The best dental laboratories. specialist working

The best dental laboratories

Dental care requires the intervention of a team of professionals with specialized qualifications in different subjects; the dentist, the pediatric dentist, the endodontist, the maxillofacialist, the orthodontist, the periodontist, the prosthodontist and, of course, dental technicians, who are those who work in a dental laboratory.

With a dental laboratory will be manufactured dental materials that professionals in this health sector require to carry out their work with patients. In these places are created crowns, splints, veneers, bridges, and other prosthetics that the dentist or dental specialist needs to place in the mouth of those who need it.

In dental laboratories they specialize in dental prosthetics who can provide a wide range of services related to prosthetic dentistry, such as dentures, bridges and implant restorations.

With good oral health and teeth in good condition, the quality of life of people is significantly increased. You enjoy meals and complexes disappear, you smile more easily with the psychological benefits that this entails. The demand for oral health professionals has increased, as has the offer, in each and every one of their specialties. The number of companies that work manufacturing materials for dentistry in Spain is high, which is why it is necessary to ranking with the best dental laboratories in the national territory.

The best dental laboratories in Spain

Presented below is a ranking with the laboratories that receive the best reviews of the dentists themselves. The companies in the following list are considered by professionals in the sector to be the most qualified within their scope of action, they meet the highest standards in relation to the quality of their work and they fulfill orders in a timely manner, maintaining excellent fees for each product delivered.

  1. Pejoan dental laboratory, in Barcelona

In the first position is placed, how could it be otherwise, a dental prosthetic laboratory no competition possible. His work for the oral health sector is recognized for its quality by countless clinics, dentists and dentists. It is not surprising that in Barcelona they are the reference when it comes to this type of laboratory, since it has the tradition in their way of being and acting in combination with the use of the most advanced technologies.

This laboratory, heirs to the family of Francesc Pejoan i Muns, whose beginnings date back to the second half of the XNUMXth century, work with equal delicacy and talent in both fixed and removable prostheses. In addition, its facilities have EXOCAD, the most advanced CadCam technology on the market.

  1., in Córdoba

Behind this web address is a laboratory specialized in the manufacture of dental prostheses. Its work system has been optimized to facilitate the entire management process for the client. They are in charge, from a call, of making the budget, collecting the order and planning the case. How they work online, even though they have a space that can be visited in Córdoba, can receive and send orders throughout Spain.

It is a professional team with more than 20 years of experience, considered craftsmen of dental prostheses, although the application of technology makes their work faster and more precise.

  1. Adana Dental, in the Canary Islands

Adana dental is a provider of quality dental products for the Canary Islands. In this company, the greatest effort is directed to the research and development of innovative techniques to offer the highest possible quality in its services. Thanks to the fact that they have their own production systems, their products are guaranteed and really low prices are achieved.

  1. Astur Dental Laboratory, in Asturias

In Asturias, this is the laboratory that stands out at the national level. Fundamentally, his revolutionary method for manufacturing the best products is based on a exclusive comprehensive service, own, in which they design, develop and manufacture all the parts within their own facilities.

Adaptation to customer needs is another point in favor of this prestigious laboratory. Such is the final quality of its products and services, that they have achieved absolute exclusive representation of the professional offer of Glidewell laboratories, absolute world leaders in the sector.

  1. Biosmile dental laboratory, in Zaragoza

Finally, a laboratory that is famous among professionals for the quality of its finishes, a company that stands out for the passion it puts into each of its jobs, always seeking satisfaction of its many customers throughout the length and breadth of the entire national territory.

Adaptation to the needs of each patient, offering custom prosthetic solutions, is its hallmark and what makes it stand out from the competition. In Zaragoza and surrounding provinces it is the absolute reference, but its fame covers all of Spain, leading shipments to any corner of the peninsula.

6. Gomez Dental Laboratory, in Barcelona and Madrid.

They offer a wide range of dental prosthetics services, including fixed, removable, implant-supported dentures, and offer custom denture design and fabrication services.

7. Sanz Dental Laboratory, in Valencia.

Offers a wide range of dental prosthetics services, including fixed, removable, and implant-supported prostheses.

8. Peñarrocha Dental Laboratory, in Valencia.

Peñarrocha specializes in implant-supported dental prostheses and offers custom prosthesis design and manufacturing services.

It is worth mentioning the implementation of top-level technology to carry out their work. They have specialized equipment, such as eCretech Medical, Straumann Cares Cadcam, Nobel Biocare Procera System, SpectroShade and the Cadent Itero Intraoral Scanner.

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