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Users who visit They write to us requesting that we enter several accounts simultaneously or that we create a new organization or activity. It is possible to do this, but having exceeded 10.000 accounts, we have had to set a few rules to optimize both the entry time and the creation of organizations.

New individual users it is an open directory, any user can add their account, to do so they just have to go to the high section. It is necessary for the new user to select the activities in which he thinks his profile should be.

If a user with a high Klout is added to categories that are not related to their activity for spamming and/or receives complaints from other users for the same reason, the analyze the case and you can choose to suspend the website account temporarily or permanently.

New user groups

We can make a massive entry of accounts as long as they are sent to us in the form of a Twitter list, the accounts are not entered one by one because it takes too much time. In other words, we recommend that you first create a thematic list of the Activity or Organization with the Twitter accounts that you want to add, if it can also be segmented by province or autonomous community, much better.

Once the list has been created, send us the URL by mail from Contact It's enough.

To add a new activity or organization the only requirement we ask is that the Twitter list that is sent has a minimum of 50 associated accounts, this is done to avoid ending up with thousands of activities and entities with 2-3 accounts that would not be practical when consulting TopRank360 rankings and rankings.

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