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Travel throughout Europe safely and without worries

Nowadays, taking out travel insurance will help you avoid unplanned expenses such as medical or medication expenses (very high in certain countries). With the cheap schengen insurance you will be able to travel to all of Europe with total guarantee and without unpleasant surprises.

What advantages should insurance have to travel throughout Europe

The advantages of the insurance that we contract will always be in relation to the number of coverages that it offers us. We will highlight some of the most important to be able to travel throughout Europe safely and without excessive worries:

  1. Cancellation without penalty: This is one of the options that we must highlight as essential. The cancellation of the flight or the stay at the Hotel that allows us to cancel the trip without any commission or penalty. In addition, the causes that cover this circumstance are the maximum possible. Such as, for example, illness of one of the travelers, death, legal issues, work obligations or in the case of a highly topical issue: Covid 19.
  2. transport delay: If our insurance covers us the possibility of getting our money back or even compensation in the event of a delay in our trip. Fact that can bring us as a consequence extra expenses derived from a longer accommodation or the maintenance of unplanned days.
  3. Lost or stolen luggage: Our travel insurance throughout Europe must cover the value of our belongings. So that with a complaint to the insurer we are satisfied with the amount of lost or stolen luggage.
  4. Early return: In the event of an unforeseen event, your travel insurance to Europe should contemplate the early return in case and the return of the part of the trip not enjoyed
  5. Medical assistance: Indispensable to have good medical coverage. If possible, it should be 24 hours to cover a possible emergency.

Advice on hiring insurance to travel throughout Europe

We have already referred to certain advantages that the contracted policy must have. We are also going to list some tips that will come in handy for hiring travel insurance

Detailed trip information

It is advisable that the company with which we contract the insurance is always available. Good communication is essential to resolve and clarify all the doubts that may arise during our stay.

Protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

It is the best guarantee we can have to resolve any incident or unforeseen event. Know what to do and what documentation is necessary in each case.

Save time and money

Sometimes a small outlay on extra coverage can save you from spending much more in unexpected situations. Another important factor is gold. Our trip must be used 100%. As an example we have the loss of luggage or a suitcase. Sometimes getting our personal things back is more than 48 hours. It is advisable to have this problem covered.

Additional contracting of health insurance and credit card insurance

We have already mentioned that the contracted travel insurance must have quality medical assistance. It is also advisable to take out insurance for our credit card.

The characteristics that a good medical assistance insurance must have are:

  • Coverage: The annual medical insurance will only cover health care abroad. While travel insurance will cover other situations such as repatriation, luggage, documentation or accommodation, among others.
  • Price: It is much more profitable to take out insurance that covers only the duration of our trip than an annual one. In this case we are paying a policy that we are not going to enjoy.
  • Health assistance to travel throughout Europe: This assistance must have a 24-hour assistance telephone number and the insurer must cover the extra expenses immediately.

Among the characteristics of credit card insurance we highlight:

  • Scope of action
  • Medical assistance
  • Luggage
  • Problems with the means of transport
  • Civil liability
  • Annulment
  • Customer Service

Travel insurance that suits our needs

It is very important to check with our insurer what coverages are necessary on our trip. A cruise is not the same as a getaway to practice extreme sports. We can differentiate between several types of insurance:

  • annual travel insurance
  • Sports (practice of high-risk sports)
  • Insurance for students (Erasmus trip)
  • For families or group insurance

Why Schengen insurance?

Schengen travel insurance belongs to InterMundial Seguros. A reference company with proven experience in the travel insurance sector. It has been working for almost 30 years and its professionals take care of even the smallest detail so that the client can enjoy traveling to all of Europe or any other destination without having to worry.

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