Julio Verne. The great Influencer of science

Jules Verne can be considered one of the greatest influencers in the history of science. His visionary writings, his incredible precision in prophesying breakthroughs make his work absolutely amazing. From Top Influencers we want to offer a compilation of the work, the anecdotes, the curiosities and the life of this great writer who has inspired generations.

Jules Verne books

For those who are interested in being able to read his complete work the RBA Group offers it in the collection Jules Verne books. Once again the publisher founded by Ricardo Rodrigo contributes to the dissemination of quality content in its collectibles.

In his work we find diverse themes, he has children's books that introduce them to the pleasure of reading, we try to collect in this section all the books written. You will also be able to meet numerous Curiosities about Jules Verne and his life. We hope this will interest you.

TweetBarely left France

Although he traveled through his novels, Verne hardly left France. The desire to travel, learn and live adventures is reflected in all his characters and in all the attempts he had as a child to go and fulfill his dreams.

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Updated on 01/07/2020.
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