Marketing on social networks

Marketing on social networks

Marketing in Social Networks

Advantages of online advertising

Among the advantages of a company that Create Online Advertising we have:

  • Much better visibility and impact. Online advertising campaigns are characterized by the flexibility and variety of their users. We can place ads according to who we want to address, according to the time slot in which there is more visitor traffic, to pages that are classified by subject, geographical region... etc. In this way, a much more select audience is reached and interested in what we want to offer.
  • Optimization of the time invested. It is much faster to design an online advertisement than a television campaign. The user receives it instantly, since he always carries his phone with him.
  • Immediate response from the user. When viewing an ad, with a simple click you access our website or landing page. You just have to find the right time to expose our offer and get results.
  • It is compatible with other types of marketing campaigns. The same promotion can be used in different media.
  • Direct contact with the user. The message reaches the required person directly. And it can answer you comfortably and easily.
  • Detailed and personalized reports: The data collection is classified and countless types of statistics can be collected: likes (Facebook), followers (Twitter), number of clicks, ad publication ranking...
  • Economy and savings. It is much cheaper than traditional advertising.
  • Multiple tools for web analysis. For example Google Analytics that completely free of charge allows us to start testing in real time.
  • Shareable Marketing being processed virally by many users. Also through Influencers, we can deliver content to many more users.
Marketing in Social Networks

Strategies to use in social networks

Social media marketing is a definite option for all types of businesses and organizations. The important thing is to define our objectives and choose a strategy. The use of the appropriate platform or social network is essential. Each of the various most powerful Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin, Pinterest) has a specific user profile. We must choose the communication channel so that our message reaches the right audience.

The strategies to use in social networks are basically two:

  • Proactive Marketing in Social Networks. Creation and distribution of own content generated by users to achieve the company's objectives.
  • Passive Marketing on Social Media. The external content is the one that is used to achieve the objectives.
As always our recommendation from this article is to always go to companies with experience in the sector. In this case, marketing on social networks. And that the company has qualified professionals for our demand.
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