flowers for special events

flowers for special events

Flowers cannot be missing at special events. They are an irreplaceable decorative element that gives color to the event. For a good choice it is very important to find experience, professionalism and reliability in the service, floraqueen spain responds to all these demands.

When we refer to events, we do so encompassing not only those of a private or family nature, such as a communion, a wedding or a baptism. We also refer to more private or larger events, such as a gala or company dinner or even an award ceremony.


Types of Flowers for special events

It is not easy to find the right flowers for the event in question. The choice is key to obtain the decorative effect and the desired impact.
In addition, it must be considered that not all flowers are equal in terms of durability. We must also take into account the date of the event, if it is very sunny or any other meteorological factor.
There are countless types of flowers. A good choice will perfectly represent what kind of event we are in. Since flowers can symbolize joy, seriousness, solemnity or color.

solemn events

We would be referring to any company act, congresses or conferences. They should not be identified with very bright or flashy colors. We will try to make the floral ornamentation sober, with tones as soft as possible. The ideal colors would be white or blue. Tulips, lilies and orchids for the former and gladiolas and violets for the latter.

Informal Events

We would be talking about events for dinners and lunches. The decoration will always be proportional and in accordance with the act and the place. If we are in a contemporary restaurant, we will use bright colors such as red or yellow. In a rustic restaurant, the perfect choice would be brown tones. Finally, in a classic restaurant, the ideal would be blue and white tones.
The most classic flowers in this type of event would be roses and carnations, which cannot be missed due to their originality and color. In addition to being very affordable economically.

Lilies and their wide variety of colors take us to very fresh and cheerful environments.
Finally we will mention the gerberas, which would close this range of attractiveness and color for outdoor environments and outdoor events.

In any case, thanks to flowers, multiple environments can be created that reflect joy, seriousness, elegance or romanticism. Therefore, the choice in floral decoration always determines the style of the event in which we find ourselves.

In this article, we have no doubt. My flower shop in Barcelona It's Floraqueen. They will surely know how to help you choose your flowers for those special events.

flowers for special events
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