Municipal Elections Reus 2019

Municipal 2019 in Reus. Ranking of candidates on Twitter

The ranking of candidates for mayor of Reus in the 2019 Municipal Elections according to the TopRank360 applied to your Twitter account.

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Updated: 08-06-2023
N.NameScoreFollowersTweetsRT AvgFav AvgListed in
1 º Noemí Llaurado Sans (ERC) 35 3.333 7.496 1 7 44
2 º daniel rubio (Ara Catalonia) 23 718 3.874 0 2 29
3 º Mario Garcia Vidal (PP of Catalonia) 20 677 7.145 3 13 10
4 º Andreu Martin (PSC) 17 1.469 14.403 2 6 26

Profile of Twitter accounts

Noemí Llaurado Sans named
Vice Mayor of #Reus President of the @dipta_cat Funcionària @gencat
Rank: 35 Followers: 3,3K Listed: 44
Tweets: 7,5K RT: 1

daniel rubio DanielRubio1981
Journalist and Entrepreneur - Currently Councilor for the Environment and HR of the Reus City Council - Communication and Networking
Rank: 23 Followers: 718 Listed: 29
Tweets: 3,9K RT: 0

Mario Garcia Vidal mario_salou
Provincial President of the PP of Tarragona. Councilor of the City Council of Salou. Spokesperson of the Municipal Group of the PP of Salou
Rank: 20 Followers: 677 Listed: 10
Tweets: 7,1K RT: 3

Andreu Martin andreu_martin
Docent - Councilor of the Reus City Council - Socialist
Rank: 17 Followers: 1,5K Listed: 26
Tweets: 14,4K RT: 2

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