Municipal Elections Madrid 2019

Municipal 2019 in Madrid. Ranking of candidates on Twitter

The ranking of candidates for the Madrid City Council in the 2019 Municipal Elections according to the TopRank360 applied to your Twitter account.

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Updated: 10-06-2023
N.NameScoreFollowersTweetsRT AvgFav AvgListed in
1 º Manuela Carmena (Now Madrid) 75 1.217.367 3.306 263 1.505 2.791
2 º José Luis Martínez-Almeida (Madrid PP) 73 359.473 8.062 315 1.609 997
3 º Begoña Villacís (Citizens of Madrid) 67 208.597 20.812 101 310 1.129

Profile of Twitter accounts

Manuela Carmena ManuelaCarmena
I was a judge, magistrate and mayor of Madrid. Now undertaking social projects that provide opportunities and improve justice. The young politician
Rank: 75 Followers: 1,2M Listed: 2.791
Tweets: 3,3K RT: 263

José Luis Martínez-Almeida AlmeidaPP_
State Attorney. Mayor of Madrid. @ppopular
Rank: 73 Followers: 359,5K Listed: 997
Tweets: 8,1K RT: 315

Begoña Villacís begonavillacis
Liberal. Vice Mayor of @MADRID Lawyer and mother, from a large family. Long live the Village!
Rank: 67 Followers: 208,6K Listed: 1.129
Tweets: 20,8K RT: 101

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