Municipal 2019 in Barcelona. Ranking of candidates on Twitter

The ranking of candidates for mayor of Barcelona in the 2019 Municipal Elections according to the TopRank360 applied to your Twitter account.

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Updated: 10-06-2023
N.NameScoreFollowersTweetsRT AvgFav AvgListed in
1 º Ada Colau Ada Colau (Guanyem) 77 879.821 21.946 376 2.075 4.273
2 º Ignatius Garriga Ignatius Garriga (VOX) 68 133.176 21.182 236 588 557
3 º Ernest Maragall and Mira Ernest Maragall and Mira (ERC) 59 80.050 16.015 29 67 848
4 º Jaume Collboni Jaume Collboni (PSC) 53 28.582 29.947 17 43 479
5 º Ferran Mascarell Ferran Mascarell (Other organizations) 51 22.467 3.580 22 43 469
6 º Joseph Bou Vila Joseph Bou Vila (PP of Catalonia) 46 19.370 11.173 48 135 90
7 º karl jacob karl jacob (Independent) 26 1.376 1.421 2 5 3

Profile of Twitter accounts

Ada Colau adacolau
Mayor of Barcelona. Mayor of Barcelona.
Rank: 77 Followers: 879,8K Listed: 4.273
Tweets: 21,9K RT: 376

Ignatius Garriga igarrigavaz
VOX General Secretary. Autonomous Deputy in Catalonia.
Rank: 68 Followers: 133,2K Listed: 557
Tweets: 21,2K RT: 236

Ernest Maragall and Mira ernestmaragall
Candidate for mayor of #Barcelona by @ERCbcn Councilor at @bcn_ajuntament. Socialist and republican. A Barcelona for everyone.
Rank: 59 Followers: 80,1K Listed: 848
Tweets: 16,0K RT: 29

Jaume Collboni jaumecolboni
Soc at Jaume Collboni. Barceloni. Licensed in Law. Candidate for Mayor @bcn_ajuntament. President of @pscbarcelona On TikTok:
Rank: 53 Followers: 28,6K Listed: 479
Tweets: 29,9K RT: 17

Ferran Mascarell ferranmascarell
Units are more forts. Fem de BCN a global far of democracy and freedom, social justice, prosperity and welfare
Rank: 51 Followers: 22,5K Listed: 469
Tweets: 3,6K RT: 22

Joseph Bou Vila josebovila
Making the way with the backpack that was given to me and filling it to spend it later. It is an honor to serve Spain in the City Council of #Barcelona @populares
Rank: 46 Followers: 19,4K Listed: 90
Tweets: 11,2K RT: 48

karl jacob karljacobibcn
I propose that all politicians who act outside the law go to jail. Barcelona 2019. #CitizenForce/#ForçaCitizen
Rank: 26 Followers: 1,4K Listed: 3
Tweets: 1,4K RT: 2

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