Social media and your choice for branding

How to choose social media for brand presence

Today, marketing is one of the most important tools in online businesses and retailers. It has even become the best strategy to develop a successful business plan. Knowing how to use this tool in social networks allows us to obtain innumerable advantages that will result in optimizing the economic investment and the time used. Choosing a good platform is essential and we have in an intelligent and automatic marketing platform for all the social networks and messaging that we need to create. In addition to being able to program and disseminate its content. All this for free and with no limit on the number of accounts.

Social networks

Why does a brand need social networks?

Social networks have burst into our lives, causing great changes in our behavior. People have lost their fear of exposing themselves on the networks and even consider it a great opportunity to approach large companies. Thanks to social networks, companies can learn a lot of user data for their own benefit, such as: lifestyles, demographic data, tastes and behaviors. Also, if you are an entrepreneur, we give you some reasons why your company cannot be missing from social networks.

  • Communication fluency: Social networks are a fast and instant means of communication. In Spain we spend more than 2 hours a day connected to the networks.
  • Proximity. Social networks have allowed brands to approach the user and vice versa.
  • Fidelity. Daily interaction that gives the company the possibility of retaining the user or client.
  • Customer Support. Fundamental to know the needs of the user and the post-sale follow-up to know their degree of satisfaction.
  • Monitoring. To investigate and learn first-hand various parameters of our market. Know exactly the perception that our future client has about the products of our brand.
  • Positioning. Social networks allow us to attract traffic to our website and carry out different recruitment actions. This allows us to achieve a good subsequent strategy for sending mailings and increase the conversions of other users.
  • Low investment. With little cost we can reach a large number of people, unlike other media such as television, where advertising requires a large financial investment.
  • Branding. Strengthen the image of our brand or product and position ourselves in the market
  • viral phenomenon. Social networks will allow us to expand the message that we want to promote with our brand. Especially if our product is interesting, of quality and responds to the demands of the client.

Social Media Marketing

Choice of networks for brand positioning

Social networks can help us improve our sales by more than 50%. It is essential to know how to choose the social network that best suits our type of business. There are studies that show that 7 out of 10 people follow a brand, through the internet. Almost 25% of the people in the study confess that if a company does not have a profile on a social network, it causes mistrust. We will see some of the most important and well-known social networks by users and we will know a little more about each one of them.


It is the platform with the most users between 30 and 45 years old (68%) and the best valued by the audience. It is not in daily use, but it is the most popular video platform among users. It allows us to analyze different statistics depending on the content: visits to the videos, type of audience, ratings... etc. Our channel can be monetized, although it is difficult to obtain income if there is not a minimum of 1000 views per video.


Its use is more aimed at people between 30 and 45 years old (28%) and between 45 and 65 years old (another 28%). It is not usually for daily use. It is a social network created exclusively to deal with business. Creating our page is relatively simple and free. Sharing publications is very similar to Facebook and allows us to put extensive texts and videos that will help us to position our company well. Since its creation, it has not stopped growing and has more than 30 million companies and more than 600 million registered users.


It is the most popular social network and the one that takes the longest. Although for many it is outdated, it is still the most used, especially by people between 35 and 65 years old. It allows sharing longer texts and has some tools to share events and spread messages among users who meet the requirements of our filters. The ads of this social network are very easy to create. We must know what profile we want to address, age, location and above all add the budget of the ad and its frequency.


The public of this social network is varied and diverse. In addition, its valuation has ostensibly improved in recent years. The best thing it offers us is that the message is instant. being a content that if it attracts attention, it can be very beneficial for our company. It is used the same on mobile, as on computers and tablets. The main difference lies in the use of the hastag. For the message to be widely disseminated, it is vital to take into account the list of hastags proposed by the platform itself.


The social network that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years. There are profiles with all ages. Although an important fact is that 80% of people between 16 and 30 years old have created their profile on this network. Also check it daily. It is usually used from the mobile and not through the computer or the Tablet. The point of best consideration among its users are the “Stories” (sharing content, for 24 hours), since what generates the most interaction are the videos and not the images, always adding short descriptions to the photos and not long paragraphs.

We hope that the article has been of interest to you.

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