El TOP 100 of the most influential women on Twitter is the list of the top 100 women's accounts according to the TopRank360, the algorithm that evaluates the influence of a Twitter account. You can check the number of followers of each account and in how many lists it has been included.

The newspaper El Español celebrates in 2022 the 10th edition of the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain, a prestigious ranking where this year you can vote online, in addition to the jury that makes the final decision. The classification of women leaders It is one more sign that society is advancing towards a fully egalitarian situation.

Woman (422)

1 @rosalia
88 MOTOMAMI Barcelona 4,5M
2 @IdiazAyuso
(Isabel Diaz Ayuso)
84 President of the Community of Madrid, the freest region and home to all Spaniards. President of @ppmadrid. Freedom and then everything else. Madrid 899,9K
3 @irenemontero
(Irene Montero)
80 psychologist. Feminist. Mother of 3. Minister of @IgualdadGob of Spain. I for them, mother, and they for me Madrid 726,5K
4 @cayetanaAT
(Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo)
79 For a Spain of Free and Equal citizens, now deputy for Barcelona of the @GPPopular in the @Congreso_Es. Madrid 517,2K
5 @alexiaputellas
(Alexia Putellas)
79 footballer Barcelona 410,2K
6 @macarena_olona
(Macarena Olona)
79 In fight. On freedom. Madrid 376,5K
7 @julia_otero
(Julia Otero)
78 #JuliaEnLaOnda (Onda Cero) #DiasDeTele (la1tve) Madrid 1,2M
8 @Yolanda_Diaz_
(Yolanda Diaz)
77 A lawyer. Galician. Second Vice President of the Government of Spain and Minister of Labor and Social Economy. A country project for the next decade with @Sumar. 574,4K
9 @AdaColau
(Ada Colau )
76 Mayor of Barcelona. Mayor of Barcelona. https://t.co/tBiBroQkus Barcelona 881,8K
10 @Monasterior
(Rocio Monasterio)
76 Architect and businesswoman, builder of ideas and realities. Mother of four children. Excited with VOX and with improving Spain. Madrid 338,4K
11 @rosadiezglez
(Rosa Diez)
74 Committed citizen, co-founder of @UPyD, co-founder of Basta Ya. Fighting for freedom is always worth it Spain 382,0K
12 @cristina_pardo
(Christina Brown)
74 In La Sexta, with brown peaks. Madrid 498,5K
13 @ManuelaCarmena
(Manuela Carmena)
74 I was a judge, magistrate and mayor of Madrid. Now undertaking social projects that provide opportunities and improve justice. The young politician Madrid 1,2M
14 @EsperanzAguirre
(Hope Aguirre)
73 Madrilenian. Liberal. Patriot. Madrid 449,7K
15 @_MaluOficial_
73 Welcome to Malú's Official Twitter https://t.co/D7RnIskgaA // Instagram: _maluoficial_ Spain 2,5M
16 @Adrilastra
(Adriana Lastra)
73 Asturian Socialist in the Congress of Deputies. Asturias 132,4K
17 @GarbiMuguruza
(Garbiñe Muguruza)
72 Because life is just too big to play small https://t.co/YibQxDQJPj Spain 514,2K
18 @monicanaranjo
(Monica Naranjo)
72 NEW DATES #MIMÉTIKATOUR! check them here Madrid 834,7K
19 @CristinaSegui_
(Christina Segui)
72 President of @GOBIERNA_TE Director of #CSEGUÍ Author of #LaMafiaFeminista Analyst at https://t.co/KyCExAJ0y6 Valencia 214,2K
20 @ccifuentes
(Christina Cifuentes)
71 Lawyer I was president of the Community of Madrid and delegate of the Government of Spain Now I live free of charges and charges... Madrid 303,9K
21 @estherpalomera
(Esther Palomera)
70 Journalist, even if you suffer like a dog. Madrid 177,7K
22 @inafinogenova
(Inna Afinogenova)
70 Journalist. In @CanalRed_TV. Sometimes at @publico_es Thursdays at @carasycaretasuy and @Macondo_CyCtv Russia 381,2K
23 @sorayasds
(Soraya Saenz de Santamaria)
70 State Counselor Madrid 375,6K
24 @isanseba
(Isabel San Sebastian )
70 Proud woman, mother and happy grandmother. Journalist and free writer. You can find me in my novels, Facebook (Isabel San Sebastián Writer) Instagram: @Isanseba Madrid 190,3K
25 @InesArrimadas
(Ines Arrimadas)
69 Law and ADE. Consultant. Mother of two children. Spokesperson for @CiudadanosCs in the Congress of Deputies. Telegram channel: https://t.co/ATxBSFZwYg Barcelona 686,8K
26 @ElviraLindo
(Elvira Lindo)
69 New Book: In La Boca del Lobo March 29, 2023 Madrid 261,5K
27 @monicaoltra
(Monica Oltra Jarque)
69 Naixen flowers at every moment Valencia 254,2K
28 @LuciaMendezEM
(Lucia Mendez Prada)
68 journalist and mother Spain 105,2K
29 @beatriztalegon
(Bea Talegon)
68 Mother. Journalist. Lcda in Law. Music teacher. Opinion Director Diario16, La Republica, El Nacional, Las Republicas, El Repaso https://t.co/pDjcLj0DQG Guadalajara 263,9K
30 @carmencalvo_
(Carmen Bald)
68 Deputy and president of the Equality Commission of the Congress of Deputies. Cordova 110,6K
31 @TeresaRodr_
(Teresa Rodríguez - Forward Andalu)
68 Spokesperson for Adelante Andalucía (@AdelanteAND). Secondary Education Teacher. Slum Mother and Stepmother Cadiz 351,7K
32 @rosamariaartal
(Rosa Maria Artal)
68 Journalist, writer, European, nonconformist, tenacious. I coordinated React and Tear Down the Walls. My latest book, La Bolsa o la Vida. columnist for newspapers Madrid 213,4K
33 @begonavillacis
(Begoña Villacis)
67 Liberal. Vice Mayor of @MADRID and member of the Executive of @CiudadanosCs. Lawyer and mother, from a large family. Madrid 207,9K
34 @mjmonteroc
(Maria Jesus Montero)
67 Andalusian doctor, mother of two women. Minister of Finance and Public Function. PSOE Deputy Secretary General Sevilla 72,6K
35 @martarovira
(Marta Rovira Verges)
67 D'esquerres, republican and pro-independence. From Vic. From 77. Ella Faig de mare and Secretary General of the ERC. She knows about law and politics. Barcelona 215,5K
36 @forcadellcarme
(Carme Forcadell Lluís)
66 Feminist, republican and d'esquerres. 14th president of the Parliament of Catalonia. Former president of the ANC. political retaliation. Barcelona 345,9K
37 @RaholaOficial
(Pilar Rahola)
66 Col.laboradora from 8TV, El Periódico, El Nacional and Cuatro. Ramon Llull 2017. Darrer llibre: Ocell d'aire i de foc Instagram: https://t.co/oXCWW7G0bq Barcelona 371,6K
38 @_anapastor_
(Anna Pastor )
65 Journalist. Newtral Founder @newtral Madrid 2,0M
39 @MariaJamardoC
(Maria Jamardo)
65 Journalist and Madridista. Head of courts at @eldebate_com. Better brave scar than intact skin for coward At @telecincoes @cuatro @telemadrid @esRadio Pontevedra 79,3K
40 @sandrasabates11
(Sandra Sabates)
65 The Intermediate Author of: Fight like a girl Voices that count Don't tell me stories Barcelona 120,4K
41 @CarolinaMarin
(Caroline Marin)
64 Badminton player Olympic Champion World Champion x3 European Champion x6 #ICanBecauseIThinkICan Spain 187,6K
42 @anadebande
(Ana Vazquez Blanco)
64 National Secretary of the Interior of the PP. Deputy. Internal Spokesperson. From the center and Galician #PaixónPorOUrense Ourense 50,4K
43 @RequenaAguilar
(Ana Requena Aguilar)
63 Journalist, writer, feminist. Chief Gender Editor at @eldiarioes. : 'vibrant feminism'. I created @Micromachismos. Non-Sexist Communication Award 2015. Spain 33,7K
44 @AranchaMOBILE
(Arancha Rodriguez)
63 Madrilenian. Happy journalist at @deportescope @tjcope. Up with the COPE! I comment on @realmadridfem matches on @realmadrid TV. My daughter is the best. Madrid 148,6K
45 @CarmeChaparro
(Carme Chaparro )
62 Journalist, Presenter and Writer I kill (a lot) in fiction. Primavera Novela Award/ 'Delito', in bookstores on April 12 / Spain 151,7K
46 @AlmudenaGrandes
(Almudena Grandes)
62 Account tribute to spread the work of the writer Almudena Grandes (1960-2021). Managed by Tusquets Editores (@TusquetsEditor). Spain 179,2K
47 @AneIrazabal
(Ane Irazabal)
62 Berlin correspondent and international reporter. Focused on migration. Previously in Rome, Cairo and Jerusalem. Searching for 'permanent center of gravity' Spain 58,7K
48 @cucagamarra
(Cuca Gamarra)
62 logroñesa General Secretary of the Popular Party. Spokesperson @GPPopular. Deputy @ppopular for La Rioja. The Rioja 41,8K
49 @SorayaArnelas
62 All my music here https://t.co/2i6dS19EkN… Caceres 186,7K
50 @pardodevera
(Ana Pardo de Vera P.)
61 Mother. Philologist. Journalist and Corporate Director and RR.II. of Public. 'Blackmail to a judge' is my first Galician novel, a lot. Freethinker, all Madrid 230,4K
51 @Ana_Torroja
(Anna Torroja)
61 Instagram ana_torroja Madrid 163,3K
52 @MistralS
(Maruja Torres)
61 Journalist, today more than ever retired from the circus. Writer, today more than ever retired from the circus. Still standing. And still sick of this shit. Spain 255,6K
53 @elisabeni
(Elisa Bení)
61 Journalist and writer. Feminist. Dancing until this is over, forgive the audacity Madrid 173,1K
54 @susannagriso
(Susanna Gray)
61 Journalist, host of Public Mirror and Labyrinth, from 8.55:13,30 a.m. to 3:XNUMX p.m. on Antena XNUMX. Photo by @cipri_prastano Madrid 609,6K
55 @KettyGarat
(Ketty Garat)
60 On horseback between Moncloa and Ferraz, now in The Objective. Political Analyst on demand. Ferrolana at heart, sanabresa by adoption (and mother of an elf). Madrid 65,1K
56 @rosarioofficial
(Rosario Flores)
60 You can now listen to the new single #TeLoDigoTodoYNoTeDigoNá on all digital platforms. Madrid 459,7K
57 @anapastorjulian
(Ana Pastor Julian)
60 2nd Vice President of the Congress of Deputies in the XIV Legislature. Executive Secretary of Health of the Popular Party and member of its Executive Committee. Pontevedra 122,8K
58 @RosaLopez
(Rose Lopez)
59 1930 Spain 161,7K
59 @Pilar_Alegria
(Pillar Joy)
59 Zaragozana, zaidana, dialoguing and socialist. Addicted to my son's smile and Zweig. Minister of Education and Vocational Training @educaciongob / Spokesperson @psoe Zaragoza 29,8K
60 @dolorsbassac
(Dolors Bassa)
59 empordanesa Minister of Work, A.Socials and Famílies (2016/2017). Union member. Educational psychologist. Master. Via de Senda i Guim. Political prisoner (1.221 dies). Girona 100,8K
61 @SandraBarneda
(Sandra Barneda)
59 Journalist, presenter of @telecincoes, writer. Planeta Prize Finalist 2020 "An ocean to reach you" Latest novel "The Waves of Lost Time" Spain 184,0K
62 @evabelmonte
(Eva Belmonte)
58 Short journalist. I do cool stuff at @civio. Give me a hand, cousin: https://t.co/7YPdx7GYih Author of 'BOE-Spanish Illustrated Dictionary' and 'Españopoly'. cowgirl Spain 71,0K
63 @angelesescriva
(Angeles Escriva)
58 EL MUNDO journalist. Spain 3,6K
64 @sofiasuescun
57 victor.paz@telegenia.com Madrid 165,7K
65 @ElsaGarciad
(Elsa Garcia de Blas)
57 I always wanted to be a journalist. Along the way I also became a lawyer. I work at EL PAÍS pending politics. I collaborate in TVE. egarciab@grupoprisa.com Spain 22,8K
66 @Casal
(Javier Casal)
57 Journalist. @Hora14 in @la_SER. Madrid 20,3K
67 @CarmelaRios
(Carmela Rios)
56 Journalist. Consultant at @losdelvolcan Professor of journalism and social networks. Happy in the water. Blue check played for Betis Madrid 42,6K
68 @isabelbonig
(Isabel Bonig)
56 Mediterranean, freedom and British rock. Valencia 21,0K
69 @AlevySoler
(Andrea Levi)
56 I'm talking about @madrid and about Culture. Here my notes https://t.co/IX6ICTuWYy Fibromyalgia has made me stronger. IG https://t.co/BuOAUf4XDt… Barcelona 79,2K
70 @PalomaPgv
(Dove G. Villa)
56 Autonomous deputy for United We Can. Kindness first, talent second. And there the story ends. GF Spain 11,0K
71 @MariaEizaguirre
56 If you can dream it, you can do it #board @rtve #RTVELaQueQuieres #LibrePensadora Spain 11,4K
72 @CristinaNarbona
(Christina Narbonna)
55 Economist. But... there is no Economy without Ecology. Member of the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development. President of the PSOE. First Vice President of the Senate Valencia 31,5K
73 @F_Armengol
(Francina Armengol)
55 President of the Government of the Balearic Islands and General Secretary of @psibpsoe. Balearic Islands 28,2K
74 @Eva_Granados
(Eva Granados Galiano)
55 The Government of the People / Socialist Spokesman in the Senate @gpssenado @socialistes_cat @PSOE Barcelona 18,4K
75 @pirlosantos
(Pillar RL)
55 Free. I was world runner-up in debate in 2015 and from then on things got a bit messy. My profession also sounds better in English. Murcia 20,7K
76 @DolorsMM
(Dolors Montserrat)
54 Spokesperson for the @ppegrupo in the European Parliament. President of @EP_Petitions. Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality (2016-2018). Barcelona 43,8K
77 @maiterico
(Maite Rico)
54 Journalist. Director of La Lectura, the cultural magazine of El MUNDO. / On Onda Cero, Antena 3 and EsRadio / Before, deputy director and correspondent for El País. Spain 36,1K
78 @belenarcones
(Ana Belén Arcones )
54 I love management and training #Training #Marketing #Communication #HR Always learning #Education Spain 40,0K
79 @hoyosmoni
(Monica Hoyos)
54 Here there is no insult, to debate it is not necessary. Spain 49,8K
80 @aurahruiz
(Aura Ruiz)
54 Every day a new return to the sun, every day better. Spain 90,2K
81 @ipardo_romera
(Irene Pardo)
54 @PPSantAdriaB candidate for Mayor of Sant Adrià de Besòs. President of @nnggcat Lleida 13,9K
82 @mariagv
(M Gonzalez Veracruz)
53 Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures @SEtelecoGob Murciana, Biochemistry, Professor FyQ #education National Deputy R.Murcia 2011-19 Murcia 31,6K
83 @MariaCasado_TV
(Mary Married)
53 Audiovisual Director #TST @teatrosohotv President @academia_tv Spain 65,7K
84 @LuzCasalOfficial
(Casal Light)
53 Official Twitter of Luz Casal. Asturias 21,0K
85 @ElenaValenciano
(Elena Valenciano)
53 international politics and feminism. President of the Women's Foundation. Madrid 40,1K
86 @NuriaVarela
(Nuria Varela)
53 Journalist and writer. General Director of Equality of the government of the Principality of Asturias. She personal account. Asturias 34,2K
87 @conflictcountries
(Christina Sanchez))
52 Journalist International Section Rne, former correspondent in Jerusalem, 15 years covering O. Próximo. Conflicts and Human Rights. Foreign correspondent. reports USA 22,8K
88 @GarciaAller
(Martha G. Aller)
52 Journalist. In El Confidencial, Onda Cero and La Sexta. Sometimes I write books. The last one, #LoUnpredictable (Planet) Before, #Elfindelmundotalycomoloconocemos Spain 38,8K
89 @EstefMolina_
(Stefania Molina )
52 Political scientist and journalist | Columnist in EL PAÍS | Writer of the book El Berrinche Político (@eddestino) | Analyst at SER, Tele5, 24h, TV3, Catalunya Ràdio Spain 45,4K
90 @InmaFerragud
(Inma Ferragud)
52 I like being a facilitator. And 'foodie tester'. And, a lot, communicate. And #Dressenberg. And the spelling. And Human Rights. And more. Madrid 11,6K
91 @sorayarr_
(Soraya Rodriguez)
52 MEP of @RenewEurope in the Delegation of @Cs_Europa. Work in Environment, Equality, Development and Human Rights. Madrid 32,1K
92 @helenaresano
(Helena Resan)
51 I like to listen before speaking. trying to learn Also on Instagram. Journalist. Master in Senior Business Management (GEMBA) from EAE Business School. Spain 103,3K
93 @AngelaMartialay
(Angela Martialay)
51 Cadiz. Chief Editor of Courts in EL MUNDO Spain 12,8K
94 @RGrynspan
(Rebekah Grynspan)
51 Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development, @UNCTAD. Former Vice President of Costa Rica. Economist Madrid 24,7K
95 @monicagprieto
(Monica G. Prieto)
51 Freelance journalist. Spain 29,8K
96 @nuriamarinlh
(Núria Marín/)
51 Citizen and mayor of L'Hospitalet. Treballant pel municipalisme with the president of the Diputació de Barcelona #LHospitalet #Som311 Barcelona 19,3K
97 @agenersurrell
(Anna Gener)
51 CEO Barcelona @Savills_es, Patron of the Foundation @museupicasso Barcelona 34,9K
98 @SSumelzo
(Susana Sumelzo Jordan)
50 Deputy @PSOE. President of the Commission for the European Union @Congreso_Es @Senadoesp | Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe @PACE_News Zaragoza 22,5K
99 @NathaliePicquot
(Nathalie Picquot)
50 Banco Santander: Brand, Mktg and Digital Engagement. Passionate about technology, innovation, sports, nature. Globetrotter, mother of 4. Spain 12,9K
100 @Leyre_Iglesias
(Leyre Iglesias Velasco)
50 Journalist. Deputy Director of Opinion at El Mundo. Bilbao, 1985. Hardened at @elmundopv and at @Cronica_ElMundo. In @BrujulaOndaCero Madrid 9,4K

Classification in permanent update and review.

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