Jules Verne's XNUMX best-selling books

Jules Verne's XNUMX best-selling books

Start the year 2023 with imagination by the hand of Julio Verne. RBA renews one of its best collectibles, the complete works of the great French writer. The first issue is already on sale: Journey to the Center of the Earth, one of his most famous works that continues to be a source of inspiration for movies and television series.

RBA and its relationship with Jules Verne

La Publisher RBA is strongly linked to the famous French writer. The publishing house that presides Richard Rodrigo, in its constant commitment to quality literature, has published a very special edition with the best works of the novelist.

In this article we are going to know the ten best-selling books by Jules Verne and a brief synopsis of each of them.

The world of Julio Verne, is still very present today. Verne was one of the writers of adventure novels important and is also considered one of the fathers of science fiction. In his work I reflect the future, describing in great detail scientific discoveries that humanity was going to experience. He was a visionary of his time and his novels brought us closer to fantasy worlds and extraordinary journeys. Not only is he a writer who managed to entertain us with reading, he also helped spread the knowledge of his time. He is also considered the second most translated author of all time, after Agatha Christie. In today's article we will know some of the most relevant data of the ten best-selling books of the multifaceted French author.

Jules Verne's XNUMX best-selling books

Lidefer magazine manages to put 8 of his books among the classification of the 100 most read adventure books in history.

top ten best selling books

1.-From the Earth to the Moon

Published in 1865. It is a scientific and satirical novel with adaptations for Opera, Film and Television. It is the first of a trilogy that completes "Around the Moon" and "Maston's Secret".

Synopsis: Three friends set out to create a rocket to make a trip to the moon. In this book some surprising predictions are made: Imagine that it will be in the United States and that it is built by a financial club in Florida, where it was actually done, in Cape Canaveral. The dimensions of the supposed bullet that makes the trip are the same as that of Apollo XI and like the latter, 3 travelers were in the bullet. His imaginary trip lasted the same as the Apollo mission, three days there and three days back. The bullet imagined by Jules Verne splashes down 4 km from where the Apollo XI mission landed, the Pacific Ocean is 162 million km2, the precision is incredible.

2.-Journey to the Center of the Earth

Published on November 25, 1864. Scientific and adventure novel. One of the few Verne novels to be serialized. It had film and television adaptations and a radio adaptation was broadcast on Radio 1 of RNE in 2000.

This novel is about the expedition of a professor of mineralogy, his nephew and a guide inside the interior of the Earth where he discovers that a new world exists. It is one of the works that has most inspired the film industry, which has versioned this Verne novel on numerous occasions in which a fantastic inner world is discovered.

3.-Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

Published in 1870. It is a fantasy and adventure novel. It is part of the trilogy that completes "The Children of Captain Grant" and "The Mysterious Island", which are also part of this list of the ten best-selling books by Jules Verne. Adapted in countless movies to the cinema and also to television. Traveler magazine places him in the position 24 of the 100 most read books in history and also appears in the list of 20 betsellers who broke sales records.

This book is also one of the reasons why the topic of Atlantis which had not been spoken of since ancient times. In several chapters of the book the author describes an encounter of the protagonists with the remains of a submerged Atlantis. Verne documented himself very precisely when he wrote his books and in this case it is noted in the text that he takes as his main reference the dialogues of Plato and other authors. The extraordinary success of this book led to a new awakening of interest in the Atlantean myth. The work tells us about the expertise of a crew that set out to kill a monster that terrified sailors when steamboats were new.

4.-Around the world in eighty days

Published on January 30, 1873. Adventure novel, typical of the Verne world. It is one of the writer's greatest commercial successes. Adapted to Theater and Radio in "My Favorite Novel" of Radio programs of Peru. It is also one of Verne's works with the most adaptations to the cinema and also on the small screen.

The novel was also adapted for theatrical release. Jules Verne lived an authentic adventure worthy of his own characters. Verne insisted on personally checking the basket that would lead Phileas Fogg and his inseparable Passepartout to the hindquarters of a real elephant. As part of the stage fell, the elephant terrified out of the theater with Verne riding it, riding down the Boulevard des Capuchins until the tamer caught up with them at the Tuileries.

5.-The mysterious island

Published in 1874. It is considered one of the French author's masterpieces. With film and television adaptations. It also stands out for having its own Microsoft video game "Return to Mysterious Island" made in 2004. It also has a theme park in the city of Tokyo. It has 3 parts such as:

1.- After escaping in a civil war balloon, five Americans end up shipwrecked on a desert island relying only on their skills to survive

two.-"the abandoned«: This time the five protagonists must survive thanks to their skills and knowledge. Ciro Smith is intrigued to find a piglet with a bullet and vows not to rest until he finds the owner of it.

3.-The student Marcus Nielsen is found dead in his room and everything indicates that it has been a suicide but his mother is sure that he has been murdered.

6.-Five weeks in a balloon

Published on January 31, 1863. It is a geographical adventure in the heart of Africa. It was adapted to the cinema in 4 films made in 1961, 1962, 1975 and 1977.

Synopsis: Dr. Fergusson, his friend Dick and the servant Joe will get into a hot air balloon and attempt to cross Africa. It is a typical adventure novel. The succession of risky incidents maintains the reader's tension to the limit that he cannot exceed without the balance and veracity of the story being affected.

7.-The lighthouse at the end of the world

Published in 1905. Considered one of Jules Verne's best literary works. It stands out from the rest of the works that belong to "Extraordinary Journeys" because it is not based on any journey and takes place on a single stage. It also had its adaptation to the cinema.

The work was corrected by Verne's son Michael Verne and was published in Magasin d'Education et de Récréation ("Illustration and recreation magazine"). It was written around 1901 and almost a century later (1999) the Stanké publishing house (from Montreal) would publish the original version of Jules Verne for the first time, without the changes made by his son.

Synopsis: The Island of the States, It is an uninhabited island in Argentine Patagonia, where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans merge. In it lives a band of pirates led by the terrible Kongre. The pirate pirates are dedicated to attacking ships that run aground in the area.

Their way of life is seriously threatened when the Argentine government builds and puts into operation a lighthouse (currently called the End of the World Lighthouse) that they leave in the care of three lighthouse keepers. The pirates manage to kill two of them, leaving only the chief alive, Vázquez, who has managed to hide. The survivor will try to survive in that distant place, and at the same time will look for a way to put an end to the misdeeds of the criminals. Later, an American castaway of Scottish origin, John Davis, will be Vázquez's partner in his fight against pirates.

8.-The children of Captain Grant

Published in 1868. It is a classic adventure novel. It is also one of Verne's most widely read works. It has adaptations to Cinema, Television and even a zarzuela "The Nephews of Captain Grant" from 1877. It is also divided into a trilogy:

1.-The sons of a missing captain set out on a journey to find him by following the message found in the stomach of a fish

2.-The suffering and anguish of two children of a captain who is lost and they want to find him is recounted

3.-It tells the story of a lost father whose children go to rescue the Pacific Ocean

9.-Michael Strogoff

Published in 1976. It is Jules Verne's greatest commercial success along with the already mentioned "Around the World in Eighty Days". It has infinity of adaptations to the Cinema and Television. It is also the novel by Verne that has been taken to the theater the most times.

The protagonist must travel thousands of kilometers to accomplish the mission that has been imposed on him, going through enemies and dangers

10.-Owner of the World

Published in 1904. It belongs to the dark and pessimistic phase of the French writer. It is the second part of his previous novel "Robur the Conqueror" written twenty years earlier (1886). Adapted to the Cinema in 2 films of the year 1961 2The Master of the World» (United States) and 1976 «Owner of the World» of cartoons (Australia-United States co-production).

Synopsis: The plot in the novel (strangely too short, compared to any other) recounts the strange appearances of a mysterious craft, both as a high-speed vehicle on land and as a ship or even a flying craft, throughout the United States and the United States. vain efforts of the police to stop it in order to question its inventor and learn how he has achieved such progress.

After several frustrated attempts to approach the mysterious ship and its secrets, a police inspector, Stroke, manages to be kidnapped by his crew, who turn out to be led by the American engineer Robur, the same one who appeared years earlier at one of the meetings. of the "Weldon Institute» of Philadelphia (in the novel «Robur the conqueror»).

Jules Verne's universal literature is something that everyone should know. That is why my recommendation is to try to get young people interested in reading from a young age. Whether in the children's versions or in the original ones, it is always a safe bet for the education of the little ones.

Jules Verne books for children

Jules Verne's books are good for children for several reasons. First of all, they tell exciting and adventurous stories that attract the attention of young readers. Second, they present a wide variety of topics that are great for engaging little ones, from science and technology to history and geography, helping them broaden their knowledge. Verne's characters are brave and determined, inspiring children to persevere and work hard to achieve their goals.

Jules Verne and his 195th anniversary

The celebrated author was born on February 8, 1828. We are already in the 195th anniversary of the celebrated writer whose books have become part of pop culture around the world.

His prodigious mind has left us an extraordinary legacy of countless literary works capable of transporting us to magical worlds. Thanks to Verne we have traveled around the world in 80 days or to the Center of the Earth. We have also sailed 20.000 leagues and many other things. Jules Verne is known as the father of science fiction and on his 195th anniversary we still wonder what was behind this man so ahead of his time. A true visionary of the future world who has been deceased for more than 115 years and who is still present in our society.


Verne Relevance Facts

Jules Gabriel Verne was raised in a bourgeois family, being attracted to literature from a very young age. Pierre Verne, who was his father, was the perfect example for Jules to follow in his footsteps and clearly surpass him.

Verne is considered one of the most important writers in French literature in all of history. In addition, his influence in the rest of the countries of Europe and the world is impossible to calculate. Since 1979 he is one of the most translated authors in the world with most of his works adapted for cinema and theater.

He began his literary career in 1850, encouraged by the famous Alexandre Dumas, and was a prolific author until his death in 1905. Throughout his life he gained great popularity, reaching public positions such as councilor of the Amiens City Council. .

After his 195th anniversary, there are not many things left to discover about the great and versatile author. We are going to list some of the most relevant data about him.

Second most translated author

Jules Verne came to write a novel per year. Many of his titles have transcended the French language. After Agatha Christie, he is the most translated author in the world, a fact of great relevance since it is not enough to be available in the main languages ​​to be universal.

President of the Esperanto club

Jules Verne was very committed to the city of Amiens and its people, becoming a city councilor. Verne was very interested in learning the so-called universal language: Esperanto. This language fascinated him to such an extent that he even stated that he would write a novel entirely in Esperanto. I wish he couldn't fulfill due to his illness and subsequent death.

great imaginary traveler

Jules Verne's books are full of references to travel. In fact, they are entire fictions that are built around this figure. The incredible thing is that the writer barely left France.

As a child he tried to run away on several occasions. In one of them he wanted to go to India, pursuing his desire for adventure. He was about to embark, but his father discovered him in time.

father of a troublesome son

Jules Verne was the father of three children: Michel, Valentine and Suzanne. The last two were not biological. With Michel he had a complex relationship for most of his life. In his childhood, the writer decided to put him in a reformatory, because he was a complicated child and he hoped that he would be educated in this place. Upon leaving, he relapsed and was confined in a correctional facility for minors. Verne decided to take him to an asylum, a fact that ended up breaking the relationship between the two, since Michel never forgave his father.

visionary author

The writer was always attentive to the advances in science of his time. In his works there are countless allusions and references to physics or chemistry. He had a great interest in aeronautics. In fact, several of the models that he described in his works served as examples for the later constructions of space shuttles.

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These are the three best Jules Verne books, based on the opinion of readers who have purchased works by the author on Amazon.

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