What are vapers?


What is vaping?

When we talk about vaping, we are referring to the act of inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette. Its origin is English and it comes from the word “vaping”, which appeared as a consequence of the word “vapor”. With the word vapeo, a lot of similar words like vaper, vapear, vapeador…etc appeared. Due to the competition in the market, we must try to discard those products that do not have a star relationship between quality and price.

It is evident that vapers and vaporizing have become a fad in our society. We are going to try to learn a little more about the advantages of vaping and its effects on our health.


Advantages of vaping instead of smoking

In Spain every year more than 50.000 people die because of tobacco. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, vapers are the best option to try to quit smoking.

  • Vaping reduces the harm of passive smoking
  • The vapers produce steam, having the sensation of smoking without producing any combustion. In addition to not consuming tobacco, reducing the risk of diseases by 95%.
  • Vaping is cheaper than smoking. The starter kits (charger, cleaner and resistance) represent a minimal investment, with very affordable prices, which in the long run is cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • Although there are no studies (due to its recent appearance in 2004) that show if vaping produces side effects, we can affirm that passive vapers do not exist. Tobacco, as a result of combustion, produces harmful substances (tar and carbon monoxide). This directly affects people who are close to the smoker, while vaping does not produce any toxic substance and cannot cause diseases like tobacco.

types of vapers

Electronic cigarettes come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. We are going to differentiate 3 main categories: Mini, medium and mod.

Vaper Minis

It is the most similar to the traditional cigarette. They become the ideal option for newcomers to the world of electronic cigarettes. They are characterized by giving a natural sensation, facilitating the transition from smoking to vaping. We will also say that there are 2 types of minis: disposable and rechargeable.


It is the most popular option. They are still relatively small (like a cigar), but with a longer autonomy, producing more vapor. There are many different models and the vast majority of them with very affordable prices. Almost all of them work manually, although there are also automatic ones. They provide the user with greater control and better performance.


It is the ultimate experience for users. It looks like a thick tube and is similar to a flashlight. They usually use 18650 batteries, replaceable lithium at 3,7 volts. They also have functions that we will not find in other devices, such as powers of more than 230W, varied atomizers, digital readings, variable voltage, electronic control and many other features. Its large batteries offer great performance, with countless advanced features that allow us to control the way we vape. It is only recommended for the most experienced vaping users.

From this article we recommend the purchase of vapers or electronic cigarettes in online stores, dedicated exclusively to it, with experience in the sector and quality products, with good customer service.

We hope that the article has been of interest to you.

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