Las 100 cuentas más influyentes de SEO en Twitter

Esta página permite consultar el Top 100 de cuentas de SEO en España según el barómetro del TopRank360 que mide la influencia de los especialistas del posicionamiento en Twitter. El SEO es el conjunto de técnicas que permiten posicionar mejor una página web en los buscadores.


Google @google
Rank: 82 Followers: 28,3M Listed: 93.353
Tweets: 175,3K RT: 63


Alex Navarro @vivirdelared
Dedicado al #SEO y al #MarketingOnline desde el 2003. Crypto enthusiast.
Rank: 73 Followers: 22,0K Listed: 1.827
Tweets: 3,2K RT: 419


Google SearchLiaison @searchliaison
Insights on how Google Search works, from search liaison @dannysullivan. Also on Mastodon:
Rank: 73 Followers: 151,2K Listed: 2.087
Tweets: 632 RT: 149


Neil Patel @neilpatel
Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital. New York Times bestselling author, top 100 entrepreneur under 30 by Obama, and top 10 marketer by Forbes.
Rank: 73 Followers: 443,3K Listed: 14.236
Tweets: 25,6K RT: 45


Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog
Author, blogger, a lifetime of projects. This is a retweet of my blog.
Rank: 71 Followers: 784,4K Listed: 23.576
Tweets: 5,6K RT: 15


Google Analytics @googleanalytics
Get the latest news and product updates on Google Analytics, Data Studio, Optimize, Surveys, and Tag Manager. Learn more at
Rank: 71 Followers: 1,2M Listed: 19.032
Tweets: 13,2K RT: 23


Matt Cutts @mattcutts
Used to be at Google, then DC, now in Toronto. Tackling life with @aranoff and @RojoPup.
Rank: 71 Followers: 502,7K Listed: 15.745
Tweets: 32,3K RT: 17


Rand Fishkin @randfish
Co-founder @SparkToro, husband to @everywhereist, author of Lost & Founder. My Twitter account doesn't reply but does
Rank: 69 Followers: 467,5K Listed: 17.602
Tweets: 70,0K RT: 5


Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan
Google's @searchliaison: helping people understand search & Google hear feedback. For latest, please see or follow:
Rank: 67 Followers: 533,3K Listed: 14.389
Tweets: 2,6K RT: 4


Google en español @googleespanol
¡Les damos la bienvenida a la cuenta de Google en Español! Noticias, información útil y novedades de productos en Hispanoamérica.
Rank: 65 Followers: 206,5K Listed: 1.888
Tweets: 11,3K RT: 13


Semrush @semrush
Online visibility management SaaS platform that has been used by over 10,000,000 marketers
Rank: 65 Followers: 236,2K Listed: 7.214
Tweets: 191,8K RT: 6


Search Engine Land @sengineland
News & analysis on #SEO #PPC #Google #Bing & more. Sister to @martechismktg @smx @martechconf. Stay in the loop:
Rank: 64 Followers: 482,5K Listed: 14.738
Tweets: 77,9K RT: 3


Ahrefs @ahrefs
We make awesome SEO tools, powered by seriously big data. Check out our free SEO course:…
Rank: 64 Followers: 129,0K Listed: 2.690
Tweets: 9,5K RT: 10


Aleyda Solis @aleyda
Intl SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author. @Orainti Founder @Remotersnet Co-Founder @CrawlingMondays Host #SEOFOMO + Wrapper @mujeresEnSEO
Rank: 64 Followers: 135,5K Listed: 6.776
Tweets: 124,0K RT: 4


John Mueller is existing @JohnMu
He/Him. Google Search Advocate. Questions & Posts my own, for official ones: @GoogleSearchC &
Rank: 63 Followers: 151,1K Listed: 2.949
Tweets: 42,4K RT: 10


Screaming Frog @screamingfrog
Run by Founder Dan Sharp of Screaming Frog, a UK search marketing agency & developer of the SEO Spider. Gooner. SEO. & Philanthropist.
Rank: 63 Followers: 71,2K Listed: 2.136
Tweets: 39,7K RT: 11


Pat Flynn @PatFlynn
Lead by example. Be honest. Hold nothing back. Founder of SmartPassiveIncome & SwitchPod. Advisor to 8 SaaS companies. Pokémon YouTuber @ DeepPocketMonster
Rank: 62 Followers: 166,5K Listed: 5.573
Tweets: 45,1K RT: 2


Cyrus @CyrusShepard
Founder of @ZyppySEO We help people grow Google traffic to websites Follow for Google SEO, Ranking Signals + 10x Content
Rank: 62 Followers: 102,4K Listed: 3.257
Tweets: 26,8K RT: 19


Claudio Inacio @cinacio06
Comparto tweets sobre Marketing Digital, Community Manager, Personal Branding y Redes Sociales Libro de #MarcaPersonal
Rank: 61 Followers: 67,3K Listed: 5.128
Tweets: 30,3K RT: 22


Glen Allsopp @ViperChill
Founder of and I do SEO mostly ( Have written for TechCrunch and mentioned on the BBC, Guardian, Forbes and more somehow
Rank: 60 Followers: 33,3K Listed: 1.624
Tweets: 3,3K RT: 8


Search Engine Watch @sewatch
The longest-running search industry resource in the world.
Rank: 59 Followers: 214,6K Listed: 6.378
Tweets: 40,1K RT: 3


SearchEngineJournal® @sejournal
Follow us for the latest #SEO, #PPC, #socialmedia, & #content news, expert tips, insights, and ideas. Get our newsletter:
Rank: 59 Followers: 286,5K Listed: 8.209
Tweets: 82,3K RT: 5


AJ Ghergich @SEO
SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, and Conversational AI Expert. I share guides, case studies, and AI-generated kittens.
Rank: 57 Followers: 117,1K Listed: 4.036
Tweets: 16,2K RT: 2


Semrush en Español @semrush_es
Plataforma de gestión de la visibilidad online que ha sido utilizada por más de 10M de profesionales de marketing. ¿Una pregunta Escríbenos a
Rank: 55 Followers: 45,2K Listed: 1.889
Tweets: 46,8K RT: 9


Dr. Marie Haynes @Marie_Haynes
15 yrs learning about Google Search. Was a veterinarian till 2012. Owned an SEO agency. I teach on EEAT, Site Quality, Links.
Rank: 55 Followers: 56,2K Listed: 1.574
Tweets: 39,8K RT: 1


Romuald Fons @RomualdFons
Fundo empresas y planto lechugas. TOP 100 Influencers 2021 por FORBES. Best Influencer 2022 por E-SHOW. Crece y hazte rico (mi libro)
Rank: 54 Followers: 33,1K Listed: 633
Tweets: 7,7K RT: 8


Matthew Howells-Barby mhb.eth @matthewbarby
CMO: @DecentralGames || prev: VP @HubSpot || cofounder: @TTTSEOcommunity Host: @decryptopodcast web3, entrepreneurship, leadership London
Rank: 53 Followers: 19,5K Listed: 1.176
Tweets: 15,8K RT: 2


Bruno Vázquez-Dodero @BrunoVD
Currelas web: desarrollador Web, SEO y Community Manager. A partir de ahí emprendedor con @AulaCM... todo gracias a un gran equipo de cracks. SÚPER CRACKS!!
Rank: 53 Followers: 48,4K Listed: 4.347
Tweets: 20,5K RT: 1


Lily Ray @lilyraynyc
SEO by day | DJ by night | related to @artistmanray
Rank: 53 Followers: 63,2K Listed: 1.083
Tweets: 21,5K RT: 3


Derek Halpern @derekhalpern
Co-founded Find us in Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, & more. Formerly taught DTC marketing at Social Triggers.
Rank: 53 Followers: 62,2K Listed: 2.545
Tweets: 1,3K RT: 0


Craig Campbell @craigcampbell03
Entrepreneur, based in Glasgow 20 years experience, Speaker and Trainer.
Rank: 53 Followers: 116,0K Listed: 1.003
Tweets: 31,5K RT: 1


Nathan Gotch @nathangotch
Founder of Gotch SEO Academy Creating 147,801 pieces of content (0.1%)
Rank: 52 Followers: 16,2K Listed: 338
Tweets: 3,3K RT: 13


Juan González Villa @seostratega
Consultor SEO. Dirijo @AgenciaUSEO, un equipazo especializado en SEO y SEM. Cada domingo envío mi newsletter #10linksazules. Profe Doméstika. Embajador DinoRank
Rank: 52 Followers: 19,1K Listed: 1.476
Tweets: 29,2K RT: 8


Charles Floate @Charles_SEO
British SEO - A Decade In Digital Marketing. Learn SEO, Build Digital Assets & Join An $80bn Industry
Rank: 52 Followers: 44,6K Listed: 787
Tweets: 23,7K RT: 3


MJ Cachón @mjcachon
Consultora SEO y directora de @laikateam_. Datos y análisis SEO con R, Screaming Frog, SISTRIX o Sitebulb. Siempre aprender y compartir #MujeresEnSEO
Rank: 52 Followers: 21,8K Listed: 1.549
Tweets: 78,2K RT: 6


Fernando Maciá @fernandomacia
Consultor SEO y fundador @humanlevel. Mis libros/My books: Bio:
Rank: 52 Followers: 24,8K Listed: 1.998
Tweets: 42,5K RT: 1


Lisa Barone @LisaBarone
Author. Writer. #PWS VP, Brand @Overit. Writer of Into & Overit, a love letter about brand, marketing & the messy spaces where they intersect. Get it.
Rank: 52 Followers: 34,3K Listed: 2.859
Tweets: 72,2K RT: 0


Gary Illyes @methode
House Elf and Chief of Sunshine and Happiness at Google. Tentatively active on Mastodon
Rank: 52 Followers: 44,8K Listed: 1.350
Tweets: 11,6K RT: 9


Ross Hudgens @RossHudgens
Founder/CEO @siegemedia, a content marketing agency specializing in SEO. 6x Inc. 5000. We help great brands scale with SEO-focused content marketing.
Rank: 52 Followers: 32,8K Listed: 1.647
Tweets: 18,7K RT: 3


Gianluca Fiorelli @gfiorelli1
Strategic & International SEO senior consultant, trilingual
Rank: 51 Followers: 44,4K Listed: 2.350
Tweets: 92,8K RT: 0


Izzi Smith @izzionfire
Nerd, speaker, Senior eCommerce Manager with @Kurz_gesagt Tech/SEO meme maker Opinions are my own She / her Stay wholesome, stay on fire
Rank: 51 Followers: 21,0K Listed: 539
Tweets: 6,0K RT: 14


Glenn Gabe @glenngabe
SEO Consultant at G-Squared Interactive focused on Google algorithm update recovery, technical SEO audits, and SEO training. Columnist at Search Engine Land.
Rank: 51 Followers: 57,5K Listed: 2.385
Tweets: 78,5K RT: 2


Iñaki Huerta // @ikhuerta
Director de IKAUE. Analista Digital y SEO hace más de 15 años. Internet Lover, Creador de Hilillos, DataHacker y sobre todo Padre feliz y afortunado.
Rank: 51 Followers: 16,9K Listed: 1.244
Tweets: 12,2K RT: 6


Chuiso @chuisochuisez
#SEO #BlackHat #Monetización Formación Asesorías Youtube
Rank: 51 Followers: 33,6K Listed: 1.055
Tweets: 9,5K RT: 4


GrowthHackers SEO @GrowthHackerSEO
A Community for Marketers to Share and Discuss Useful Growth Resources and to Exchange Ethical Growth Tips. Destination to Collaborate and Get Inspired!
Rank: 51 Followers: 65,1K Listed: 3.764
Tweets: 126,4K RT: 5


Natzir @natzir9
Strategic, International & Technical SEO Consulting Data Science | Python | CRO "Nullius in verba"
Rank: 51 Followers: 16,1K Listed: 2.046
Tweets: 21,6K RT: 9


Escuela Marketing and Web @escuelamktweb
Escuela de Marketing Digital. Accede a 4 clases GRATIS del máster de marketing digital para ver cómo es la formación por dentro
Rank: 51 Followers: 22,2K Listed: 600
Tweets: 30,1K RT: 6


Rubén Alonso @rubenalonsoes
Vivo de mi blog #Blogging Bloguero y hacedor de cosas online En persona no molo tanto #SEO #MarketingDigital #miPW @estupidezdigit
Rank: 51 Followers: 32,1K Listed: 1.862
Tweets: 53,8K RT: 3


Miguel Florido @miguelfloro
Consultor de Marketing Digital y director de la Escuela Marketing and Web. Profesor y escritor de “Curso de Marketing Digital” y “Curso de Publicidad Digital”
Rank: 50 Followers: 52,9K Listed: 2.964
Tweets: 38,4K RT: 2


ángel antón @bitanton
Consultor estratégico #SocialMedia | #Engagement | #VISIBILITY | #WebDevelopment | #WebAnalytics Con más años de experiencia de los que me gustaría reconocer
Rank: 50 Followers: 159,2K Listed: 3.090
Tweets: 11,3K RT: 2


Backlinko @Backlinko
SEO training and link building strategies.
Rank: 50 Followers: 7,1K Listed: 60
Tweets: 1 RT: 123


Dean Romero @DeanRomero10
CEO de Blogger3cero, creador de la mayor membresía SEO en habla hispana @SEOWarriorsClub y cofundador de @DinorankSEO
Rank: 50 Followers: 19,8K Listed: 1.389
Tweets: 9,2K RT: 5


Álvaro Peña @isocialwebseo
Padre de Pau Head SEO y coCEO de iSocialWeb y ViralityMedia @arvendrell. CMO de @growwer_es 100% Remotos IA Fan Vegano Animalista Ninja
Rank: 50 Followers: 11,9K Listed: 378
Tweets: 37,8K RT: 7


Dan Shure @dan_shure
SEO Consultant for @gbh (Boston's NPR/PBS), @butcherbox, @harvardbiz & more Also: SEO Podcaster ('Experts on the Wire'), Musician & Husband!
Rank: 50 Followers: 27,1K Listed: 1.353
Tweets: 31,1K RT: 3


Barry Adams @badams
Independent SEO consultant @PolemicDigital specialising in #NewsSEO & #TechSEO for news publishers. Co-founder of Newsletter:
Rank: 49 Followers: 35,2K Listed: 1.351
Tweets: 47,7K RT: 1


Madre SEOperiora @madreSEOperiora
Defensora del SEO Todos los días rezo un Google nuestro. Consultora #SEO en Los pecadores irán a segunda página
Rank: 49 Followers: 20,8K Listed: 508
Tweets: 12,1K RT: 5


Patrick Stox @patrickstox
I've been called Mr. Technical SEO & the technical SEOs' technical SEO. Product Advisor & technical SEO @ahrefs. /r/TechSEO moderator. Run a technical SEO slack
Rank: 49 Followers: 18,7K Listed: 683
Tweets: 7,1K RT: 3

#58 @g33konaut
Friendly internet fairy & community unicorn & cheerleader. He/him. Developer at Google. Build stuff, have fun! Blog:
Rank: 49 Followers: 20,3K Listed: 747
Tweets: 43,8K RT: 2


Luis M. Villanueva @Lu1sma
CEO de @webpositer Desde hace más de 10 años hago SEO y Marketing Online de forma profesional y te lo muestro en mi canal de Youtube:
Rank: 49 Followers: 40,1K Listed: 3.076
Tweets: 28,9K RT: 1


nick ubanks @nick_eubanks
starter // I don’t pay for this checkmark @iftfagency @tttseocommunity @jpeg_vault #BlackLivesMatter
Rank: 49 Followers: 14,7K Listed: 628
Tweets: 37,3K RT: 0


Iván García @ivangarcia
Rank: 49 Followers: 60,1K Listed: 3.007
Tweets: 10,9K RT: 2


Ismael El-Qudsi @elqudsi
CEO de y Miembro de Forbes Agency Council USA | Emprendedor en serio.
Rank: 48 Followers: 28,8K Listed: 3.238
Tweets: 37,6K RT: 1


Bruno Ramos Lara @brunoramoslara
Periodista, SEO Manager en @agenciaseo_eu Aprende a OPTIMIZAR anuncios de AdSense como un Pro. Curso Avanzado #AdsenseTips
Rank: 48 Followers: 8,5K Listed: 337
Tweets: 16,5K RT: 7


Manuela Zadig @madeinargentina
Hablo de temas digitales e intento enseñar sobre esto 🙂 1/2 Navarra, 1/2 Porteña. Nómada Digital 🙂
Rank: 48 Followers: 130,8K Listed: 2.331
Tweets: 70,1K RT: 3


Webpositer @WebPositer
Agencia de #SEO y Marketing Online organizadora de #SEOplus. Te ayudamos a potenciar tus proyectos online #WeLoveSEO Youtube
Rank: 47 Followers: 10,6K Listed: 931
Tweets: 26,3K RT: 4


Emilio García | Campamento Web @CampamentoWeb
Podcaster SEO y nichero Nuevo programa cada lunes con entrevistas y actualidad SEO ¡Escúchalo donde quieras: YouTube o Spotify!
Rank: 47 Followers: 11,2K Listed: 643
Tweets: 8,0K RT: 3


Esteve Castells @estevecastells
Building a world-class SEO team at @Adevinta SEO Newsletter -
Rank: 47 Followers: 14,2K Listed: 491
Tweets: 2,4K RT: 4


Matt Diggity @mattdiggityseo
SEO, Founder, Angel Investor | YouTube Channel: Asian. But apparently not enough.
Rank: 47 Followers: 18,2K Listed: 348
Tweets: 1,7K RT: 3


David Ayala @soywebmaster
Autor de libro con edit Anaya Mentor & Speaker Cofundador Agencias @SEOlucionescom y SockData #SEORosa Andorra
Rank: 47 Followers: 15,8K Listed: 519
Tweets: 20,9K RT: 5


Ryan Stewart @ryanwashere
Fractional CMO, specializing in cross-channel customer acquisition campaigns.
Rank: 47 Followers: 10,8K Listed: 406
Tweets: 3,4K RT: 0


Mordy Oberstein @MordyOberstein
Head of SEO Branding @Wix Husband/Dad/Steelers Fan! Host: SERP's Up Podcast @SEORant @EdgeWebRadio News #SEOChat |Opinions are my own (As opposed to)|
Rank: 47 Followers: 13,3K Listed: 338
Tweets: 28,9K RT: 0


Sico de Andrés @sicodeandres
Autor libros Quiero que mi empresa salga en Google y Link building ético de Anaya. Organizo SEonthebeach, CEO Link Affinity,Expertomy,SEO from 2002, CEO MocMoc
Rank: 47 Followers: 13,1K Listed: 866
Tweets: 18,2K RT: 3


John Doherty @dohertyjf
Tatum's dad. Founder @getcredo (find agencies) & @_editorninja (content editing). Own Cohost Ex-SEO./////.
Rank: 46 Followers: 34,0K Listed: 1.529
Tweets: 119,3K RT: 0


Kieran Flanagan @searchbrat
Tweet weekly on the latest opportunities in marketing & growth (PLG, community, web3, media). CMO @Zapier, ex SVP Marketing @HubSpot, Investor. MATG Podcast.
Rank: 46 Followers: 16,9K Listed: 813
Tweets: 12,1K RT: 1


Josma @Josma_Design
Estoy haciendo un COMIC con IA: En Youtube me hallo:
Rank: 46 Followers: 8,0K Listed: 146
Tweets: 4,9K RT: 10


José Facchin @facchinjose
Consultor SEO y Profesor de Marketing Digital Mi Agencia @JFDigitalES Cofundador de @web_escuela ¡Aprendiendo cada día! #MarketingdeContenidos & #SEO
Rank: 46 Followers: 37,9K Listed: 2.271
Tweets: 55,2K RT: 1


Marc @Marc__Cruells
!Azotando a Ggle¡ #Escrapeando webs, #Blasteando Blogs, viviendo en Babylon en plan #BlackHat. Mucho de #Viajar, más de #Descubrir y pensando en #Surfear.
Rank: 46 Followers: 11,2K Listed: 365
Tweets: 9,2K RT: 4


Jenny Halasz @jennyhalasz
Not paying for a check mark. She/Her. SEO & Analytics expert; Professional Speaker. SEO @LLFlooring. Opinions entirely my own. #SEOReads=important.
Rank: 46 Followers: 12,4K Listed: 712
Tweets: 23,3K RT: 0


Victor Misa @victormisavigo
Consultor SEO en @vikingseoagency y enseño #blackhat y #monetizacion en @triburemota. Divulgo contenido en :
Rank: 46 Followers: 8,6K Listed: 221
Tweets: 5,4K RT: 5


DEJAN @dejanseo
Australian marketing company specialising in strategic SEO for medium to large brands and e-commerce websites.
Rank: 46 Followers: 15,0K Listed: 813
Tweets: 6,2K RT: 1


Isabel Romero @c_isabelromero
SEOcopywriter y marketineando en @metricool. Pilates.
Rank: 45 Followers: 13,7K Listed: 1.628
Tweets: 7,2K RT: 3


Iñaki Tovar @seomental
CEO en @WebpoAcademy Apasionado del SEO, el CRO y la Frikultura #podcast en Impulsando @webpositer y @seoboxclub
Rank: 45 Followers: 11,3K Listed: 1.224
Tweets: 35,1K RT: 2


Carlos Ortega @carlos_darko
Papá de Lluvia Consultor #SEO técnico Formador, ponente y divulgador Country Manager de @seoboxclub Construyendo cosas en Internet desde 2004.
Rank: 45 Followers: 11,7K Listed: 259
Tweets: 9,5K RT: 3


SE Roundtable @seroundtable
The Pulse of the Search Marketing Community
Rank: 45 Followers: 58,8K Listed: 2.049
Tweets: 70,8K RT: 0


César Aparicio @eCesarAparicio
99 % bohemio, 100 % soñador Fundador y consultor #SEO de Cráneo Previlegiado ¡Pon un broker en tu vida!
Rank: 45 Followers: 6,7K Listed: 376
Tweets: 9,5K RT: 3


Mariana Seoane @laseoaneoficial
Instagram: @laseoaneoficial Booking: 044 55 29 04 56 38 / 55 6732-0663
Rank: 45 Followers: 46,4K Listed: 62
Tweets: 3,1K RT: 1


Greg Gifford @GregGifford
I think I'm hilarious & laugh at all my own jokes. Totally jazzed about Local SEO, Internet marketing, web design, photography (& bacon - everyone loves bacon)
Rank: 45 Followers: 24,0K Listed: 1.194
Tweets: 53,0K RT: 0


Álex Serrano @Alexserramar
Consultor #SEOPodcaster en #SEOdesdeCero También tengo un #podcast Premium Profesor #SEO en @aulacm y @nuclioschool Del Betis #DataStudio Lover
Rank: 45 Followers: 16,2K Listed: 1.903
Tweets: 21,6K RT: 1


SeedRocket @seedrocket
La 1a aceleradora de startups TIC en España. #BusinessAngels #Mentores #Emprendedores #Inversión #casosdexito #GoogleStartups #TalentGardenBCN #SeedRocketCampus
Rank: 45 Followers: 19,4K Listed: 1.015
Tweets: 12,0K RT: 1


Authority Hacker @authorityhacker
The #1 reference for building authority sites online. Run by @markwebster1 and @gaelbreton
Rank: 45 Followers: 15,0K Listed: 260
Tweets: 2,8K RT: 2


Antonio López @ElblogdelSEO
- Director SEO y fundador de - - Pensamientos Viajeros. - Y no sabiendo nada, creo no saber.
Rank: 45 Followers: 9,3K Listed: 487
Tweets: 12,3K RT: 2


Bill Slawski @bill_slawski
#Seobythesea @Gofishdigital, Director of SEO Research (SEO - 1996) Carlsbad Jurisdoctor him/his/he - Pacific time patents/papers/information retrieval/entities
Rank: 45 Followers: 62,2K Listed: 2.912
Tweets: 112,9K RT: 0


Paul Shapiro @fighto
Technical SEO Team Lead, Growth @Shopify • Prev @CondeNast • Founder #TechSEOBoost • Data Science/Python • Twin Dad • Horror • Board Games @meeplecastle
Rank: 45 Followers: 20,9K Listed: 1.280
Tweets: 41,0K RT: 0


Flavio Garcia @FlavioGarciaSeo #SEOstrategist #ReparandoLab #MarketingDigital #DiseñoWeb & #FullStackDevelopers
Rank: 45 Followers: 69,4K Listed: 212
Tweets: 26,0K RT: 3


Grant Simmons @simmonet
SEO strategist/consultant, husband, father, sailor, speaker + Fractional Director SEO + US Ambassador for @InLinks + Available for interesting projects
Rank: 44 Followers: 5,4K Listed: 538
Tweets: 33,9K RT: 0


Lino Uruñuela @Errioxa
Technical SEO & Big Data Analytics Experto de Producto de Google Co-Fundador de Linkedin:
Rank: 44 Followers: 6,3K Listed: 312
Tweets: 12,8K RT: 3


DigitalMarketer @DigitalMktr
Digital Marketing is Complicated. We Make it Easy. Stop Googling your way through marketing... Out-market the competition in just 7 minutes
Rank: 44 Followers: 47,5K Listed: 2.133
Tweets: 36,4K RT: 0


Señor Muñoz @senormunoz
Life is too short for a shitty #SEO strategy. CEO, pero menos. SEO pero más. Socio en @raizagencias. Soy de @chiclana y #surnormal. #OHP. Publicidad. Croquetas.
Rank: 44 Followers: 18,1K Listed: 1.661
Tweets: 70,0K RT: 0


Víctor Campuzano - #GrowthHacking @vicampuzano
#GrowthHacking is my passion and my current job. Predictable growth hunter. I learn daily at @metricool & @streamloots . #Productivity & @todoist lover.
Rank: 44 Followers: 13,1K Listed: 1.679
Tweets: 29,5K RT: 0


Daniel Peris @DanielPeris
I build digital stuff and play on words. @MiriamPelaez #ASO #SEO #Growth #Startups #SaaS #Retro Tengo una newsletter TOP
Rank: 44 Followers: 13,6K Listed: 1.460
Tweets: 43,5K RT: 0


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