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Isabelle Bres and her artistic career

isabel bres

Isabelle Bres's career is very prolific and varied. Let's learn a little more about her contribution to the artistic world

Isabelle Bres at the Theater

  • Karen from Ever Blanchet, directed by Marta Gil. Gaudi Theater 2019.
  • Sarab by Albert Tola, directed by Andrea Segura. Akademia Theater 2018.
  • Louise et Jeanne by Marie-Ange Bercer, directed by Hans Richter. Room Badabadoc 2018.
  • Eva Hibernia's Salt, directed by Cristina Lügstenmann. Aeolian Theater 2017.
  • L' Historie du Soldat de Stravinsky, Cia per poc and Radio France orchestra. House of Radio 2016.
  • La Vénus au Phacochère by Christian Siméon, directed by Cristina Lügstenmann. Space Amalia 2015.
  • Petits crimes conjugaux by Éric Emmanuel Schmitt, directed by Cristina Lügstenmann. Space Amalia 2014.
  • Toc Toc by Laurent Baffie, directed by Esteve Ferrer. Theater Borrás 2012.
  • Hammlet és mort by Ewald Palmetshofer, directed by Judith Pujol. Versus theater 2011.
  • The Family of F.León de Aranoa, directed by Xavier Álvarez. Theater La Farinera 2011.
  • Salvatges de Händl Klaus, direction T. Sauerteig. Beckett Room 2010.
  • The Exterminating Angel by Luis Buñuel, directed by Joan Ollé. Greek Festival 2008.
  • Soldiers of Salamina by Javier Cercas, directed by Joan Ollé. Theater Romea 2007.
  • L'illa del Tresor by Joan Ollé and Joan Barril, directed by Ester Nadal and Joan Ollé. Capitol Theater (2005-2007).
  • Boris I, Rei d'Andorra by Beth Escudé, directed by Ester Nadal. Tantarantana Theater 2006.
  • Sweet Dreams by R. Gazquez and E. Nolla, directed by R. Gazquez. Tantarantana Theater 2005.
  • Cabaret Diabòlic, text and direction by Beth Escudé i Gallés. Sitges Festival and tour 2005.
  • Plaça del Diamant de Mercè Rodoreda, address Joan Ollé. Borràs Theater 2004.
  • El Desencant, text and direction by Gloria Balañà. Theater Lliure 2004.
  • Sis personatges in search of the author of Luigi Pirandello, directed by Joan Ollé. Theater Lliure 2004.
  • L'hora en què res no sabíem els uns dels altres by Peter Handke, directed by Joan Ollé. Greek Festival 2003.
  • Expressions with poems by Elisa Lucinda, collective creation under the gaze of Ester Nadal. Festival of Cádiz 2002
  • La Masa created and directed by Marta Alemany and Zilda Torres. Cádiz Festival 2001.
  • Hortsvitha on the Beach, text and direction by Beth Escudé. Festival of Cádiz 2000.
  • Macbeth or Macbetto, text and direction by Xavier Albertí. Salt Theater 1999.
  • A vif enfin la nuit…47 situations around a piece by Bernard Noël. Theater 2 l'acte Toulouse 1998.
  • In traçant des ronds sur les vitres embuées, creation of Michel Mathieu. Theater 2 l'acte Toulouse 1997.
  • L'Alfabet de l'aigua, text and direction by Rafel Duran. Greek Festival 1996.
  • El destí de les violetes, text and direction by Beth Escudé. Beckett Room 1995.
  • El joc de l'impudor, text and direction by Rafel Duran. Malic Theater 1994.

Film Experience

  • Jean François and the meaning of life. Director Sergi Portabella. Backlit Films 2017

Isabelle Bres on Television

  • L'Anell. Director J. Vidal. IB3 2011
  • Infidels. Director M. Almagro. Diagonal TV and TV3 2010.
  • Central Hospital. Director L. Pizarro. Mediaset and Videomedia 2010.
  • Ventdelplà. Director LM Güell. Diagonal TV 2009
  • L'illa del Tresor. Director Joan Ollé and Joan Barril. TV3 2005.
  • The heart of the city. Director Esteve Rovira.
  • Andorra. Director LM Güell. O'Video 2000


  • Comedy in both. Choreography by Becky Siegel. Miró Foundation 1992.
  • Proper labyrinth intermittent. Choreography by Becky Siegel. Miró Foundation 1991.
  • The little harlequin. Choreography by Becky Siegel. Sitge 1991.
  • Timeframe. Choreography by Becky Siegel. Mont-Art 1990.
  • You are going to dream of me Choreography and direction by Becky Siegel and Frederic Roda. Maria Plans Room 1991.
  • Off white. Choreography and direction by Cristina Lügstenman. The Factory 1990.
  • I van…choreography and direction by Pere Pladevalls. Olympia Room, Madrid 1989.
  • Outside of contests Cia Plan 27, directed by Óscar Molina. The Factory 1989.
  • L'Amant: Images. Cia Plan 27, directed by Óscar Molina. Theater Institute 1987.
  • The violet. Cia Plan 27, directed by Óscar Molina. Buge Room 1986.
Isabelle Bres, theater actress in Barcelona
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