Twitter Influence: The TopRank360 Algorithm

TopRank360 is an index that measures the influence of a Twitter account. The team of in collaboration with the company Digital Site 360 has developed a new algorithm that measures the influence of an account on Twitter. After the closure of Klout we wanted to maintain our directory of more than 34.000 categorized accounts and implement an index that allows us to continue establishing rankings and classifications of influencers on Social Networks.


How often is my Twitter ranking updated?

The value of TopRank360 it is updated approximately every 3-4 days depending on the volume of accounts. We are working to reduce these times. It must be taken into account that each calculation of a ranking shares more than 100 requests to Twitter for each account and the limitations imposed by its own Twitter API prevents a more frequent update.

August 2022 Algorithm Update

In August 2022 we have made the most important update in the last two years of the algorithm of influence on Twitter. We are going to comment on the highlights of said update.

Difference in followers and followed

The value of this factor has been increased from a maximum of 20 to 30 points and its multiplication factor in the weighting of results has been increased from 4 to 6. We consider that the difference is a factor that should have more relevance in the final score .

verified accounts

Its value in the final score goes from 1 to 5 points. It responds to the demand of many verified users and also takes into account the difficulty of being verified by Twitter.

Digital Identity

New addition to the calculation of the algorithm to include the Digital Identity. The fact that people, companies or other entities have their own web page in their profile is valued. If so, add 5 points, the same as if you had the verified account. If the URL of the profile directs to another Social Network then it does not count, it is 0 points. Only add 5 if it is your own website.

With this novelty it is intended to value all those accounts that offer a real web page to be able to interact with them and therefore invest in their Online Reputation.

My Klout has dropped a lot. Why?

actually you Klout it has not gone down, in fact Klout is a service that closed in May 2018. The points you see correspond to a different algorithm. Klout assigned a base score based on the parameters of your account Twitter. We have verified that the values ​​assigned TopRank360 when they are similar in that aspect. But nevertheless Klout allowed to add other Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc and in this way the total score was increasing.

TopRank360 focuses solely on Twitter and therefore the score offered is different from that of the old Klout. If you have any suggestion or comment you can leave it on this page.

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10 comments on “Twitter Influence: The TopRank360 Algorithm”

  1. Good afternoon, I would like to know the requirements to appear in this recognized reference in the field of networks, in which I have a lot of traffic and followers, both on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and Instagram. Without another particular, I send you a cordial greeting and wishes for a good year ahead.

  2. Good morning, a long time ago I was in the topinfluencers with a klout of 69, now I don't even appear
    My Twitter is @antgalan

    I was in the PSOE and province of Valencia, in addition to rrss


  3. Hola!
    I'm Juan Hannemann @juanhann64 on twitter.
    Until a few months ago it appeared in the Ranking of Political Parties in Extremadura as No. 2 of the PP in Klout.
    I don't see myself anywhere anymore.
    Can you tell me how I can access again to see my level of influence?

    Thank you very much and best regards.

  4. Hello:
    Although I have sent you an email, I also want to leave this comment here.
    I have reviewed and seen your explanations about the change from klout to toprank 360
    I am very interested that the lists on Logroñés UD and nursing are in order and active.
    Regarding Logroñes, I observe that many of the accounts that are influential are missing from the ranking
    Apart from the problem that I already mentioned to you since last year that several accounts have to be deleted, since I understand that the ones that I am adding to the lists that make up the top are included with your updates.
    With the top ranking «nursing» I observe the same thing, many accounts have disappeared.
    My interest is to continue disseminating these two lists among the target communities, but of course they must be updated and perfectly synchronized, otherwise they make no sense and generate mistrust and disinterest among their members.
    Regards and thank you very much in advance

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