Reference Hospitals and Clinics in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is one of the leading cities in medical services. On this page we offer a list of the Reference Hospitals in Barcelona with information about their website ordered by the number of visits they receive and metrics related to their authority and positioning. The criteria for making the lists is based on international recognition and its professional cadres where the best doctors in Barcelona.

A referral hospital is a hospital that is especially known for its excellence in the treatment of certain diseases or medical conditions. Referral hospitals usually have highly qualified medical staff and a wide range of high-quality medical services and equipment. They are often used as a place where patients who have complex medical conditions or who require specialized treatments not available at other hospitals receive treatment.

Referral hospitals are those that have the capacity and specialization to care for patients with complex or rare diseases or injuries. These hospitals usually have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified specialists and are equipped with advanced technology to provide the best possible treatment. Patients may be referred to these referral hospitals by other hospitals or physicians for specialized care.

Reference hospitals also often play an important role in medical research and in the development of new medical treatments and technologies. They often collaborate with other medical institutions, foundations, and universities to conduct research and clinical trials.

In short, referral hospitals are places of medical excellence that offer high-quality treatment and specialized services for patients with complex medical conditions.

Reference Hospitals and Clinics in Barcelona

N. Name Specialty Web Contact Us Visits Keywords Backlinks DA PA
1 º Hospital CLINIC University Public Hospital 153.000 61.041 345.000 62 50
2 º Teknon Medical Center Private Hospital 130.000 49.257 80.700 56 50
3 º Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau University Public Hospital 6.400 1.578 23.200 55 46
4 º Dexeus Woman Dexeus Clinic 96.600 37.113 23.600 53 47
5 º barraquer Ophthalmological Clinic 42.200 9.866 40.600 51 43
6 º Bellvitge University Hospital | hub University Public Hospital 15.900 4.674 48.000 51 42
7 º barnaclínic + Private clinic barnaclinic+ 18.500 14.544 268.000 50 35
8 º Hebron Valley University Public Hospital 53.500 13.217 128.000 48 37
9 º Hosp. Germans trias University Public Hospital 11.400 4.611 8.700 46 34
10 º Puigvert Foundation Reference center in the treatment of: Urology, Nephrology and Andrology 45.100 10.382 23.700 45 38
11 º Corachan Clinic Private clinic 31.400 9.025 49.800 38 35
12 º CIMA Hospital Private Hospital 13.100 5.783 1.700 38 26
13 º Holy Family Clinic Private clinic 13.300 2.650 113 35 23
14 º my three towers Private clinic 13.300 3.307 2.100 29 28


Information prepared in collaboration with Digital Site 360, a company specialized in Digital Identity of Medical Centers and health professionals. Updated May 2019.

What information is offered

Visits OrganicSearch. Traffic received on the Web from Google searches. SEMrush
Keywords Number of keywords that the web page indexes among the first 100 pages of Google for the most frequent searches. SEMrush
Backlinks Number of incoming links that the web page has. That is, how many pages on the Internet have put a link to it. It is one of the factors involved in authority. SEMrush
DA DomainAuthority. domain authority. Benchmark metric to assess the authority of an entire Web page. MOZ
PA PageAuthority. Website Authority. Benchmark metric to assess the authority of a web URL. In this case it applies to the home page of the Web. MOZ


  • The data of organic visits and keywords offered by SEMrush refer to Google searches in Spanish. If a web page is in several languages, it has a different positioning, for example, for its English versions and it would refer to the values ​​in Google USA or Google in the United Kingdom.
  • Specialists whose data is zero are those who have been recognized as leaders in their specialty but for whom a personal or Medical Center Web page has not been found. They have their consultation in a large public or private Hospital that is in a separate classification.
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