The TOP 100 is the list of the first 100 accounts related to the politics in Spain according TopRank360, the algorithm that evaluates the influence of a Twitter account. Here you can consult people, parties, militants and find out who are setting the trend with their tweets.

politicians (2527)
1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 13,4M
2. Emmanuel Macron 9,4M
3.Justin Trudeau 6,5M
4. Pablo Iglesias (R) 2,7M
5. ​​Mariano Rajoy Brey 1,5M
6. Manuela Carmena 1,2M
7. Alberto Garzon 1,2M
8. ñigo Errejón 1,1M
9.Theresa May 1,0M
10. Isabel Diaz Ayuso 913,7K
11. Joan Laporta Estruch 883,4K
12. ​​Ada Colau 879,8K
13. krls.eth / Carles Puigdemont 794,0K
14. Santiago Abascal 754,3K
15. Irene Montero 731,4K
16. Ines Arrimadas 685,3K
17. Canadian PM 684,4K
18. Miguel Angel Revilla 671,5K
19. Juan Carlos Purse 644,9K
20. Oriol Junqueras 599,9K
21.Carly Fiorina 595,3K
22. Yolanda Diaz 584,1K
23. Pablo Married White 541,0K
24. ​​Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo 522,2K
25. Hope Aguirre 448,8K
26. Toni Canto 427,8K
27. Jose Antonio Rodriguez Salas 394,1K
28. Rosa Ten 384,6K
29. Macarena Olona 373,8K
30. David FernÃndez 370,8K
31. Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida 359,5K
32. Teresa Rodríguez - Forward Andalusia 350,8K
33. Carme Forcadell Lluís 344,9K
34. Rocio Monastery 339,9K
35. Raül Romeva i Rueda 328,2K
36. Joan Tardà i Coma 310,8K
37. Cristina Cifuentes 303,2K
38. Gaspar Llamazares 278,9K
39. Bea Talegon 263,7K
40. Monica Oltra Jarque 254,0K
41. _Rubalcaba_ 239,4K
42. Lluís Llach 236,0K
43. Cristina Seguà 220,7K
44. Alfons Lopez Tena 218,2K
45. Marta Rovira Verges 214,8K
46. Antonio Baños 211,1K
47. Begoña Villacís 208,6K
48. patxilopez 206,3K
49. ​​Jordi Turull i Negre 203,8K
50. Government of Galicia 202,0K
51. ​​Cayo Lara 200,1K
52. Juanma Moreno 195,9K
53. Martin O'Malley 192,1K
54. Mª Dolores Cospedal 191,5K
55. Josep Rull i Andreu 187,1K
56. Susana Diaz Pacheco 168,4K
57.Edu Madina 159,2K
58. Beatriz Becerra 145,1K
59. Juan Ignacio Zoido 139,6K
60. Adriana Lastra 133,2K
61. Ignacio Garriga 133,2K
62. Miquel Iceta Llorens / 124,5K
63. Ana Pastor Julian 122,7K
64. Joan Ribó 117,0K
65. Ximo Puig 117,0K
66. Javier Solana 114,3K
67. Quim Arrufat 109,0K
68. Bea Fanjul 103,5K
69. Xavier Garcia Albiol 103,3K
70. Dolors Bassa 100,6K
71. Xavier Trias 98,9K
72. Juan Lopez de Uralde 97,8K
73. Alejo Vidal-Quadras 96,7K
74. Gonzalez Pons 95,7K
75. Ramon Tremosa 95,0K
76. Miguel Urban Crespo 94,5K
77. Jose Maria Gonzalez 91,5K
78. Teodoro Garcia Egea 89,7K
79. Carmen Chacon 89,5K
80. Paco de la Torre 89,1K
81. Raphael Hernando 85,9K
82. Jordi Canas 85,0K
83. Odon Elorza 82,0K
84. Ernest Maragall i Mira 80,1K
85.Andrea Levy 79,1K
86. Maria Jesus Montero 73,5K
87. Pere Aragonèsi Garcia 70,1K
88. Neus Munté 69,3K
89. Ministry of the Presidency 68,7K
90. Ignacio Aguado 68,2K
91. Alejandro Fernandez 67,8K
92. PP of Andalusia 65,3K
93. Oscar Bridge 65,2K
94. Luis Salvador GRX 65,0K
95. Ismael Sirio Lopez Martin 62,3K
96. J. Coscu 61,2K
97. Josep-M. Terrigoats 61,2K
98. Xosé Manuel Beiras 60,9K
99. Carlos Mtz Gorriarán 60,4K
100. Javier Maroto 59,3K

Profile of Twitter accounts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AOC
US Representative, NY-14 (BX & Queens). In a modern, moral, & wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live. % People-Funded, not lobbyist. She / her of her.
Rank: 94 Followers: 13,4M Listed: 27.383
Tweets: 14,9K RT: 6503

Emmanuel Macron emmanuelmacron
Président de la République française.
Rank: 85 Followers: 9,4M Listed: 14.677
Tweets: 12,4K RT: 894

Justin Trudeau justintrudeau
Father, husband, @liberal_party Leader, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. | Papa, mari, chef du @parti_liberal, 23rd premier minister of Canada.
Rank: 77 Followers: 6,5M Listed: 15.933
Tweets: 44,2K RT: 138

Pablo Iglesias (R) PabloIglesias
Director of Associate Professor of Political Science at the Complutense University. La Lupa journalism award (2013).
Rank: 84 Followers: 2,7M Listed: 9.155
Tweets: 32,3K RT: 1110

Mariano Rajoy Brey Mariano Rajoy
Affiliated to @PPopular. I believe in #Spain, a great country, a success story.
Rank: 75 Followers: 1,5M Listed: 7.807
Tweets: 24,8K RT: 592

Manuela Carmena ManuelaCarmena
I was a judge, magistrate and mayor of Madrid. Now undertaking social projects that provide opportunities and improve justice. The young politician:
Rank: 75 Followers: 1,2M Listed: 2.791
Tweets: 3,3K RT: 263

Alberto Garzon agarzon
Economist. Ecosocialist. Minister of Consumption of the Government of Spain. Coordinator of @IzquierdaUnida. Author of 'Who votes for the right' (Peninsula, 2019)
Rank: 79 Followers: 1,2M Listed: 6.321
Tweets: 63,0K RT: 369

ñigo Errejón ierrejón
Deputy of @MasPais_Es. Doctor in Political Science from the UCM. Democracy is the power of (the) anyone. For a green and fair future
Rank: 78 Followers: 1,1M Listed: 4.448
Tweets: 32,0K RT: 318

Theresa May theresa_may
Member of Parliament for Maidenhead. Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Rank: 78 Followers: 1,0M Listed: 4.890
Tweets: 1,9K RT: 263

Isabel Diaz Ayuso idiazayuso
President of the Community of Madrid, the freest region and home to all Spaniards. President of @ppmadrid. Freedom and then everything else.
Rank: 83 Followers: 913,7K Listed: 2.215
Tweets: 25,1K RT: 1568

Joan Laporta Estruch joanlaportafcb
Advocat. President of @fcbarcelona_cat
Rank: 80 Followers: 883,4K Listed: 1.949
Tweets: 3,4K RT: 543

Ada Colau adacolau
Mayor of Barcelona. Mayor of Barcelona.
Rank: 77 Followers: 879,8K Listed: 4.273
Tweets: 21,9K RT: 376

krls.eth / Carles Puigdemont KRLS
130th President of Catalonia | President of @ConsellRep | MEP @TogetherEU | Telegram: | #Meexplain
Rank: 80 Followers: 794,0K Listed: 3.164
Tweets: 25,0K RT: 861

Santiago Abascal santi_abascal
VOX President. national deputy
Rank: 84 Followers: 754,3K Listed: 2.720
Tweets: 37,3K RT: 2108

Irene Montero irenemontero
psychologist. Feminist. Mother of 3. Minister of @IgualdadGob of Spain. I for them, mother, and they for me
Rank: 79 Followers: 731,4K Listed: 2.567
Tweets: 16,6K RT: 741

Ines Arrimadas inesarrimadas
Law and ADE. Consultant. Mother of two children. Spokesperson for @CiudadanosCs in the Congress of Deputies. Telegram channel:
Rank: 68 Followers: 685,3K Listed: 2.756
Tweets: 10,1K RT: 208

CanadianPM canadianpm
Official account of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – Terms: – Français: @PMcanadien | For #COVID19 updates:
Rank: 67 Followers: 684,4K Listed: 2.678
Tweets: 10,2K RT: 41

Miguel Angel Revilla RevillaMiguelA
President of Cantabria, general secretary of the PRC. Author of #TodaUnaVida (Espasa)
Rank: 65 Followers: 671,5K Listed: 2.920
Tweets: 35,7K RT: 16

Juan Carlos Monedero PurseJC
Professor of Political Science at the UCM. I come from losing At the border. In love like Lorca, firm like Corto Maltese, committed like Vázquez Montalbán.
Rank: 77 Followers: 644,9K Listed: 3.119
Tweets: 21,8K RT: 457

Oriol Junqueras rushes
President d'Esquerra Republicana i veà de Sant Vicenç dels Horts. Amb humilitat, fermesa, coratge i valor, guanyarem la llibertat!
Rank: 69 Followers: 599,9K Listed: 3.030
Tweets: 17,1K RT: 69

Carly fiorina carlyfiorina
Building leaders & problem-solvers. Chairman, Carly Fiorina Enterprises Chair, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Rank: 64 Followers: 595,3K Listed: 4.613
Tweets: 5,4K RT: 19

Yolanda Diaz Yolanda_Diaz_
A lawyer. Galician. Second Vice President of the Government of Spain and Minister of Labor and Social Economy. A country project for the next decade with @Sumar.
Rank: 77 Followers: 584,1K Listed: 1.967
Tweets: 66,2K RT: 404

Paul Married White pablocasado_
Rank: 73 Followers: 541,0K Listed: 2.495
Tweets: 17,0K RT: 283

Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo Cayetana AT
For a Spain of Free and Equal citizens, now deputy for Barcelona of the @GPPopular at the @Congreso_Es.
Rank: 79 Followers: 522,2K Listed: 1.716
Tweets: 12,4K RT: 837

Esperanza Aguirre EsperanzaAguirre
Madrid. Liberal. Patriot.
Rank: 72 Followers: 448,8K Listed: 3.136
Tweets: 6,8K RT: 202

Toni Canto tonicanto1
Actor. I survived, or so I think, a decade in politics. Hero of Tabarnia.
Rank: 76 Followers: 427,8K Listed: 2.641
Tweets: 83,5K RT: 386

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Salas JoseantonioJun
Deputy @congreso_es x Granada | Federal Committee @PSOE | 4th Mayor @AyuntamientoJun 2005-2018 | Secretary for Dynamization and Social Media @psoedeandalucia
Rank: 70 Followers: 394,1K Listed: 2.659
Tweets: 43,7K RT: 133

Rosa DÃez rosadiezglez
Committed citizen, co-founder of @UPyD, co-founder of Basta Ya. Fighting for freedom is always worth it
Rank: 74 Followers: 384,6K Listed: 1.243
Tweets: 43,1K RT: 316

Olona Macarena macarena_olona
President Walking Together @C_Jespana In struggle. On freedom.
Rank: 78 Followers: 373,8K Listed: 1.030
Tweets: 22,8K RT: 1041

David Fernandez higiniaroig
One among so many. In the best contradictions, the best hopes. Grassroots journalist @La_Directa. Coop57. For not leaving them out in the open I harbor hopes.
Rank: 67 Followers: 370,8K Listed: 1.924
Tweets: 59,1K RT: 65

Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida AlmeidaPP_
State Attorney. Mayor of Madrid. @ppopular
Rank: 73 Followers: 359,5K Listed: 997
Tweets: 8,1K RT: 315

Teresa Rodríguez - Forward Andalusia TeresaRodr_
Spokesperson for Adelante Andalucía (@AdelanteAND). Secondary Education Teacher. Slum Mother and Stepmother
Rank: 67 Followers: 350,8K Listed: 1.914
Tweets: 32,5K RT: 61

Carme Forcadell Lluís forcadellcarme
Feminist, republican and d'esquerres. 14th president of the Parliament of Catalonia. Former president of the ANC. Political retaliation.
Rank: 66 Followers: 344,9K Listed: 1.286
Tweets: 5,1K RT: 56

Dew Monastery monastery
Architect and businesswoman, builder of ideas and realities. Mother of four children. Excited with VOX and with improving Spain.
Rank: 75 Followers: 339,9K Listed: 1.146
Tweets: 35,1K RT: 543

Raül Romeva i Rueda raulromeva
Economist. Doctor in International Relations. PhD in CC Education and Sports.
Rank: 67 Followers: 328,2K Listed: 1.581
Tweets: 21,3K RT: 66

Joan Tardà i Coma JoanTarda
Nascut to Cornellà de Llobregat. Affiliate to the Republican Left.
Rank: 63 Followers: 310,8K Listed: 1.586
Tweets: 25,0K RT: 33

Cristina Cifuentes sources
Lawyer I was president of the Community of Madrid and delegate of the Government of Spain Now I live free of charges and charges...
Rank: 72 Followers: 303,2K Listed: 1.762
Tweets: 45,9K RT: 178

Gaspar Llamazares Glamazares
Personal account, doctor, writer and former parliamentarian. Faded red.
Rank: 64 Followers: 278,9K Listed: 3.528
Tweets: 127,9K RT: 32

Bea Talegon beatriztalegon
Mother. Journalist. Lcda in Law. Music teacher. Opinion Director Diario16, La Republica, El Nacional, Las Republicas, El Repaso
Rank: 67 Followers: 263,7K Listed: 1.775
Tweets: 132,3K RT: 77

Monica Oltra Jarque monicaoltra
Naixen flowers at every moment
Rank: 66 Followers: 254,0K Listed: 1.542
Tweets: 66,8K RT: 74

_Rubalcaba_ _Rubalcaba_
Welcome to the personal twitter of Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba
Rank: 60 Followers: 239,4K Listed: 3.215
Tweets: 12,4K RT: 85

Lluís Llach lluis_llach
Official Twitter of Lluís Llach
Rank: 68 Followers: 236,0K Listed: 860
Tweets: 105,4K RT: 123

Cristina Segu CristinaSegui_
President of @GOBIERNA_TE Director of #CSEGUÃ Author of #LaMafiaFeminista Analyst at
Rank: 71 Followers: 220,7K Listed: 1.063
Tweets: 125,9K RT: 235

Alfons Lopez Tena alfonslopeztena
Jurist—Catalan Parliament and Spanish Judiciary Council’s former member—Writes in @businessinsider—@ctxt_es—@myfairobserver—@Jerusalem_Post—@htTweets—@trtworld
Rank: 57 Followers: 218,2K Listed: 1.450
Tweets: 201,9K RT: 34

Marta Rovira Verges martarovir
D'esquerres, republican and pro-independence. From Vic. From 77. Faig de mare and from the Secretary General of the ERC. Soc de Dret i PolÃtiques.
Rank: 67 Followers: 214,8K Listed: 1.002
Tweets: 9,6K RT: 136

Antonio Baños antoniobanos_
City of the Catalan Republic
Rank: 68 Followers: 211,1K Listed: 1.058
Tweets: 73,4K RT: 113

Begoña Villacís begonavillacis
Liberal. Vice Mayor of @MADRID Lawyer and mother, from a large family. Long live the Villa!
Rank: 67 Followers: 208,6K Listed: 1.129
Tweets: 20,8K RT: 101

patxilopez patxilopez
A Basque socialist.
Rank: 72 Followers: 206,3K Listed: 2.226
Tweets: 6,0K RT: 291

Jordi Turull i Negre jorditurull
Political Pres. Sentenced to 12 years in prison for the referendum on October 1. Amb them convictions intact. Secretary General of @JuntsXCat. Parets and Josa de CadÃ
Rank: 63 Followers: 203,8K Listed: 790
Tweets: 11,0K RT: 134

Xunta de Galicia Xunta
Official profile of the Xunta de Galicia | @Xunta_c
Rank: 55 Followers: 202,0K Listed: 972
Tweets: 39,1K RT: 7

Lara Cay cayo_lara
Former Federal Coordinator of the United Left
Rank: 67 Followers: 200,1K Listed: 2.114
Tweets: 26,2K RT: 82

Juanma Moreno JuanMa_Moreno
President of @AndaluciaJunta and president of @ppandaluz. He is married and the father of 3 children.
Rank: 67 Followers: 195,9K Listed: 896
Tweets: 16,6K RT: 105

Martin O'Malley martinomalley
Katie O'Malley fan. Celtic rock Singer/Songwriter. 61st Governor of Maryland, former Mayor of Baltimore.
Rank: 58 Followers: 192,1K Listed: 2.574
Tweets: 14,3K RT: 8

Maria Dolores Cospedal mdcospedal
Partner of CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. I had the honor of serving Spain as Minister of Defense and President of Castilla-La Mancha.
Rank: 67 Followers: 191,5K Listed: 1.625
Tweets: 8,9K RT: 176

Josep Rull i Andreu joseprull
Advocat. Minister of the Government Puigdemont. I have been deprived of liberty for 3 years, 4 months and 1 day for having Romans allegiance to the democratic mandate of the people of Catalonia.
Rank: 65 Followers: 187,1K Listed: 842
Tweets: 17,1K RT: 80

Susana Diaz Pacheco susanadiaz
Senator. Pdta of the Industry, Tourism and Commerce Commission at @SenadoEsp. Former @AndaluciaJunta (2013-2018) Feminist, mother, Andalusian and socialist.
Rank: 63 Followers: 168,4K Listed: 1.179
Tweets: 4,3K RT: 50

Edu Madina edumadine
Harmon strategy partner @es_harmon. Senior advisor at @EY_Spain. Former Socialist deputy in Congress.
Rank: 70 Followers: 159,2K Listed: 1.611
Tweets: 11,8K RT: 200

Beatrice Becerra beatrizbecerrab
In varietate concordia Ad maiora Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and accept what comes #HannahArendt / PhD #disinfo / DG at @malaga / Former MEP
Rank: 58 Followers: 145,1K Listed: 691
Tweets: 87,9K RT: 22

Juan Ignacio Zoido zoidoji
MEP. I was Minister of the @interiorgob and Mayor of Seville. My parents taught me that with work and effort everything is possible in life.
Rank: 60 Followers: 139,6K Listed: 952
Tweets: 23,7K RT: 23

Adriana Lastra adrilastra
Asturian Socialist in the Congress of Deputies.
Rank: 72 Followers: 133,2K Listed: 693
Tweets: 27,0K RT: 497

Ignatius Garriga igarrigavaz
VOX General Secretary. Autonomous Deputy in Catalonia.
Rank: 68 Followers: 133,2K Listed: 557
Tweets: 21,2K RT: 236

Miquel Iceta Llorens / miqueliceta
Compte personal of the President of the PSC and Minister of Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain. President of the PSC and Minister of Culture and Sport.
Rank: 54 Followers: 124,5K Listed: 1.356
Tweets: 96,6K RT: 8

Ana Pastor Julian apastorjulian
2nd Vice President of the Congress of Deputies in the XIV Legislature. Executive Secretary of Health of the Popular Party and member of its Executive Committee.
Rank: 59 Followers: 122,7K Listed: 925
Tweets: 13,7K RT: 21

Joan Ribó joanribo
#AmbValentia treballant com mayor de València per la ciutat que volem. Abans vaig ser professor, aixà com diputat a les Corts. A helpful team with xxss.
Rank: 58 Followers: 117,0K Listed: 436
Tweets: 21,5K RT: 22

Ximo Puig ximopuig
President of the Generalitat Valenciana (@generalitat) and General Secretary of the PSPV-PSOE (@SocialistesVal). Morellà . I like to work as a team
Rank: 64 Followers: 117,0K Listed: 608
Tweets: 15,3K RT: 94

Javier Solana javiersolana
President of @EsadeGeo - Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics. President of the Royal Board of Trustees of the @museodelprado. Distinguished Fellow at @BrookingsInst.
Rank: 63 Followers: 114,3K Listed: 2.412
Tweets: 56,2K RT: 37

Quim Arrufat quimarrufat
Rank: 62 Followers: 109,0K Listed: 601
Tweets: 17,1K RT: 73

Bea Fanjul bea_fanjul
Basque deputy.
Rank: 63 Followers: 103,5K Listed: 317
Tweets: 10,2K RT: 85

Xavier Garcia Albiol albiol_xg
Graduated in Law. Candidate for mayor of Badalona 2023. #Badalonisme
Rank: 56 Followers: 103,3K Listed: 688
Tweets: 19,7K RT: 39

Dolors Bassa painbassac
empordanesa Minister of Work, A.Socials and Families (2016/2017). Union member. Educational psychologist. Master. Via de Senda i Guim. Political prisoner (1.221 dies).
Rank: 58 Followers: 100,6K Listed: 441
Tweets: 10,1K RT: 26

Xavier Trias xaviertrias
Candidate for mayor of Barcelona for the 28M elections. He will recover the Barcelona that deserves it. Mayor of Barcelona (2011-2015).
Rank: 64 Followers: 98,9K Listed: 1.004
Tweets: 35,8K RT: 73

Juan Lopez de Uralde juralde
Member of United We Can for à lava/Araba. President of the Ecological Transition Commission. Coordinator of @AlianzaVerde_. Telegram
Rank: 66 Followers: 97,8K Listed: 2.060
Tweets: 92,7K RT: 91

Alejo Vidal-Quadras VidalQuadras
FAN Professor. Former Vice President of the European Parliament. President of the Freedom and Alternative Forum. Political commentator. No party affiliation
Rank: 69 Followers: 96,7K Listed: 649
Tweets: 14,5K RT: 351

Gonzalez Pons gonzalezpons
Deputy Secretary for Institutional Action of the PP, Vice President of the European People's Party @EPP and the @eppgroup. MEP. Writer.
Rank: 66 Followers: 95,7K Listed: 1.455
Tweets: 38,4K RT: 101

Ramon Tremos ramontremosa
Deputy to @parlamentcat (2021). Minister of @empresacat and @recercauniscat (2020-2021). Deputy @Europarl_CAT (2009-2019). Professor of Economics UB (1992-2009)
Rank: 58 Followers: 95,0K Listed: 1.091
Tweets: 86,7K RT: 21

Miguel Urban Crespo MiguelUrban
Militant from @anticapi determined to change the world from the ground up. MEP at @Left_EU
Rank: 61 Followers: 94,5K Listed: 897
Tweets: 30,8K RT: 48

Jose Maria Gonzalez JM_Kichi
Mayor of Cádiz. Professor of Geography and History, anti-capitalist and activist of Marea Verde. Forward Andalusia
Rank: 56 Followers: 91,5K Listed: 494
Tweets: 15,2K RT: 12

Teodoro Garcia Egea TeoGarciaEgea
PhD Engineering, Sports & Crypto “Vires in numerisâ€
Rank: 63 Followers: 89,7K Listed: 613
Tweets: 31,6K RT: 91

Carmel Chacon carmechacon
Partner of @RamonyCajalAbog. Professor in Residence at @MDCollege. Mare feliç. @PSOE @socialistes_cat
Rank: 71 Followers: 89,5K Listed: 1.280
Tweets: 4,8K RT: 668

paco of the tower pacodelatorrep
Mayor of @malaga since 2000. I believe in politics as a service to the common good. My agenda is public: it is on the municipal website. If I tweet myself, I sign FTP
Rank: 57 Followers: 89,1K Listed: 420
Tweets: 6,5K RT: 18

Rafael Hernando Rafael_Hernando
Senator for the @PP_Almeria. Third Secretary of the Table of the @senadoesp.
Rank: 59 Followers: 85,9K Listed: 590
Tweets: 15,7K RT: 111

Jordi Canas jordi_canyas
Etiam si omnes, ego non
Rank: 60 Followers: 85,0K Listed: 643
Tweets: 54,5K RT: 38

Odon Elorza odonelorza2011
Democrat, former Deputy of the PSOE and former Mayor of San Sebastián (1991-2011). The left defends a fair democracy, fights inequality and corruption.
Rank: 66 Followers: 82,0K Listed: 675
Tweets: 57,2K RT: 133

Ernest Maragall and Mira ernestmaragall
Candidate for mayor of #Barcelona by @ERCbcn Councilor at @bcn_ajuntament. Socialist and republican. A Barcelona for everyone.
Rank: 59 Followers: 80,1K Listed: 848
Tweets: 16,0K RT: 29

Andrea Levy alevysoler
I'm talking about @madrid and about Culture. Here my notes Fibromyalgia has made me stronger. IG…
Rank: 55 Followers: 79,1K Listed: 667
Tweets: 15,5K RT: 10

Maria Jesus Montero mjmonteroc
Andalusian doctor, mother of two women. Minister of Finance and Public Function. PSOE Deputy Secretary General
Rank: 68 Followers: 73,5K Listed: 799
Tweets: 3,0K RT: 315

Pere Aragonèsi Garcia perearagones
President of the Government of Catalonia
Rank: 56 Followers: 70,1K Listed: 723
Tweets: 29,0K RT: 44

Neus Munté neusmunte
Councilor @JuntsxCatBCN , member of @JuntsXCat and I am part of @TriasperBCN I walk to be able to be and willing to be to walk
Rank: 52 Followers: 69,3K Listed: 416
Tweets: 17,1K RT: 9

Ministry of the Presidency M_Presidency
Twitter of the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory.
Rank: 57 Followers: 68,7K Listed: 977
Tweets: 11,3K RT: 23

Ignacio Aguado Ignacio Aguado
Co-founder and CEO of @Jastag_es. Former Vice President of the Community of Madrid. Follow me on
Rank: 57 Followers: 68,2K Listed: 576
Tweets: 13,5K RT: 21

Alexander Fernandez alexanderTGN
President of the @PPCatalunya Deputy Mayor of Tarragona for two terms. Government of the Provincial Council of TGN (2007-2011) Deputy in Congress (2011-2015)
Rank: 61 Followers: 67,8K Listed: 355
Tweets: 9,5K RT: 201

PP of Andalusia ppandaluz
We work so that #Andalusia advances. Will you join @JuanMa_Moreno's project?
Rank: 60 Followers: 65,3K Listed: 555
Tweets: 75,8K RT: 47

Oscar Bridge oscar_bridge_
Mayor of the city where I was born: Valladolid. For me, there can be nothing greater.
Rank: 61 Followers: 65,2K Listed: 357
Tweets: 36,9K RT: 59

Luis Salvador GRX luissalvador
Mayor of Granada (2019-2021). Promoter #MOVciudadano. Progressive citizen and author @JaqueAlReyLS
Rank: 47 Followers: 65,0K Listed: 809
Tweets: 42,6K RT: 7

Ismael Sirio Lopez Martin ismaelquesada
Free means someone else pays for it. Madrilenian from Jaén. Never trust someone who treats a waiter badly. Ministry of the Presidency of the @ComunidadMadrid
Rank: 67 Followers: 62,3K Listed: 307
Tweets: 12,6K RT: 381

J. Coscu jcoscu
Un xava agraït, tastaolletes, que mai té prou temps per tot el que l'atrau. He is the Director of the CCOO “Work School†. És quan I run that hi veig clar.
Rank: 54 Followers: 61,2K Listed: 961
Tweets: 129,0K RT: 8

Joseph-M. Terrigoats jmterricabras
Eurodiputat independent per ERC from 2014 to 2019. Philòsof i catedrà tic emèrit of the @univgirona. Member of l'@iec, d'@omnium and l'@assemblea
Rank: 63 Followers: 61,2K Listed: 444
Tweets: 6,1K RT: 118

Xosé Manuel Beiras xmBEIRAS
Profile of Xosé Manuel Beiras e mailo seu communication team. President of @Olancara Na National Coordinator of @anovagal
Rank: 53 Followers: 60,9K Listed: 402
Tweets: 14,7K RT: 12

Carlos Mtz Gorriaran cmgorriaran
Philosophy teacher, writer, artist, former deputy and little else. Co-founder FE, BY, UPyD, @elasteriscoes. And at @voz_populi. Free space for fans to the left or right.
Rank: 58 Followers: 60,4K Listed: 697
Tweets: 257,7K RT: 37

Javier Maroto javiermaroto
Spokesperson for @PPSenado at @senadoesp. Member of the National Management Committee of @ppopular
Rank: 59 Followers: 59,3K Listed: 569
Tweets: 17,7K RT: 46

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Updated: 09-06-2023
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