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Updated: 10-06-2023
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GH 17 contestants (11)

N.NameScoreTextPlace. Lists
1 @BeatrizGH_17
51 Official account of Beatriz Winner of GH17 Instagram: BearSaez Hiring: [email protected] Valencia 52,5K
2 @ClaraGH_17
(clarita with lemon )
43 I am from another story, where the princesses rescue themselves Madrid 28,3K
3 @jmoisesmartin
(J Moises Martin )
43 Economist. . I run a consulting firm and teach at @ucjcempresaytec. The 100 of @cotec_innova. #sdg #palebluedot. @ecoefc @unrwa_es #wethepeoples 24,7K
4 @MiguelGH_17
(Miguel Villas)
49 [email protected] Pontevedra 21,8K
5 @MeritxellGH_17
(Meritxell Prieto)
46 Barcelona 15,3K
6 @CandelasGH_17
39 Official account of Candelas GH17 instagram: @candeliitasgh17_oficial hiring: [email protected] Asturias 12,1K
7 @LauraGH_17
(LauraGH_17 )
39 SOLE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF LAURA GH17 Hiring: 600 75 08 20 Barcelona 8,5K
8 @MontseGH_17
42 Only official account of GH17 Insta: montse.gh17 Barcelona 8,3K
9 @AlvaroGH_17
29 SCARS official account Sevilla 975
10 @RodrigoGH_17
18 Rodrigo account GH17 Madrid 337
11 @BarbaraGH_17
(Barbara GH17)
13 Profile of Barbara, former Big Brother contestant. She tells carried by relatives and Barbara. Alicante 56
Previous | FollowingSee all | Users: 11
Updated: 10-06-2023

Get to know the Big Brother 17 contestants better

Miguel, model, 31 years old, Pontevedra/

International model concerned about image and diagnosed a few months ago with gerontophobia, fear of growing old. He defines himself as a 'fake boy' because he likes to play with the optical illusion of people. In fact, that is his artificial self. When he takes off his wig, Miguel is a very different person.

Noelia, student teacher, 21 years old, Córdoba

Noelia defines herself as very talkative, expressive, nice and different. She has claimed that she is a virgin, that she has only had one boyfriend in her life and that she has brain orgasms.

Beatriz, hairdresser, 19 years old, Valencia

Known as 'Naranjita la lia' because, as a good Valencian, she loves oranges and since she was a little girl she has been messing around. It is defined as a 'chonija', a mix between choni and posh. He also calls himself "the neck-breaker girl", because the boys turn to look at her on the street.

Álvaro, architect, 32 years old, Seville

He considers himself a very extravagant person, who does not usually leave anyone indifferent, for better or for worse. He admits to having an acid humor and something 'dirty' and being a mental horny.

Pol, professional wrestler and INEF student, 22 years old, Barcelona

He considers himself "genetically perfect" and claims that he has never seen a more handsome boy than him. He also confesses that his flaw is not finding fault. “I have as many nicknames as there are girls on the boat,” he says.

Laura and Meritxell, Dentistry and Nursing students, 20 years old, Barcelona

They introduce themselves as Cornellá's best friends, where they are known as 'The Panthers'. Laura considers herself responsible, affectionate, very passionate and admits to being distrustful and proud. Meritxel for her part says she has a lot of character and is outgoing, smiling, sociable and a bit capricious.

Fernando and Cris, self-employed and IT, 26 and 24 years old

Fernando is from San Lúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) and works as a water sports instructor on the beach. Cris is from the Dominican Republic but lives in Ubrique. They met through a mutual friend and although they didn't like each other at first, they are now inseparable.

Clara, salesperson, 24 years old, Madrid

She defines herself as cheerful, friendly, sincere and somewhat weird. She has a passion, heels, with which she measures 1,94. "A woman without heels is like a woman without flowers." She entered the Miss Spain pageant and although she did not pass the first round, she won the Miss Congeniality award. She is lacto-ovo-vegetarian, although she does not think this could be a problem in her life at her house.

Candelas, INEF graduate, 24 years old, Asturias

He presents himself as an active, friendly, impulsive, sincere, sensitive person with constant ups and downs. She, although she also assures that she is very loud, that she does not have much patience and that she feels judged. "I wake up envy for my physique," she said.

Pablo, waffle maker, 21 years old, Zamora

Zamorano blood but Burgos heart. Occupational therapy student and resident in London, where he went in search of adventure and where he enjoys working as a waffle maker, proud of it. He doesn't want to fall in love inside the house and sees himself with the possibility of winning Big Brother because he is a very natural person.

Monste, farmer and hairdresser, 27 years old, Barcelona

She studied hairdressing, makeup and nail styling but works on her family's farm school teaching animal life to parents and children. He loves living in the country and doesn't know if he would be able to live in a flat in the city. He loves uniformed men.

Alain, unemployed, 38 years old, Paris

Resident in Valencia since he came seven years ago to learn Spanish. He misses his family, and his mother, who passed away 10 years ago, and hopes that everyone is proud of him. In Paris he worked as an accountant and in his early days in Spain he worked as a steward, model and waiter. He considers himself a positive, cheerful, sociable person and a lover of life.

Rodrigo, financier, 26 years old, Madrid

Graduated in Law and Business Administration, he speaks English and French perfectly and works in the financial department of a fashion store. He admits that he likes to dress well and that he is not attracted to choni girls. "In some respects I consider myself posh, but I'm not the repellent posh that people usually think." His friends who with girls are a winner and although he admits that he is not doing badly, he also admits that he has the 'disappointments' of him.

Adara, former stewardess, 23 years old, Madrid

She left her job as a stewardess because she got tired of going from one place to another, she missed her family and she had a very strong emotional breakup. She has also worked as a model. She loves to dance salsa and Latin rhythms with her grandmother, whom she adores, and to go shopping.

Barbara, video blogger, 38 years old, Alicante

She is a fashion and beauty youtuber and in the online world she is known as 'Bárbica'. She has over 170 million views and close to a million subscribers. She defines herself as cheerful, optimistic and a lover of life. She is the mother of three children – ages 14, 6 and 2 – from three different fathers. I would have more but I need to find the love of my life.

New contestants for October 4


"My adoptive family is of gypsy ethnicity", Michelle was the first to enter the second house (in which the two expelled today would be). She described herself as saying that her “adoptive family are Roma. I have to take care of myself because I do everything. The one who will make me fall in love is a person who takes care of me. Physically, I like Alain”.


Rebeca, from Madrid and assures that she is “very impulsive, bossy and unfiltered. I have a very strong personality. I like Adara because I see her as me, that she doesn't think about the consequences”.

15/09/2016 Laura y Chris they are pre-expelled
22/09/2016 Technical Expulsion of Álvaro
 22/09/2016 Pablo expelled to against club. Under pressure from Maite, Pablo He decides to immediately leave the Contra Club and is definitively expelled. Barbara, candles y Meritxell they are nominated.
29/09/2016 Candelas Suarez expelled in a close vote Barbara.
Barbara, Adara, Montse y Bea new nominees.
04/10/2016 Enter the new contestants Michelle y Cardigan.
06/10/2016 Bea is expelled by the audience and Adara is saved.
Cardigan stays as a contestant and Michelle leave the house.
13/10/2016 Montse She is expelled and accuses Jorge Javier Vázquez of having influenced her leaving the house. Fernando, Barbara y Noelia They are the new nominees.
20/10/2016 Expelled: Fernando
Nominees: Alain, Barbara and Rebekah
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