Top 100 Publishers in Spain

The TOP 100 is the list of the first 100 publishers from Spain according TopRank360, the algorithm that evaluates the influence of a Twitter account.

You can check the number of followers of each editorial and in how many lists it has been included. How can you check the book world is more alive than ever and we hope it will continue to be so.

Spain has a wide variety of publishers of different sizes and approaches, which publish a large number of books of different genres and for all audiences. Some of the most prominent publishers in Spain are:

Anagrama: Founded in 1968, Anagrama is an independent publishing house based in Barcelona that has earned a great reputation for publishing works by internationally renowned authors and for its literary quality. Some of the authors who have published with Anagrama are Philip Roth, JM Coetzee, and Jonathan Franzen.

Alfaguara: Founded in 1970, Alfaguara is a publishing house belonging to the Santillana group and is one of the most important in Spain. He specializes in fiction and children's and youth literature, and has published works by authors such as Isabel Allende, Paulo Coelho, and Mario Vargas Llosa.

Seix Barral: Founded in 1971, Seix Barral is a publishing house belonging to the Planeta group and is known for publishing works by Spanish and Latin American authors of great literary quality. Some of the authors who have published with Seix Barral are Gabriel García Márquez, Mario Benedetti, and Fernando Pessoa.

Tusquets Editores: Founded in 1971, Tusquets Editores is an independent publisher based in Barcelona that has built a reputation for publishing works by internationally renowned Spanish and Latin American authors. Some of the authors who have published with Tusquets are Jean-Paul Sartre, Julia Kristeva, and Roberto Bolaño.

These are just a few of the many prominent publishers in Spain. There are many more that publish works of great quality and that deserve to be mentioned.


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Publishers (605)

1 @PenguinUKBooks
(Penguin Books UK)
66 Publishing the best books and authors for over 80 years. Discover your next great read at United Kingdom 1,9M
2 @penguinusa
(Penguin BooksUSA)
66 Penguin Books USA is the US affiliate of the internationally renowned Penguin Group. USA 3,9M
3 @penguinrandom
(Penguin Random House. )
65 Home of the world's best books. Discover your next read here. USA 1,3M
4 @jmolaizola
(jmolaizola sj)
63 Catholic priest. Jesuit, sociologist, and writer when I can. 68,3K
5 @allianza_ed
(Publishing Alliance)
61 More than 50 years publishing books. Culture, science and leisure available to all readers. Madrid 429,6K
6 @mwediciones
(Milky Way Editions)
61 Spanish independent publisher specialized in manga. Visit our website for more information. Spain 47,5K
7 @NovaCiFi
(Not going)
59 NOVA has been a leading science fiction and fantasy label in the Spanish-speaking world for @penguinlibros for thirty years. Spain 46,1K
8 @FCEMexico
(Fund of Economic Culture)
58 Editorial, bookstores and cultural activities. We are building a #RepublicofReaders. Mexico 618,4K
9 @PenguinClassics
(Penguin Classics)
57 Because what you read matters. USA 190,2K
10 @Scholastic
57 The official Twitter account of Scholastic. For #booklists & school guides, sign up for our newsletter For customer service, tweet @ScholasticHelp. USA 239,6K
11 @Captain_Swing
(Captain Swing)
56 Psychoactive for criticism | Artifacts for change. Madrid 45,2K
12 @AlfaguaraMex
(Alfaguara Publisher)
56 Alfaguara is the leading publisher in the field of literary creation in the Spanish language. A Penguin Random House Publishing Group stamp. Mexico 435,0K
13 @editionsiruela
56 Independent literary publisher founded in 1982 Madrid 119,2K
14 @anagrameditor
(Editorial Anagram)
56 Founded by Jorge Herralde in 1969, Anagrama bets on the classics of the future and seeks to intervene in the most significant debates of our time Barcelona 217,4K
15 @simonschuster
(Simon & Schuster)
56 Welcome to Simon & Schuster's official Twitter account! Follow us for conversation on the best in books, including literary news, recommended reads, and more! USA 704,4K
16 @FaberBooks
(Faber Books)
56 Publishing independently since 1929. United Kingdom 171,5K
17 @edhidra
(Editorial Hydra)
56 Adult and juvenile fiction. Graphic novel. Also follow our manga line at @HidraManga Spain 52,2K
18 @blackiebooks
(Blackie Books)
55 Blackie Books is an independent publisher from Barcelona named after a little dog. Barcelona 61,7K
19 @planetadelibros
55 Participate in the contest to attend the XXVIII Fernando Lara Award dinner here Barcelona 619,9K
20 @littlebrown
(Little, Brown and Co.)
55 Publishing great books since 1837. Visit our other imprints: @mulhollandbooks @voraciousbooks and @LBSparkBooks USA 477,6K
21 @PlanetaLibrosMx
(Planet of Books Mexico)
55 The most prestigious and quality publishing stamps. Read, dream, fly, live! #believeinthebooks Mexico 138,1K
22 @TomodomoEd
(Tomodomo Editions)
54 Spanish publisher of manga and artbooks Follow us to keep up to date with our news. We answer questions about orders at Spain 20,9K
23 @cliff1999
54 Independent publisher founded in 1999 Barcelona 163,4K
24 @edit_planet
(Editorial Planet)
54 Editorial Planeta, the embryo of what Grupo Planeta is today, was founded in 1945. It is the most influential prestigious publishing house in the Spanish-speaking world. Spain 62,1K
25 @nordica_books
(Nordic Books)
54 National Award for Best Editorial Work. We publish literature from the Nordic countries, illustrated books, children's books and comics Madrid 238,3K
26 @vintagebooks
(Vintage Books)
54 Vintage is supporting @BooksCampaign, getting free books by authors of color to those who cannot access them. Donate: United Kingdom 122,6K
27 @BloomsburyBooks
(Bloomsbury Books UK)
54 We make books! An independent publishing house with authors who have won the Nobel, Pulitzer and Booker Prizes. United Kingdom 194,5K
28 @ecceeditions
(ECC Editions)
54 The publishing house where all DC superheroes live, along with other characters from the world of comics. Response time: MF from 10:00 a.m. at 18:00 p.m. Spain 45,0K
29 @ed_valdemar
54 Independent ed. dedicated to spreading popular culture, especially fantasy and horror literature, adventures, untimely philosophy and classics. Madrid 15,2K
30 @edimpedimenta
53 Independent publisher founded in 2007. National Publishing Award. Madrid 66,0K
31 @somosinfinitos
(We are Infinite by Penguin)
53 All the books you need to laugh, cry, dream and feel. Penguin Random House Youth Community Editorial Group Spain 40,4K
32 @albaeditorial
(Dawn Publishing)
53 Barcelona publisher founded in 1993 Barcelona 68,8K
33 @PlanetadComic
(Comic Planet)
53 Editorial Planeta Cómic (GRUPO PLANETA) has been publishing the best Manga, Graphic Novel, US Comic and Star Wars titles for 40 years. Spain 93,5K
34 @ivrea
(Ivrea Spain)
53 Ivrea, founded in 1997, is one of the most important publishers of comics in Spanish, especially in the manga sector. Spain 55,2K
35 @minotaurobooks
(Minotaur Editions)
53 Editorial of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror (Grupo Planeta). Home of Tolkien, Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. Le Guin, Warhammer or Robert Jordan. Spain 42,7K
36 @tusquetsEditor
(Tusquets Publishers)
52 Editorial dedicated to the publication of books of narrative, biography, poetry and essay. Barcelona 132,0K
37 @NightEd
52 Spanish literary publisher mainly dedicated to narrative: Magical Literature (juvenile), White Nights (general) and Black Nights (thrillers). Madrid 48,7K
38 @edcerbero
(Editorial Cerberus)
52 Science fiction, fantasy and horror publisher. We are in pause mode. Cadiz 18,8K
39 @Fandogamy
(Fandogamy Editorial)
52 A good, GOOD comic book publisher. Humor monopoly. We put out new webcomics M-F. We're a bit heavy, depending on the day. Spain 20,2K
40 @PlanetaLibrosCo
(Planet of Books Colombia )
51 We are Editorial Planeta Colombia Follow us also on: IG: FB: Discover your next reading on Colombia 92,1K
41 @Austral_ed
(Austral Publisher)
51 (Re)discover the timeless classics and the best contemporary literature with Austral. - Spain 103,3K
42 @edDestiny
(Destiny Editions)
51 @DoloresRedondoM's new novel is already in bookstores. #WaitingfortheFlood. A savage serial killer. A search to the last beat. Barcelona 93,5K
43 @editorialespasa
(Editorial Espasa)
51 Get caught up in the stories of #EditorialEspasa. Participate and share your readings with us. Spain 131,5K
44 @HarperCollinsUK
51 Official HarperCollins UK account. Publishing the finest authors around the world since 1817. Sign up to our free newsletter. United Kingdom 139,1K
45 @paninicomics
(Panini Comics Spain)
51 Official Twitter of Panini Comics Spain. Spain 73,4K
46 @AlgonquinBooks
(Algonquin Books)
50 Founded in 1983, independent publisher of literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. Opinions our own, not representative of the company. USA 252,7K
47 @Almadia_Edit
(Editorial Almadia)
50 Take your rich and delicious Oaxacan books SPAIN: @EdAlmadiaEs Mexico 54,5K
48 @Seix_Barral
(Seix Barral)
50 Welcome to the official twitter of the Seix Barral publishing house Barcelona 129,0K
49 @galloeditions
(Gallo Nero Editions)
50 Gallo Nero is a literary publisher. We do not bring anything to the present that does not have a past. Madrid 34,3K
50 @satoribooks
(Satori Editions)
50 Publisher specializing in Japanese culture and literature. Japan is in the books. Asturias 18,9K
51 @InsolitaEdit
(Unusual Editorial)
50 We publish head-busting books #ScienceFiction #Horror #Fantasy Find us on Mastodon: Spain 10,1K
52 @astiberri
(Astiberri Editions)
50 Comic book publisher specializing in graphic novels. Cover illustration: @lauraperezgr Spain 31,6K
53 @eternacadence
(Eternal Cadence)
49 Bookstore, publisher, blog, bar, books, books, books! Orders +5491144937558 or Argentina 84,6K
54 @EdSextoFloor
(Editorial Sixth Floor)
49 Independent publisher. We like good books, but more good readers. From #CDMX to the world. Mexico 74,3K
55 @alphadecayed
(Alpha Decay)
49 Independent narrative and essay publisher since 2004. In 2020 we are launching a new line of comics (@_Alpha_Comic). Barcelona 29,1K
56 @ed_babylon
(Babylon Editions)
49 If the reader evolves, so does the publisher. The manga, comics, novels and artbooks you want, in the format you prefer. Spain 10,5K
57 @HeroesdePapelES
(Paper Heroes)
49 Publisher specializing in books on videogames, pop culture and comics. Spain 21,0K
58 @booksasteroid
(Asteroid Books)
49 Independent literary publisher founded in Barcelona in 2005. Barcelona 75,5K
59 @erratanaturae
(natural typo)
49 Errata naturae is an independent publisher dedicated to both narrative and essay.… Madrid 52,5K
60 @rocaeditorial
(Publishing Rock)
49 We publish books - Also at @RocaCriminal @RocaJoven and @corner_ed. Sign up for the newsletter at Barcelona 65,4K
61 @NovaCasaEditors
(New Publishing House)
49 Are you looking for books that captivate you Choose your favorite in our catalog and delve into their world • • • #novacasaeditorial #readinganova Barcelona 35,5K
62 @minusculaed
(lowercase publisher)
49 Independent since 1999. Also @MinusculaCat Links: IG: editorialminuscula Barcelona 33,7K
63 @WritersEdit
(Writer's Edit)
49 We publish advice for fiction and freelance writers, indie publishing tips and the 'Kindling' anthologies. We're also the proud parent house of @TalemPress. International 81,0K
64 @spherebooks
(The Sphere of Books)
49 A space to enjoy good reading, understand current affairs and travel through history. Discover the world and yourself in our books. Madrid 157,5K
65 @edmolino
(MILL Publisher)
48 The books you want to read. Children's, youth and crossover stamp of Penguin Random House Editorial Group. Barcelona 29,7K
66 @Diabolocomics
48 Comic book publisher that publishes some of the best authors in the world in Spain, Italy and the USA. Spain 12,4K
67 @Puck_ed
(Puck Spain)
48 #ExperienciaPuck One reader, one world. Youth literature seal of @Ediciones_Urano Spain 16,6K
68 @sajalin_ed
(Sakhalin Publishers)
48 We publish novels. In the 'on the fringes' collection we have some of the best contemporary gardeners of evil. Spain 27,3K
69 @LiterupES
(Literup Editions)
48 We are a sci-fi, fantasy, horror and romantic editorial. -Reception closed- Barcelona 21,5K
70 @foampages
(Editorial Foam Pages)
48 Editorial Foam Pages Visit Brief Narrative || Rehearsal Madrid 31,9K
71 @EGigamesh
(Gigamesh Editions)
48 Official Twitter of Gigamesh Editions. Editorial of #fantasy, #sciencefiction and #horror. Spain 32,3K
72 @LibrosZorroRojo
(Books of the Red Fox)
47 The art of editing. Publisher founded in Barcelona in 2004. Barcelona 36,8K
73 @LeeRunas
(Read Runes)
47 The @Alianza_ed collection specialized in science fiction, horror and fantastic stories. #ReadRunes Spain 15,5K
74 @PrincipalBooks
(Main Books)
47 Publisher of commercial fiction and non-fiction. Stamps: #Chic #Noir #History #Actuality. Distributed by @udllibros. IG and TikTok: main books Barcelona 26,3K
75 @nowevolution
47 Independent publisher of novels and comics, different themes for demanding readers. His collections #Artnowe #Volution #Spirit #NowINK #Kigen. Since 2008. Spain 5,9K
76 @comanegra
(Editorial Comanegra)
47 The free ones reinforce the defenses. Barcelona 10,4K
77 @preTextsBooks
47 Independent publisher dedicated to the publication of narrative, poetry and essay books. Valencia 41,0K
78 @cajanegraedit
(Black Box Publisher)
47 More than 15 years dedicated to developing a repertoire of critical resources to interfere with the structures of the present and multiply uncertain futures. Argentina 26,9K
79 @RagLanguage
(Rag Tongue)
47 Making books since 1995. Madrid 24,1K
80 @Trafficantes_Ed
(Dealers Ed)
47 Editorial Traficantes de Sueños publishes essays with open licenses so that everyone has access to more tools in the ongoing revolution. Madrid 19,1K
81 @tauruseditorial
(Publisher Taurus)
47 Essay books to think, learn and give opinions. A Penguin Random House Publishing Group stamp. Spain 26,3K
82 @EditorialEdaf
(Edaf Publishing)
47 All our editorial news in a tweet. History. Test. Classics. Psycho. Health. Heterodoxy. And much more #Yoleo Spain 6,8K
83 @MaevaEditions
(Maeva Editions)
47 Maeva, passion for good reading. We publish those stories that we believe in and that we want to enthusiastically convey to our readers. Madrid 40,8K
84 @BloomsburyPub
47 News about books & authors from the New York office of the independent publisher. USA 66,5K
85 @I like to write
(I like to write)
46 We are the literary social network of Penguin Random House Editorial Group, a space where writers become authors. Spain 33,1K
86 @Titania_ed
46 Romantic period novel, fantasy, New Adult, erotic... You will find all the novelties here! Seal of @Ediciones_Urano Spain 13,6K
87 @AtalantaED
(Atalanta Editions)
46 Spain 16,3K
88 @sumadeletras
46 Commercial fiction imprint of Penguin Random House Publishing Group. Books that catch. #NovelasQueSuman Madrid 119,6K
89 @AticoLibros
(Attic of the Books)
46 #Literary editorial of narrative and essay. We like #books. Distributed by @udllibros IG: @aticolibros TikTok: @aticodeloslibros Barcelona 42,8K
90 @booksdeseda
(Silk Books)
46 #MadridesCulture. Editorial Silk Books, narrative, crime and mystery, classics, romantic. In bookstores in Spain, the United States, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Spain 8,3K
91 @G_Gutenberg
(Gutenberg Galaxy)
46 Independent literary publisher. Barcelona 30,0K
92 @La_Felguera
(Editorial La Felguera)
46 Official Twitter of La Felguera, a brutalist publisher under the guise of a secret society We also do Spain 16,4K
93 @xordica
(Xordica Editorial)
46 Independent literary publisher founded in Zaragoza (Aragón, Spain) in 1994. 28 years publishing books! Follow us on Facebook: Xordica Editorial Zaragoza 13,5K
94 @Ed_Periscope
46 Independent publisher that publishes literature in Catalan. Catalonia 16,0K
95 @the bookstore
(Ed. The Library)
45 The only store and publisher specialized in books about Madrid. We have published more than 700 books! Find us at Calle Mayor 80 Madrid 7,7K
96 @AutomaticEdit
(Automatic Publisher)
45 We continue to believe in literature as an irreplaceable tool and as a legitimate way to learn about history, society and the human soul. Madrid 9,0K
97 @ChidoriBooks
(Chidori Books)
45 Small publisher of Japanese literature and themes. The best of #Japan in #ebooks and paper. Valencia 8,3K
98 @launarota
(LauÑaRoTa Editions)
45 Publisher dependent on independent readers.… Spain 11,1K
99 @Literature_SM
(SM Literature)
45 Children's and youth literature of SM in Spain El Barco de Vapor Wide Angle Los Futbolísimos Dragon Princesses Memories of Idhún ... and much more Spain 27,8K
100 @RBABooks
(RBA Books)
45 Twitter of RBA Libros (RBA labels, Black Series @serienegra, Gredos, Integral) Barcelona 38,1K

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