube Channel! Spain 9,2K
7 @Jesus_Lens
21 Writer, cinephile, reader and traveler. Communications professional, he collaborates with @ideal_granada, coordinates @IdealGourmet and directs @Granadanoir and @GRAVITEFestival Granada 9,0K
8 @Dos_Passos
(Dos Passos Literary Agency)
40 literary agency Madrid 8,6K
9 @DanielFopiani
(Daniel Fopiani)
38 Cádiz, First Sergeant of the Marine Infantry and Writer at Espasa (Grupo Planeta). My latest novel is "The heart of the drowned." Spain 8,2K
10 @czanon
(Carlos Zanon)
40 Writer. Writer. Ecrivain. Writer. Lovesong (2022) Spain 7,2K
11 @JuanInfante10
(John Infant)
23 Lawyer and crime novelist. Biscay 6,5K
12 @sharkasmo
(Jesus Carnerero)
39 (1984, San Vicente de Alcántara) Independent writer/Noir&Rock-thriller-scifi-urbana/My four novels are available here Spain 5,6K
13 @solo_novela
40 SNN - Magazine specialized in police and black-criminal genre. Direction: @daniellhawk Editorial: JA Beckett Spain 5,4K
14 @GuerreroRafael_
(Rafael Guerrero)
19 Private Detective @agencyworld_org Writer @MAREditor @eolasediciones @arcopresslibros @Storytel_ES @audible_es Professor @usal @UniversidadViu Madrid 5,3K
15 @AnaRiveraMuniz
(Ana Lena Rivera)
39 Official count. writer. @penguinlibros #LasherederasdelaSinger #Losmuertosnosabennadar #UnAsesinoentusombra #Loquecallanlosmuertos #PremioTorrenteBallester Spain 5,3K
16 @claudiocerdan
(Claudio Cerdan)
37 Screenwriter and writer of #NovelaNegra published in ten countries. I review at @zendalibros and collaborate with @abc_es Also a sociologist and editor. Spain 5,0K
17 @BenitoOlmo
(Benedict Olmo)
38 THE MANEUVER OF THE TURTLE @AdNovelas @Storytel_es El Gran RojoThe tragedy of the Wonderland sunflower Madrid 4,8K
18 @mgemamarin
(MGema Marin)
26 From the south of the south I write suspense, mystery and thriller for constant readers eager to immerse themselves in interesting stories.IG @gema.escritora Las Palmas 4,5K
19 @GregoriEditor
(Gregory Dolz)
40 Sadly “publisher” but happy to be. My authors and authors are the most important! Barcelona 4,3K
20 @FelixJPalma
(Felix J. Palma)
36 I live to write, but above all I write to live. Author of The Victorian Trilogy and Embrace of the Monster Barcelona 4,2K
21 @Magazine_C38
(.38 Caliber Magazine)
36 Caliber .38, magazine dedicated to the black genre. #Novela, #cinema, #comic… Tweet: @ricardo_ Bosque Channel on Telegram: Spain 4,0K
22 @MenMarias
(Men Marias)
36 Writer. Carmen Martín Gaite Novel Award for #PukataPescadosYMariscos #LaÚltimaPaloma #LoQueArrastraLaLluvia @penguinlibros Representation @KerriganAgency Spain 3,8K
23 @DeFrutosJavier
(Javier deFruits)
35 Author of the saga «May God Take Us Confessed». Novels of action, mystery and suspense. Sarmiento Award 2018. Valladolid 3,7K
24 @JoserraGomezCab
(Jose Ramon Gomez Cab)
35 Psychologist/author/Professor. President of #Novelpol, junkie of #novelanegra. Joaquín Córdoba Series #ElataqueMarshall #Metástasis #Labaladadelo Ciudad Real 3,6K
25 @EmparFdez
(Empar Fernandez)
20 Secondary school teacher and author of crime novels, contemporary historical novels and a youth novel Som uns pringats that I hope will be the first of many Barcelona 3,4K
26 @gomezescribano
(Paco Gomez Escribano)
29 Poetry and black novel. 2 poetry books and 9 published novels. The last one: 5 Jacks (Editorial Alrevés). Madrid 3,1K
27 @morenopcarmen
(Carmen Moreno)
26 I write crime novels and sometimes I create hybrids. I see suspects where you don't see them. I like the Baskerville dog, but mine, more. Cadiz 2,7K
28 @robrto_santiago
(Robert Santiago)
32 #LosFutbolísimos #LosForasterosDelTiempo #AnaTramel #LosOnce #LasPrincesasRebeldes Dos Passos Agency Spain 2,7K
29 @PaskuDelegate
(Paschal Delegate)
34 #Writer In the spiral of madness & Breathless with and in the anthologies #CriaturasdelaNoche #OrgulloZombi2 & #Katanaybrujería Alicante 2,6K
30 @beaosa
(bea bear)
30 Journalist: veteran in laSexta, radio junkie and solotildista. Stuck in black chronicle and truecrime. SMELL OF DEATH IN PIOZ @JeosmPhoto Spain 2,6K
31 @SusanaRLezaun
(Susana Rodriguez L.)
37 Writer, journalist. She is the author of 'No return', 'Debts from the cold', 'I will see you tonight', 'A bullet with my name' and 'Under the skin'. Director of @pamplonanegra. Navarre 2,6K
32 @pazcastello
(Paz Castelló Official)
34 Writer. Miguel Hernández Culture Award 2022 Mediterranean Letters Award 2018 Last title None of us will have compassion @penguinlibros #Thriller Alicante 2,5K
33 @eldaniloluna
(Daniel Luna)
28 Communicologist of those who do understand him. Self-published writer. Self-taught barbecue. Do I have to fill all the space Mexico 2,5K
34 @CartagenaNegra
(Black Cartagena)
34 Black, police and mystery literature conferences held in Cartagena in September Spain 2,5K
35 @RomeroDorr
(Carmen Romero Dorr)
32 Publishing house Madrid 2,3K
36 @MAREditor
30 #Editorial #Spanish #novela #novelanegra #cifi #historical #story. The best #literature in Spanish from 1886 to the #avant-garde. Organize #literary awards Madrid 2,1K
37 @blacklladolid
34 Literature and wine contest 2022 From September 21 to 25 at Fuensaldaña Castle #Blacklladolid22 Valladolid 1,9K
38 @AlexMorenoSchez
(Alejandro Moreno Sanchez)
33 Writer, reader and podcaster specialized in black genre. Read, don't be criminal Germany 1,9K
39 @CrisMandarica
(Cris Mandarica)
35 The richness of country noir. Rural noir novelist. Galicia 1,9K
40 @lauragond
(Laura Gonzalez)
28 suspected on Radio 3 (@sospecososR3) Personal account Barcelona 1,9K
41 @janietos1
(JA Nieto Solís #publicpolicies)
23 Writer (5th novel-2022-: I CONFESS THAT I LIED. Cynical history of the Villa family). Economist. UCM Professor: international organizations and European economy Madrid 1,7K
42 @VelascoGG
(GG Velasco )
30 #Steppen writer and antihero on the run. Neither compass nor map, brushcutter. PLA2019 Finalist. Latest: Spain 1,7K
43 @martopariente
27 Life is the sentence. Bad imitation for sale. Reason: here (Written on the wall of a cell). A bullet for Riley and the Idiot's Sanity. Spain 1,6K
44 @JJFnandez
(JJ Fernandez )
26 International Mystery Thriller Novel Writer 'An Invisible Crime' 47% Spanish ... 31% British 22% Danish INTJ United Kingdom 1,4K
45 @maximilianorov
(Maximilian Rodriguez Neighbor)
24 I write novels: "The Last Combatant" and "Concrete Jungle and Lizards." Spain 1,3K
46 @JRBiedma
(Juan Ramon Biedma)
16 Writer Sevilla 1,3K
47 @nataliagomezn
(Natalia Gomez Navajas)
25 Black novel author , , , Commissioner of Rioja Noir The Rioja 1,2K
48 @HangedHouses
(The Hanged Houses)
31 Black Novel Club of Cuenca: More visceral than a raw zarajo, blacker than the resolí and with a worse host than the expired alajú. Cuenca 1,2K
49 @LloretNegre
17 COSTA BRAVA BLACK GENRE FESTIVAL. “LLORET NEGRE” Literature and Film Noir and Police Girona 1,2K
50 @CultureNoir
(Noir culture)
27 Black gender in any cultural expression. #NovelaNegra #comic #cinema #series. Directs the management: @charlysogorb. Madrid 1,2K
51 @garcia_moritz
(Moritz Garcia)
10 Writer of #novelanegra #novelacriminal #novelapoliciaca . Novel: From the East to Hell. Available at Spain 1,2K
52 @MaquiaveloReyes
(Osvaldo A. Reyes T.)
16 Doctor, researcher and writer of black literature. Willing to help other writers with their crime plots, from a fictional medical perspective. Panama 1,1K
53 @lauraromea
(Laura Gomara)
27 Classes at @CcivicsBCN. I write novels and teach to create them. You don't give in badly. Barcelona 1,1K
54 @MSureOfficial
(Mary Sure)
31 writer. @MaevaEdiciones #TearsDePolvoRojo #ElColorDelPerdon #ProyectoBEL #HuerfanosDeShadow Spain 1,0K
55 @AliaRicardo
(Ricardo Alia)
22 Writer, chess player and chemist. Donostiarra. Zodiac Trilogy, The Poisoned One and The English Cemetery. Barcelona 934
56 @RachelRipley25
(Rachel Ripley )
13 Black novel and thriller writer. "Everybody likes a good crime as long as they're not the victim." A.Hitchcock Spain 875
57 @jacksshadows
(Save Germany)
17 I write and sometimes I get scorpions. Last published novel: LAPSUS (Ed. Amarante, 2022) Spain 768
58 @Izaskun_Albeniz
28 Black novel writer Spain 762
59 @almudenatalias
(Almudena Natalias)
14 Administrator of and contributor to and Madrid 726
60 @velasco_maya
(Maya Velasco)
10 Review writer at Cita en la Glorieta, Moonmagazine and Spain 719
61 @daniellhawk
(Daniel LHawk)
25 Publishing at Director of the online magazine Solo novela nogra @solo_novela contact: Spain 484
62 @OntinyentNegra
(Ontinyent BLACK)
24 Cycle of cinema and novel·la negra to #Ontinyent (València) March 2022. Piolem in valencià. #noir Ens pleases bourbon. Valencia 441
63 @elsayon_revista
(The Sayon)
14 Global Magazine and Black Criminal REGINA EXLIBRIS Editorial Group Granada 320
64 @aricriminal
(Aridane Criminal)
22 A festival #algolpito. Encounter of black and police novel of Los Llanos de Aridane. From May 18 to 21. Follow us LIVE on YouTube! Tenerife 229
65 @amagrot
(Adrian Magro de la Torre)
14 Failed screenwriter, unfunny theater artist. Author of #Smoke. Finalist novel of the "III Black and Mortal Award for Best #NovelaNegra" Spain 193
66 @antmompean
(Antonio Mompeán)
10 Addicted to favorite genres, many, crime novels and all their "subgenres", fantasy, science fiction, horror. Almería 183
67 @TheGalobart
(The Galobart Books)
14 If style and luxury could be wrapped, the #CoffeeTableBook would be the perfect container to store them. Black novel. Children's literature. Trial. And more. Spain 136
68 @OliverCrookBook
(Oliver Crook)
14 I write whodunnit or whodunnit. I like books, movies, theater and the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Barcelona 51
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Updated: 02-12-2022

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