Social networks in online commerce

Optimal management of social networks in ecommerce

In today's society, social networks are a very important tool that allow us to be permanently connected with family and friends. They have also become essential for the management of any business. If we also talk about online commerce, social networks are of capital relevance. The performance of our Ecommerce will largely depend on your domain and knowledge. There are many agencies dedicated to advising us on the management of social networks, community manager valencia It is a guarantee for their experience and professionalism. We are going to learn a little more about what eCommerce is and its interrelation with networks.

eCommerce and social networks

eCommerce is also known as electronic commerce, online commerce or internet commerce. It consists of the purchase/sale of products or services through the internet. Normally, these types of transactions are carried out through the web pages of companies or brands and also through social networks.

Recent studies carried out by different communication associations such as ISB Spain reveal some devastating data. We will highlight some of them.

55% of users compare information on social networks before deciding on one product or another. In addition, 41% of these leave comments and evaluations of them.

Another relevant piece of information is the frequency with which users consult the networks. Those of Facebook do it daily and those of Twitter or Instagram 4 to 5 times a week.

There is no doubt that these statistics reinforce how important it is to have eCommerce on the networks and the need to publish content daily to keep users' attention.

Marketing Strategies

It is essential for our online business to prosper the knowledge and mastery of some marketing strategies.

  • Frequent use of email. With this we will control the traffic of our website and we will be able to have our users attentive to our promotions.
  • Control of visitors to our website. Correct optimization will make it easier for these visitors to become future customers.
  • Attractive design of our page. The "appearance" does not deceive... and it can be something key in the success of our business.
  • Different payment platforms. Provide the customer with different payment gateways to obtain our products.
  • Collection of statistics and analysis of the traffic of our website. It is vital to analyze the profiles of our audience and be able to know as much information as possible for the success of the product we want to offer.

Planning and Analysis Tools

There is no more effective way to optimize our time than planning publications on social networks. As best known tools we have:

  • Hootsuite: Essential tool for managing accounts on social networks. It is free in its Lite version and allows you to simultaneously manage several social networks at the same time.
  • Buffer: Another free tool for post planning. It is intuitive and very simple to use. It also allows us to add different profiles.

We have already discussed that our success in business may depend on our ability to analyze the profile of our visitors and future customers. Among the most important analysis tools we have:

  • Facebook Insights. It allows us to analyze the results on Facebook. It is necessary to have a professional profile and fan page.
  • Google Analytics: It is free. Nod allows access to a large amount and variety of data to improve our online presence and our marketing actions.
  • Tool used for market analysis and also allows content curation. It also allows you to share them through different social networks.
  • Google alerts: These are messages sent automatically by Google, when new results appear for a previously defined search.

It is important to stay up to date cybersecurity news. And for more information on how to protect your network security, it is important to have the support of a Cybersecurity or Cyber ​​Risk Insurance. Social networks are not understood without their cybersecurity. Cyber ​​risks are there and we have to be aware of it.

If you have any questions, you can make your query and our cybersecurity expert will give you the solution that best suits your needs and those of your business activity.

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