Phrases of the most famous Influencers in the world

The Phrases of the Most Famous Influencers in the World

In the world of new technologies, there are different positioning strategies for brands, products or services. The phrases of the Influencers are usually one of the most used means for this purpose.

These authentic figures of social networks play a vital role. Your credibility in your followers is decisive when choosing one or another product. In this article we are going to see various examples of phrases from some of the most famous Influencers in the world and we will also get to know a website, where you can find a lot of material. The web of educational resources Phrases. Top is one of the most complete in this sector, since in addition to famous phrases from celebrities you can find poems, stories, images, jokes, tongue twisters and many other things.

Famous phrases of famous Influencers

Phrases of the most famous Influencers in the world

Within this prolific production of Influencer phrases, we find a wide range of sectors to which they are intended. We will find phrases for marketing, to fall in love, motivation, positive phrases, overcoming…etc. All of them with the clear intention of achieving a goal.

Phrases that influencers use

These are the typical phrases that influencers use to gain more likes on their Social Networks such as Instagram and Facebook:

  • I hope you like my new image, I loved it.
  • Whenever I recommend a product it is because I have used it before.
  • These have been difficult days, but I know that you always expect my best smile.
  • I've been working on a project for a long time, but I still can't tell anything. It will shock you when I show it.
  • I wasn't sure about uploading this photo, but I'm going to leave it. It has cost me a lot to accept who I really am.
  • Amig@s, give a lot of love to my new Instagram photo, kisses.
  • I always read your comments, I don't respond to all of them because there are many that come to me

Famous savings and investment influencers

Some phrases about Savings and Investment:

  • Warren Buffet: “Financial markets are designed to transfer money from the impatient to the patient.” and “Investing success takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great your talent or effort, some things just take time: You can't produce a baby in a month by getting nine women pregnant."
  • Charlie Munger: “People underestimate the importance of a few simple ideas. Simple ideas really work.” and “People do a lot of calculations but think little.”
  • Peter Lynch: “Owning shares is like having children. Don't invest in more than you can control.”, “Invest in businesses that even a fool could run. Because sooner rather than later one will end up doing it.” and “Companies without debt cannot go bankrupt”
  • Benjamin Graham: "Mister Market is a schizophrenic in the short term, but he regains his sanity in the long term." and “Invest only in companies in which you would be calm if you cannot know the daily price.”
  • Francisco Garcia Parames: “Invest only in what you understand. It doesn't matter if it's a lot or a little, the important thing is not to stray from what you know, even if it's the real estate sector in your neighborhood” and “The ideal investor is a patient person, who invests for the long term, enjoying the journey and not so much the result, that is not carried away by emotions, with convictions but with a desire to learn.”
  • John Bogle: “The secret to investing is that there is no secret. When you own the entire stock market through a large, properly allocated stock market index fund and a global bond index fund, you have the optimal investment strategy.” and “Learn every day. But above all, learn from the experience of others. It's cheaper!".
  • Martin Huete. On index investing: "Don't look for the needle, buy the whole haystack" and "Buy the whole world and go to sleep."
  • Jesus Barrena: "The biggest risk to your money is doing nothing with it" and "Save, Invest and let Compound Interest do the rest of the work"

Some phrases on other topics

  • "I haven't failed, I've found 10000 ways that don't work"Thomas Alba Edison.
  • “Your culture is your brand” Tony Hsieh
  • «What really makes the consumer buy or not buy is the content of the advertising, not the form»David Ogilvy
  • “Good advertising sells the product today and builds the brand tomorrow” Louis Bassat
  • "Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than on the power of sales" Philip Kotler
  • "Happiness is within oneself, not next to someone" Marilyn Monroe
  • » One does not shine by turning off others »
  • "I'd give all I know, for half of what I don't know Descartes
  • «Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself Coco Chanel
  • «The drop of water pierces the rock, not because of its strength, but because of its constancy»
  • "Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, others happy, others exciting. But if you never turn the page... you'll never know what the next chapter holds."
  • "Care more about your conscience than your reputation, your conscience is who you are, your reputation is what others think you are"
  • "You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option left to you"
  • "Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile" Will Smith

We have collected these phrases by way of example and from very different authors, any of them is used by ourselves in our own social networks. Most of the time our goal is simply to get a lot of likes. In other cases, the phrase pretends that we opt for one or another brand. In any case, the impact produced by a phrase from an Influencer is very strong. Since in the society in which we live we barely have time to browse social networks and in most cases we stay on the first search pages.

We hope that the article has been of interest to you and that some of the phrases that you like the most from your influencers have the desired effect on your social networks.

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