Personal finance advisor and insurance agent Barcelona

Jesus Barrena

Degree in Law, specializing in Real Estate and Registry Law.
With training in Personal Finance and Family Financial Planning, Savings and Investment.
If you are one of those people who:


✅ You don't save every month.
✅ You have savings, but you don't do anything productive with that money.
✅ You run out of money before the month.
✅ You've had unforeseen expenses or debts accumulate.


It's never too late to get your finances in order.
Maybe we can draw up a Financial Plan for you here: Personal Financial Consulting.
Time passes and it is better to start as soon as possible, for you and your family.
I am very active on Twitter, where I invite you to follow me 😉

@jesusbarrena Jesus Barrena
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True wealth is control of your Time. Personal Finance Planning, Savings and Investment

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Personal Finance Advisor and Financial Planner. Degree in law. Achieve your Financial Peace of Mind as a previous step to your Financial Freedom.

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