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Trading, Stock Exchange and Traders

In the activity Stock Market Traders the most influential accounts in the investment sector in bag, trading y traders. Many people give advice on how to invest money to obtain benefits, what financial strategies to follow and even offer courses and services. At Top Influencers we give you a list of the most influential accounts in this dynamic sector.

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Stock-Trading-Traders (229)

1 @georgesoros
(George Soro)
72 The Official Twitter Page of George Soros, chair of Soros Fund Management LLC and founder of the Open Society Foundations. International 372,0K
2 @MarketWatch
(Market Watch)
70 News, personal finance & commentary from MarketWatch. For customer support, visit International 4,5M
3 @josefajram
(Josef Ajram Tares)
64 7x @titandesertmtb 5x @umwchawaii 4x @marathondessables 4x @capeepic 1x @epic5_challenge Sulaika&Morgana. Barcelona 232,2K
4 @Carl_C_Icahn
(Carl Ican)
62 Chairman of Icahn Enterprises LP; etc etc. Some people get rich studying artificial intelligence. Me, I make money studying natural stupidity. International 450,5K
5 @DanZanger
(Dan Zanger)
58 World Record Top Swing Trader Turned $10,775 to over $18,000,000. All posts are from my protégé Randy Opper (CM). This is my only account, beware of imposters!! International 196,3K
6 @DavidGalanBolsa
(David Galan )
57 Investor.Lector.Father.Coruñés.18 years on the stock market and 15 on Director EFBS Stock Market Program Youtube 63K: La Coruna 57,8K
7 @jluiscava
(José Luis Cava)
57 Author of the book "The Art of Speculating". Course "On line": "A System of Speculation that will change your Life". Is it availabe: Spain 76,7K
8 @moneybag
(Money & Bag)
57 I help you so that every euro earned, saved, invested and spent brings you the maximum value. I send one email a month: Spain 43,7K
9 @WSJpersfinance
(WSJPersonal Finance)
54 News and views on your personal finances, investing and spending from The Wall Street Journal. International 402,7K
10 @trading
54 Market observations from the trenches. International 91,4K
11 @Ortega_Gerardo
(Gerardo Ortega)
53 Independent analyst and collaborator of CMC Markets. Economist. Certified Financial Advisor. Blog @expansioncom Spain 21,2K
12 @bolsacarlosmari
52 A particular vision of the markets. Private investor and economist, I share with you my own vision of the evolution of the stock market. Spain 33,0K
13 @jose_basa
(José Basagoiti)
52 In dubio, pro libertate// Economist and CEO & Founder -TradingPRO Spain 15,9K
14 @ContraInvest
(Hugo Ferrera)
52 Investment Manager at GPM SV Professor of the Stock Market Expert University Alicante Learn at the Confidencial Stock Market Club Spain 51,0K
15 @JavierAlfayate
(Javier Alfayate Gallardo)
51 GPM Manager Global Management ES0142630047 Expert in banking and financial advice xESCP Fondo Madrid 27,6K
16 @Gurusblog
51 Looking for what we didn't know we wanted to know. Bag | Finance | Investment | Economy Spain 33,0K
17 @BolsaGeneral
(General Bag)
51 Reference website for stock market lovers. Training investors since 2007. Learn with our Stock Market Course: Spain 29,4K
18 @TraderCity
(Jose Francisco Lopez )
51 I invest in the stock market, I promote the expansion of financial knowledge with @economipedia Spain 21,4K
19 @bolsamania
50 All the #LastHour for the informed investor. The website of the #Stock, the economy and the #markets. Spain 60,7K
20 @frasesdetrading
(Trading Phrases)
50 Reflect and enjoy the best famous trading phrases compiled from great gurus. Get free books by participating in our giveaways! Spain 75,9K
21 @fca_serrano
(Francisca Serrano)
50 Death sat on my bed to make me appreciate life. Trader Pro in futures markets. Spain 15,1K
22 @expansionbag
(Stock Market Expansion)
50 Official account of the newspaper @expansioncom with all the stock market information in real time. #Stock #markets #ibex #ibex35 Spain 64,2K
23 @carpatos
(Jose Luis Carpathos)
50 Personal Twitter. Investment Director EAF Gloveria. Director Intefi Business School. Personal opinions I never give recommendations Spain 47,9K
24 @elblogsalmon
(The Salmon Blog)
49 Publication on the economy, finances and the business world, without forgetting the domestic economy. Spain 127,2K
25 @cotizalia
49 #economy section of @elconfidencial. All the key news on markets, companies and housing. #I am Confi Spain 31,1K
26 @LucasLM89
(Lucas LM)
48 Flee from the ordinary if you aspire to the extraordinary. Spain 11,7K
27 @CapitalBag
(Capital Stock Exchange)
48 Real-time information and analysis of all the news that moves the stock, debt and currency markets Spain 33,1K
28 @Artedeinvest
(Art of investing)
47 @alex_estebaranz Manager of the True Value investment fund, teaches you to invest like professionals. Find out more on our website and YouTube channel. Spain 39,3K
29 @EduardoFaus
(Edward Faus)
47 Head of the Technical Analysis Department of Renta 4 Banco. These publications are not personalized financial advice. DISCLAIMER: Spain 18,8K
30 @inveuro
(Gines Parra)
47 Particular vision of markets and variable income for 23 years. // Personal ideas and opinions // My tweets are NOT investment recommendations. Spain 20,2K
31 @JoanMarcRibes
(Marc Ribés)
47 Entrepreneur, trader and broker. Co-Founder of BLACKBIRD. Spain 14,0K
32 @VicenteVaro
(Vicente Varo)
46 Finect. Junker and storyteller. Author of the book 'What are financial markets really for'. Dad of 6 churumbels Madrid 14,9K
33 @BMEGroup
46 BME – a SIX company – is the operator of the securities markets and financial systems in Spain Spain 17,6K
34 @hectorchamizo
(Hector Chamizo)
45 Journalist. Streamer.Economy, markets and funds. You read me at @la_informacion and @Forbes_es. My opinions are mine alone. Madrid 12,6K
35 @In a bag_
45 We are a website for financial markets, where you will find analysis, trading ideas, specialized training, opinion articles... Spain 10,8K
36 @andresllorente
(Andres Llorente)
44 Spain 6,4K
37 @JGalanR4
(Javier Galan)
44 Investment Director RV @Renta4Gestora The publications in this profile are not personalized financial advice Disclaimer Madrid 7,3K
38 @78laurawhite
(Laura White)
44 Journalist. Economy. OnAir. CapitalRadio. I will navigate necessary Spain 16,8K
39 @InvertDividend
44 Investor in Dividends. Invest in large businesses with a solid, sustainable and growing dividend: a great investment thanks to the long term and compound interest Spain 13,0K
40 @PakBenikasim
44 "Wall St. never changes, because human nature never changes" Jesse Livermore / Wealth manager & Swing Trader. Spain 12,0K
41 @Uxio_NTC
(Uxo Fraga )
44 Entrepreneur. Industrial Engineer. Trader. I like cars, horses, electronics and music. Spain 10,6K
42 @RicardoEsBolsa
(Ricardo Gonzlez)
44 Investor and fund manager Author of the book The Wall Street Code My publications are personal opinions, not recommendations Spain 12,7K
43 @CarlosDoblado
(Carlos Bent)
44 Exiled technical analyst in Andorra. Venture capital in Rapid Scale. I have the pleasure of collaborating with ACapitalBB AV -Blackbird- and with El Confidencial. Spain 18,9K
44 @Valdecantos
(Enrique Diaz Valdecantos)
44 17 years on the stock market | EFA Advisor | professor at and in Expert Stock Market and Markets University of Alicante | Author | Tennis & Padel lover Spain 10,2K
45 @Ted_Waller
(Ted Waller)
44 Personal opinions on the Stock Market and Financial Markets. Trading System Engineering... 98% completed. Spain 15,4K
46 @LuisBenguerel
(Louis Benguerel)
43 Stock market, equity markets, fixed income, futures, currencies, economy, on the stock market since 1995, Fintech, Insurtech, partner... Spain 13,0K
47 @BolsacomTrading
(Anthony Fernandez)
43 Manager of Smart Social Sicav. Portfolio in short position with Nasdaq 5000 target. We created the 1st sicav in social networks. @SocialSicav Spain 17,4K
43 It is an investment vehicle in global assets open to investors. It is mixed and flexible because its net exposure to the stock market ranges between 0% and 50%. Spain 8,0K
49 @LunaElfica
(Christina )
43 Mathematics doing trading. There is life beyond the Phi number. You are what you feel. In love with art, nature and gastronomy. Spain 11,9K
50 @martinhuete
(Martin Huete)
43 Investment Services I FinTech I InsurTech | Decentralization I Book Author "Invest like you've never been told" @edicionesdeusto | @iesealumni Madrid 15,6K
51 @rodriguezjoma
(Jose Maria Rodriguez)
43 Adrian's dad | Technical Analyst at @expansioncom | Member of @IEAF20 | My hobby, my profession | I love traveling | | Spain 8,5K
52 @megabag
(mega bag)
42 Portal Stock Exchange, Finance, Markets, Investment: Analysis, News, Quotes, Closings, Forex/Currencies, Training... Spain 27,5K
53 @boersenzeitung
42 Die Börsen-Zeitung ist die einzige ausschließlich auf die Finanzmärkte ausgerichtete Zeitung Deutschlands. Imprint: International 31,0K
54 @JorgeUfano
(Jorge Ufano)
42 Economist and manager of the investment fund GPM Alcyon University and stock exchange professor at Madrid 9,0K
55 @Fredy_Roundabout
(Alfredo Rodriguez)
41 "The price has a certain rigidity and monotony in the structure of its behavior, this is what we can take advantage of." Spain 8,1K
56 @GisTurazzini
(Gisela Turazini)
41 Owner/Founder CEO of @BlackbirdBank & ACAPITAL BB AV, SA. Professional Trader, Broker & Markets Analyst. Economist, Financial Engineer & MBA. International 9,5K
57 @Hidalg0_0
41 Looking for patterns in the market. Where the boss rules, the sailor doesn't rule. Find the dragon. Spain 9,1K
58 @IGSpain
(IG Spain)
41 IG provides access to thousands of markets with CFDs, barriers and Turbo24. 79% of retail customers lose money, take this into consideration. Spain 7,5K
59 @BAGSandWIN
41 Personal opinions on indices (Dax, Ibex, Sp500), securities and cryptocurrencies based on technical analysis, Chartism, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci. Spain 7,1K
60 @xtbes
(XTB Spain)
41 Broker specializing in Cash Stocks, ETFs and CFDs, Currencies, Stocks, Commodities, Indices... 82% of CFD's retail accounts lose money Spain 15,2K
61 @Roger_bag
(Roger Trader)
41 Self-taught in the world of technical analysis. Analysis of Ibex 35 stocks and indices (Ibex, Dax, Dow Jones, SP500) Spain 6,7K
62 @notesdebolsa
(Stock Notes ® )
41 Trading School. Opinions not financial advice Spain 24,0K
63 @Blai5_
(Xavier Garcia[Blai5])
40 You think you speculate, but you only analyze information || Trader and designer of new trading tools [Koncorde, Vigía...] Spain 9,3K
64 @chicharrosinfo
(€hi€harros Bag)
40 Stock market analysis of the hottest values ​​based on technical analysis and market rumorology #trading #stock #ibex #finance Zaragoza 11,2K
65 @ibexbolsa
40 | Listed since 1998 | AF&AT | Portfolio concentrated in companies Dax40/MDax/SDax/TecDax | CAC40 | USA | In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft | Spain 9,2K
66 @saladeinversion
39 Portal with quality information, analysis and opinions that allow investors to have a global perspective when making their decisions. Spain 19,8K
67 @newsfx
( News)
39 Spain 12,0K
68 @DavidNonell
(David Nonel)
39 Professional day trader. Market Analysis for 25 years and specialist in peas from the Stock Market. Spain 8,3K
69 @couple_miguel
(Michael Couple)
39 Reflections and various occurrences... Twitter is a means... never the end Spain 9,7K
70 @annualcycles
(Albert Pares)
39 Manager of the ANNUALCYCLES STRATEGIES fund, Expert in seasonal analysis and derivatives. Creator of the seasonal analysis web application Spain 6,6K
71 @fernansixto
(Sixto Fernandez)
39 Technical analysis. For those who have patience, losses become gains, jobs become merits, and battles become crowns. 5,3K
72 @FundsPeople
(FundsPeople (EN))
38 Reference community for Wealth & Asset Management professionals in Iberia. Spain 10,6K
73 @tublogdebolsa
(Stock Market and Statistics)
38 We analyze the Financial Markets and Stock Exchanges from our perspective News and posts from #Stock and #Forex Free #training material on our Blog Spain 6,4K
74 @Kostarof
38 The stock market in your hands and markets in real time. Spain 9,6K
75 @JCPF_Carlos
38 Trading is a continuous learning process, not only about the markets, but about ourselves. Like life itself. The only thing I recommend is Management Galicia 5,5K
76 @Traderbcn
38 Independent investor, Català, pro-independence and Barça. An ogre to many, if you know me you change your mind. Fan of my family, friends and sports. Spain 3,8K
77 @tradingybolsa_
(Trading and Stock)
38 Don't work for money, make money work for you #trading Trading and Stock Market Courses for Dummies by @Fca_Serrano Spain 13,6K
78 @ebolinches
(Eduardo Bolinches)
38 Financial Analyst at Spain 11,1K
79 @AITANews
(AITA News)
38 "Everyone is free to ruin themselves as they want” Founder and CEO of @NoticiasDBolsa - Visit my store at Biscay 30,1K
80 @pelli23
(Andres Pellicer)
38 Alternative Investments and Real Estate. Financial Activist. Short seller. Python and Blockchain Spain 5,3K
81 @CMCMarketsSpain
(CMC Markets Spain)
38 Founded in 1989, CMC placed a pioneering online platform in the industry in the hands of private investors. 77% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Spain 2,5K
82 @5days_markets
(Five Days Markets)
38 Get the latest news on the stock markets with Cinco Días Spain 8,1K
83 @avalonmarga
(Marga Rivas)
38 Dedicated to the fascinating world of the stock market since 1987 #broker and #writer Author of "Lying men are big on real women" Spain 10,0K
84 @batalibex35
(Jesus Garcia BETIS)
37 Analyst of Trends of Stock Charts and Traders Speculator A @CortoRabioso and bullish values ​​in @TradingParaGana Spain 5,7K
85 @tradercillo
(Victor Gomez)
37 Futures scalper in front of everyone. I win almost every day I return the amount of the training if I lose, with Spain 9,3K
86 @bolsacom
37 Leading investor social network. You can also follow us on our Facebook and YouTube channels Bolsa TV Spain 19,9K
87 @gesprobolsa
37 Information, analysis and alerts in real time on values ​​of the Spanish Stock Exchange since 2006, collaborators in different media. Spain 8,3K
88 @coachgerman72
(German Antelo))
37 Certified Professional Coach | Managerial Leadership Specialist | Executive Coach. Spain 4,7K
89 @leadfoot74
(Leaded feet)
36 Even a half-dead cat will bounce if you hit it hard on the ground. If you're looking for normality... get out before I get angry.. #AntiFlautistasDeHamelin Spain 3,3K
90 @Marc__Fb
(Marc Fortuno)
36 Spain 11,4K
91 @consensomarket
(Market Consensus)
36 All the analyses, all the stock market analysts: #Ibex, #eurostoxx, #smallmidcaps. Partners of Infobolsa (@GrupoBME) and @ieaf20 Spain 4,6K
92 @salainversiones
(Investment Room Spain)
36 Spanish financial portal with news, market analysis, trading ideas, training resources and videos on CFDs, currencies, futures and shares. Spain 12,0K
93 @juanst
(Juan Sainz of the T.)
35 Microcaps fan and trainee. Madrid 3,6K
94 @MasQueTrading
(MoreThanTrading ®)
35 Learn trading with us. trading school. Free trading system. Tailor-made courses. From 12/2010 Risk Disclosure: Spain 4,6K
95 @altianews
35 Transformation | Technology | Talent We are your digital company with a global vision. We offer advanced technology solutions. #SomosAltia Spain 2,0K
96 @sersansystems
35 "Only those who expect nothing from chance are masters of their destiny." #Developers #Algorithmic #Trading Creators $SYO $OYS. Collaborators of #TradeStation. Spain 3,6K
97 @carlosladerogal
(Carlos Ladero Galván)
35 Searching, without finding, from above everything is seen ... higher, account and personal opinions, however idiots they may seem. "Do it, as if you weren't playing anything anymore" Madrid 4,3K
98 @baitazuri
35 Spain 3,3K
99 @PullbackES
35 Page dedicated to #investments - #trading and #business. DayTraders and fans of the #Stock Market (#CFDs.Futures,#Forex,#ETFs,Bonds,Short-term Stocks) Spain 7,0K
100 @TTtradertwit
35 The professional trader's website. Since 2009 Spain 10,0K
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Updated: 31-01-2023

What is trading

Doing trading (or trading) consists of buying and selling financial products (stocks, bonds, commodities, financial derivatives, etc.) generally in the short term, even on the same day. It tries to take advantage of small price differences to obtain an immediate return, although this presents a high risk. The trading It can be done with different products such as shares, raw materials, currencies and futures referenced to stock indices.

Forex trading

when we do it with foreign exchange we do it in the Forex marketthe Forex market, and it is always done in one currency with respect to another. Since the Gold Standard disappeared, in order to know the value of a currency, it must be compared with another currency. That is why we always talk about currency pairs.

Intraday trading

Positions are typically opened or closed within the same day, or longer term, with positions lasting days, weeks, or even months.

What is Trading 212

Trading212 is one of the brokers more famous than those used today. It offers CFDs (Contracts for Difference) services on the most traded assets in the world such as Forex, shares, raw materials and Stock Market indices. Although we think that Trading212 is a good broker. If you want to know what people think about this broker, consult opinions.

what is a trader

Un trader is the person or entity that buys or sells financial products, as an intermediary agent, speculator, arbitrageur or hedge operator. A trader You can work on your own account, in an investment fund, in a bank (wholesale banking, "Corporate & Investment Banking") or in another financial entity.

what is forex

Forex is an acronym formed from the English words Foreign Exchange market. This is today the largest financial market of the world economy. The Forex  has a turnover of more than 4 trillion dollars a day, that is, the same amount that moves NYSE in a month. trade in Forex It consists of the purchase and sale of foreign currency, currency. Operations are done with a broker o Dealer and they are made in pairs, for example euro and US dollar: pair EUR/USD. The philosophy is that we are investing in the reliability of a country's economy, if we trust that it will go well, we buy if we don't sell. The price of a country's currency is an excellent indicator of what investors think its economy will do. The Forex market it is decentralized, it does not have a physical location as is the case with the Stock Exchange. It works electronically 24 hours a day on a network among the world's banks.

The tricks of trading

People who have been for a long time investing in the stock market they know that the short term speculation not the best way to make our savings profitable. Despite this, there are people who present themselves as expert traders who promise very high returns using the short term trading using different methods that are actually a hoax or scam. The first sign that we may be facing a scam is precisely that they offer us returns ranging from 20% per month to 100% per year, it is simply impossible to obtain these returns. A trick often used by trader What he wants to cheat is to open many small accounts, from €500 to €1.000, and make very risky investments with them. In most of them they will lose money but only in one or two they obtain a great benefit will serve to present it as a success story. The trader In reality, he has lost a lot of money, but he has obtained the documentary basis to simulate profits. Another cheating mechanism is to make alternate forecasts in various investment forums, by sheer probability, by doing it in 8 forums, 3 consecutive hits are achieved, in the forum in which the investor gets it right, he achieves great prestige as an infallible investor.

warren buffett number 1

The American investor Warren Buffet (@WarrenBuffet) is considered one of the largest investors in the world. In 2017 he occupies the second position in the list of the richest men in the world prepared by Forbes magazine, behind Bill Gates and ahead of the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos with a fortune of approximately 75 billion dollars. Interestingly, despite having a Twitter account with more than a million followers, it is inactive and does not have a Klout Score assigned either. It's a shame because we are sure that if Warren Buffet frequently tweeted explaining stock market issues he would be one of the highest Klouts in the world.

Section developed with the collaboration of Jesus Barrena, consultant and financial advisor.

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4 comments on “Trading, Stock Market and Traders”

  1. Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor, a professional, upright, ethical man with great manners, has been bothering him for some time with offensive comments, a few days ago they went to his course page, of course, without having evidence, he has had to flee. Do not be fooled there is no more sincere human being in this business. So please avoid speaking ill of Fernando Martínez because he is a sincere man.

  2. Excellent article, you provide information in a precise and quite clear way, indicating general terms that all people who want to work in the market should know, I was interested in Forex and the stock market thanks to the course of a Spanish trader Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor, he taught me a lot and Thanks to that he was able to start with this experience, both he and Carlo Doblado and Josef Ajram, are traders that I admire. Greetings and very good work you do with the blog.

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