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The main Internet accounts and Social Networks related to sociology. Discover the most influential with TopRank360. It is common for sociologists to have simultaneously studied political science, everything, and thus we have a special classification for political scientists.

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Sociology (115)

N.NameScoreTextPlace. Lists
1 @nmichavila
(Narcissus Michavila)
64 President of GAD3 Madrid 54,0K
2 @jmolaizola
(jmolaizola sj)
64 Catholic priest. Jesuit, sociologist, and writer when I can. 67,1K
3 @JorgeGalindo
(Jorge Galindo)
59 Deputy Director of @esadeecpol. And I write (with data) in @el_pais. "Never be so kind you forget to be clever, never be so clever you forget to be kind" ~TS Spain 68,6K
4 @iurquizu
(Ignacio Urquizú)
58 (Alcañiz, Teruel) Professor of Sociology at the UCM (on leave of absence), Mayor of Alcañiz and deputy of the Cortes de Aragón. My opinions are mine alone. Madrid 18,7K
5 @soledad_murillo
(Soledad Murillo)
54 I was a Member of the United Nations (CEDAW) I worked with the Equality Law and the Law against Gender Violence. I have been a Professor at Salamanca University. living my way Salamanca 15,9K
6 @SSRC_org
54 The Social Science Research Council is an independent nonprofit that for 100 years has mobilized social & behavioral science for global policy impact. Spain 38,2K
7 @metroscopy
53 We observe and measure states of opinion. You will find public data from our most recent studies and the occasional link. And you do you think Spain 35,5K
8 @gad3_com
52 GAD3 is a consultancy that integrates sociological research and strategic communication. Madrid 30,3K
9 @Stones_Paper
(Paper Stones)
46 Social research at the service of today. Our first book: #AragónesnuestroOhio Spain 14,6K
10 @xaviermcelorrio
(Xavier.M. Celorrio)
45 Professor Sociology UB = + Education + Equity Opinion at @elperiodico Co-author of 'Vidas low-cost. Being young between two crises' Barcelona 5,4K
11 @belenbarreiro_
(Belen Barreiro)
43 Social scientist and businesswoman. CEO at @40dbES I help build brands with empathy: companies and institutions at the service of consumers and society. Spain 11,0K
12 @peplobera
(Pep Lobera)
43 Now, cabinet director of the Minister of Science and Innovation. I am a researcher. I believe in the power of collaboration. Madrid 4,1K
13 @SociologyNow
(Sociology Now!)
42 News, updates and comments about the world of #sociology #sociology #soziologie Spain 12,0K
14 @Liliana_ArroyoM
(Liliana Arroyo (she/her))
42 PhD in Sociology, specialist in digital social innovation. She is a researcher, teacher, consultant and disseminator, for the DG of Societat Digital. personal opinions Barcelona 5,1K
15 @Crossroads
42 Critical Journal of Social Sciences. Spain 4,6K
16 @SocresOnline
(Sociological Research Online)
41 Sociological Research Online is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality applied sociology. [email protected] International 10,0K
17 @silviacasola
(Silvia Casola )
40 Sociologist and professor at the UB. Sumant amb @esquerralh per fer possible #LHospitalet que meritixem. Always #formiguetesstyle Barcelona 5,6K
18 @socscispace
(Social Science Space)
40 Exploring the big issues facing the social and behavioral science community. Sign up to our newsletter: Tweets by the Social Science Snake International 12,1K
19 @ssociologos
40 3rd Best News Blog of 2012. Blog dedicated to the dissemination of Sociology. We reflect society with articles, news, videos, phrases... Spain 19,0K
20 @sociologiac
(Contemporary Sociology)
40 A site for lovers of Sociology and Social Sciences Spain 12,6K
21 @SocNetAnalysts
39 INSNA is the professional association for researchers interested in social network analysis. International 4,4K
22 @AnaLauraArroyo1
(Ana Laura Arroyo)
39 CEO of @gii360. Expert in public opinion research, communication strategy. Passionate about bringing solutions that lead to decision making. Spain 27,7K
23 @SociologyDiver
(Funny Sociology)
39 Funny Sociology is an attempt to share the wonderful world of social phenomena in an entertaining, informative way, for all audiences Spain 13,1K
24 @Soc_Imagination
39 Spain 28,7K
25 @AlbertoPenades
(Alberto Penades)
39 Social Sciences. University of Salamanca. Member of @Piedras_Papel: Also at @elpais_opinion and at @letras_libres. Spain 5,6K
26 @mjaguilaridanez
(María José Aguilar Idáñez )
39 Professor #Emancipatory Social Work #socialservices, #sociologist #feminist #CriticalCitizenship, writer, #HR advocate and CEO of Albacete 8,5K
27 @sociolordinary
(ordinary sociology)
38 Spain 2,0K
28 @teknokultura
(Teknokulture magazine)
38 Magazine of Digital Culture and Social Movements with quality seal #FECYT (Journal of Digital Culture and Social Movements) Spain 4,2K
29 @rev_sociology
(Sociology Magazine)
38 Sociology Magazine of Escala Editora Spain 10,4K
30 @ColpisCat
(Col legi Prof. Political Science )
37 Official Association of Political Scientists & Sociologists of Catalonia. RTaval. Also: @ColpisGenere @ColpisMediacio Courses: #ColpisFormacio Spain 6,4K
31 @TheSocyCinema
(Sociological Cinema)
37 Three PhD's hellbent on teaching sociology with video & pop culture International 15,6K
(College of Political Science, Sociology)
37 Professional College of Politics, Sociology, International Relations and Public Administration of the CAM Employment Service: @EmpleoCOLPOLSOC Spain 5,5K
33 @Magazine_Papers
(Papers Magazine)
37 We publish essays on topics of interest in social sciences and analytical monitoring of the evolution of the Spanish social structure and in the world. Spain 3,8K
34 @EmpiriaMagazine
37 Journal of Methodology of Social Sciences Spain 3,0K
35 @juherya
(Juan F. Hernandez)
36 Sociologist, consultant, popularizer. Critical look from the outside at the health professions, but from the inside at life, people, politics and healthcare Las Palmas 3,0K
36 @sociologically
36 Interested in sociology Join the rest of us at International 5,3K
37 @EmilioLamo
(Emilio Lamo de Espinosa)
36 Emeritus Professor of Sociology (UCM). Author of “Between Eagles and Dragons. The decline of the West” Espasa Award 2021. Madrid 2,9K
38 @ULSociology
(Sociology at UL)
35 The Department of Sociology @UL is now taking applications for our taught MA programs and PhD and MA by research for academic year 21/22. International 3,3K
39 @sociometro
34 We collect information about what citizens and organizations think about current issues. What do you think Spain 779
40 @ntutumu
(Fernando Ntutumu)
34 political scientist Advisor to the Rector and Professor of Political Science at the University of Valencia. @UV_EG @UAM_Madrid and @MaastrichtU are my alma mater Valencia 16,6K
41 @SociologEduca
(Sociology Education)
34 ASE, Association of Sociology of Education, brings together researchers, teachers and other sociology professionals with a special interest in education Spain 2,4K
42 @SociologyUCA
34 International 4,7K
43 @JPFerrandiz
(Jose Pablo Ferrandiz)
33 Director of Public Opinion and Political Studies at @IpsosSpain PhD Sociology Associate Professor at @uc3m Former founding partner Elemental Research and Metroscopia Spain 4,2K
44 @zies_invest
(ZIES Research)
33 Innovative and experienced consultant. Socioeconomic research. Market research and opinion. Sustainable local development. Blog Spain 1,4K
45 @KermanCalvo
(Kerman Calvo Borobia)
33 Sociology teacher at @usal. Coordinator @DiversidadUSAL Salamanca 1,6K
46 @WingsSociology
(WINGS Sociology)
33 Latin American Association of Sociology. More than half a century thinking about Latin America and its people. International 3,2K
47 @PuraDuart
(Pure Duart)
33 Sociologist, former professor at the University of Valencia. Valencia 2,8K
48 @SicarioInfernal
(Infernal Hitman)
32 Critical Sociology: Books, Classes, News and more... Spain 1,0K
49 @dredoli
(David Redoli Morchon)
31 Sociologist @usal @uofglasgow @georgetown @iberoame @iesebschool @unicomplutense Former president of @compolitica Institutional Relations in Solaria #Drummer Spain 6,6K
50 @empleoCOLPOLSOC
(Servempleo COLPOLSOC)
31 Official Account of the Employment and Professional Career Service College of Political Science, Sociology and International Relations @infocolpolsoc Spain 1,9K
51 @JoaquinAgreda
(Joaquin Agreda Yecora)
31 Sociologist and consumer analyst. Research Director at @IntelQualia. Professor at @ENCamaraSevilla. Writer and cartoonist of comics. Casual gamer. Spain 1,3K
52 @santiagotorre
(Santiago Torre | Persuasion for l)
30 Every day a reflection on persuasion, sales and leadership in -- Persuade to lead and sell Biscay 1,5K
53 @BlogSociologos
(Sociology Blog)
30 Spain 4,2K
54 @sozialesysteme
(Social Systems)
30 The classics of sociology already theorized their society. Now we take the opportunity to do it with ours.… Spain 5,0K
55 @amsociology
(Asoc Madrid Sociology)
29 Madrid Association of Sociology (AMS) Spain 2,0K
56 @AnySociologist
(Any Delveck)
29 Sociologist, MBA in Communication and HR. Spain my home, Argentina my land. Passionate about justice. Tireless traveler. #Foodie Madrid 4,1K
57 @jlramirez3633
(Jesus Lopez)
29 Sociologist, pilgrim to Compostela for years, committed to the search for a fairer society. In my spare time I write stories. Cadiz 2,9K
58 @crparlamentaria
(Andres Medina Medina)
28 CEO of @metroscopy. Observe and measure to understand ________________________________ Madrid 3,2K
59 @sociologando
28 Theory, epistemology, communication, culture and politics Spain 2,6K
60 @SociologyNews
(Top Sociology News)
27 Sociology is the scientific study of human social behavior. It examines our society through human thought, actions, structures, and systems. Prepare To Learn. International 2,8K
61 @Revista_ElTopo
(El Topo magazine)
27 Journal of Cultural and Urban Sociology / Journal of Cultural & Urban Sociology | ISSN 0719-3335 | Since 2013 | Next edition: N°11 Spain 1,3K
62 @OIglesiasF
(Oscar Iglesias Fdez.)
27 Doctor in Sociology and political scientist. Professor of sociology at the UNED. Madrid 6,4K
63 @t_hoarder
(t-hoarder & @congosto)
27 Monitoring Spanish social news #TwitterBot created by @congosto Provisionally the account of @congosto while it is blocked Spain 1,6K
(BUCM Policies)
27 Library of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the UCM Spain 2,4K
65 @intersocial_en
27 Consulting and Social Research Spain 1,2K
66 @raul_lucena
(Raul LM)
26 Political scientist and sociologist. Creating #strategies with data. PhD student in Political Science at #UGR. Granaino in Seville Granada 2,9K
67 @weekly9muses
(The nine muses)
26 Magazine of arts, sciences and humanities. Committed to culture. We promote and publish your book. Editorial services. 1,3K
68 @gloriagrm
(Garcia-Romeral G.)
25 Sociologist. Researcher, teacher, project management and whatever it takes. Public policies, gender and religious diversity. Restless. Spain 1,2K
69 @laRevistaSocial
(The factory)
25 The most widely read Catalan magazine of social thought in the world. Spain 1,9K
70 @SociologyDepor
(sports sociology)
25 Everything about the sociology of sport with notes and documents of interest; We will observe and analyze this area as the sociocultural phenomenon that it is. Spain 1,0K
71 @ColpolsocA
25 Official College of Political Science and Sociology of Andalusia, our mission is to encourage, protect and promote our collective #ColpolsocA Spain 757
72 @ManoloYuri
(Manolo Yuri)
25 always negative Toledo 942
73 @socio_logos
24 Réseau social dedicated to the promotion of human and social sciences (SHS). International 853
74 @juan_bu
(Juancho Bueno)
24 Sociologist. #elearning, #UX, #LX, #ServiceDesign and divergent thinking. Curious and lifelong learner. I hear you. Spain 3,3K
75 @TallerACSA
(ACSA Workshop)
23 Workshop Association of Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences Spain 1,3K
76 @SociologyInfo
23 A place where sociologists and writers collide to create meaningful and thought-provoking online articles. International 985
77 @methaodos
22 methaodos. journal of social sciences | Research Group '' Spain 384
78 @iesa_csic
22 Institute for Advanced #Social Studies - Institute for Advanced #Social Studies. Higher Council for #Scientific Research @CSIC IESA #Sociology Spain 3,9K
79 @jovesociology
(Young Sociology)
22 The Vè Congrés Català de Joves en Sociologia - Sociologia Jove: Visions of the society from the youth is beginning to take shape. Spain 613
80 @tristan_pb
(Tristan Pertinez Blasco)
21 Think tanker. Political scientist and sociologist. Director @CEAndaluces. Passion for social research as an instrument to make a better society. Views are my own! Spain 445
81 @ceserran
(Cecilia Serrano)
18 Mother. Professor of Social Work. In constant learning that life is magic! Theater addict. Spain 1,2K
82 @Cristina_Uceda_
(Christina Uceda)
18 CEO of Formarium. Community Manager at @Geiners @Worlders @Formarium . Learning, advancing, always evolving... It's attitude!! Cordova 5,2K
83 @TerrSociologici
(Territori Sociologici)
18 Working Papers series published in Rome by Aracne Editrice. International 295
84 @santiuste
(Salvador Santiuste)
18 Professor of Political Sociology (University of Salamanca) Salamanca 186
85 @aesca_urjc
17 Association of Students of Sociology and Related Sciences. Organization created to promote research in Social Sciences among URJC students. Spain 289
86 @sociRRHH_urjc
16 Twitter of the double degree in Sociology - RRLL and RRHH of the URJC. Information, doubts, everything you need. [email protected] Spain 273
87 @herodatus
16 We depend on sociodemographic data since Herodotus. Statistics | Surveys | Computing | Analytics | Mathematics | Society | #OpenData #OpenData Spain 1,6K
88 @Sociologist_Health
(Advice, Sociology and Health)
15 Professor ETP and Lic. in Sociology, Post Technology Specialist, Mg Education CBC, Mg History and Cs, Interpreter and Auditor Quality Management Systems. Spain 653
89 @analizoinfo
14 Online community of information analysts for social change. Spain 774
90 @sociologoirreve
(Irreverent Sociologist)
14 The Irreverent Sociologist is here to help you Spain 126
91 @priettys
(Oscar Prieto-Flores)
14 Father, runner, & associate professor, #Sociology, Education, Ethnic & Racial Studies, #Migration. University of Girona. Spain 969
92 @Israel_G_R
13 Sociologist, craftsman and father in distress. Books, music, nature and basketball. Spain 404
93 @marcpradelm
(Marc PradelMiquel)
13 Urban sociologist, currently focusing on governance, inequalities, citizenship and economic development. Spain 761
94 @_I left
(Maria S. López Oller)
12 Nov2019 2017-Digital analyst @gdsteam 2015- #Ecommerce 2013-#SEO #UX #CRO insights @Branded_3 2011- / #measure #sociology Spain 1,6K
95 @Sociologyshow
(Sociology show)
12 Your best source of Sociology News on Twitter International 2,0K
96 @danfelgomez
(Daniel Gomez)
12 Sociologist. Specialist in Social Policies for Children and Youth. Coordinator at @polifancia Lover of Chess and Blues. I write poetry. International 923
97 @mireiabolibar
(Mireia Bolivar)
12 Sociologist. Active i amb moltes concerns! Spain 313
98 @_Gerardo_Flores
(Gerardo Flores)
11 English and Italian. Judo and CrossFit. Beach lover. Spain 357
99 @orapmagon
10 Madrid 4
10 CLOSED. We have changed the name of our account; Follow us at @colpolsocclm Spain 4
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Updated: 28-03-2023

It is frequent, as was said before, to see this specialty together with that of political scientist, Raul Lucena, for an reference professional in the data analysis in Andalusia, explained to us that in his autonomous community there is only one collegiate institution, the Official College of Political Science and Sociology of Andalusia.

If you have any questions about this list or think that some important sociology account is missing, leave a comment.

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