Los 100 Cirujanos más influyentes en Redes Sociales

Esta página permite consultar el top cirujanos de España según el barómetro del TopRank360 que mide la influencia de los especialistas de cirugía en las Redes Sociales.


Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General @Surgeon_General
19th & 21st U.S. Surgeon General. Dad, husband, doctor, author. Dedicated to building a healthier, kinder, more connected world. https://t.co/GxSi2TfSc3
Rank: 79 Followers: 1,1M Listed: 3.153
Tweets: 13,5K RT: 104


Atul Gawande @Atul_Gawande
Personal Account. Surgeon, Writer ("Being Mortal," "Checklist Manifesto"), and @USAID Assistant Administrator for Global Health.
Rank: 76 Followers: 391,8K Listed: 6.214
Tweets: 6,9K RT: 144


Jennifer Gunter @DrJenGunter
OB/GYN, appropriately confident, lasso of truth, Canadian Spice, I speak for no one but me. The Vagina Bible. Menopause Manifesto. DrJenGunter@med-mastodon.com
Rank: 74 Followers: 373,3K Listed: 3.065
Tweets: 218,5K RT: 34


Dr. Miami @therealdrmiami
Plastic Surgeon. Board Certified. IG:@therealdrmiami Snapchat/TikTok: therealdrmiami
Rank: 68 Followers: 190,1K Listed: 143
Tweets: 12,8K RT: 45


Joseph Sakran @JosephSakran
Trauma Surgeon @hopkinsmedicine | #GunViolence Survivor | Senior Fellow @SatcherHealth | Founder @ThisIsOurLane | Alum @PLSprogram
Rank: 67 Followers: 63,3K Listed: 323
Tweets: 28,8K RT: 74


Mario Alonso Puig @MarioAlonsoPuig
Doctor Mario Alonso Puig cirujano general y del aparato digestivo. Experto en motivación, creatividad, comunicación, trabajo en equipo y liderazgo.
Rank: 66 Followers: 152,7K Listed: 1.450
Tweets: 849 RT: 335


Dr Eric Levi @DrEricLevi
Paediatric & Adult Otolaryngologist Head & Neck Surgeon | Learner | Educator | Views mine, not any orgs | Retweets endorse | Naarm, Wurundjeri Land
Rank: 66 Followers: 49,3K Listed: 493
Tweets: 71,0K RT: 29


Diane Pérez @DraDianePerez
Médico y Periodista. MD, Medical Correspondent, TV Host, Speaker, Author. Nmas, TelevisaUnivision, AARP. Contacto: cuidatusaludcondiane@gmail.com
Rank: 61 Followers: 129,2K Listed: 1.002
Tweets: 21,2K RT: 5


Jose García Buitrón @jgarciabuitron
Antes, Cirujano y Coordinador de Trasplantes. Después, Senador. Ahora, robótica social y trasplantes, cuando puedo. También, del CCE y SM de Podemos, A Coruña.
Rank: 58 Followers: 39,7K Listed: 155
Tweets: 50,2K RT: 177


Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD @arghavan_salles
media contributor | DEI researcher/consultant | speaker | arghavansallesmdphd@mastodon.social | feminist | yogini | words at places | views mine | she/her
Rank: 57 Followers: 52,4K Listed: 422
Tweets: 92,1K RT: 5


Alberto @almagoch
Cirujano. Me encanta la Medicina. Tapatío. I´m a Twin. No disclosures. Mis tweets son a título personal!
Rank: 56 Followers: 42,9K Listed: 192
Tweets: 43,2K RT: 18


Official Twitter account for RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences. Leading the world to better health.
Rank: 55 Followers: 31,4K Listed: 245
Tweets: 25,4K RT: 6


Dr Nikki Stamp FRACS @drnikkistamp
Heart surgeon | Author | Women's health advocate
Rank: 55 Followers: 24,2K Listed: 238
Tweets: 12,0K RT: 10


Julio Mayol @juliomayol
Catedrático de Cirugía - Hospital Clinico San Carlos @IIS_IdISSC @iclinicomadrid @unicomplutense. @BJS Society @BJSAcademy. @SurgJournal. @SEIQuirurgica. @ASGBI
Rank: 54 Followers: 55,2K Listed: 1.648
Tweets: 248,5K RT: 1


Doc Bastard @DocBastard
I'm no one too special, just a regular trauma surgeon trying to save the world one idiot at a time. Evidence or it didn't happen.
Rank: 54 Followers: 51,3K Listed: 382
Tweets: 41,0K RT: 19


María Luaces @Cardiolume
Cardiologist, Cardiac Imaging. CEO, Innovation Unit, Hospital Clínico San Carlos. Professor, School of Medicine, UCM, Madrid.
Rank: 54 Followers: 2,5K Listed: 19
Tweets: 727 RT: 427


Julian P Villacastin @jvillacastin
MÉDICO, cardiólogo, especializado en arritmias. Director @cardio_red1, Presidente @secardiologia, Hospital Clínico San Carlos-Catedrático UCM, CIBER-CV, Madrid
Rank: 54 Followers: 18,3K Listed: 181
Tweets: 5,7K RT: 26


Columbia Surgery @ColumbiaSurgery
Official Twitter account for the Columbia University Department of Surgery, an @nyphospital affiliate. For more information visit https://t.co/4B0F2WJzup
Rank: 54 Followers: 36,5K Listed: 645
Tweets: 25,0K RT: 3


Dr. Pepe Montes @gmb1014
doctor , Cirujano general certificado, Cirujano Oncólogo. Libra, libre. hater de nacimiento.
Rank: 54 Followers: 70,1K Listed: 47
Tweets: 8,4K RT: 8


AASLD is the leading organization of scientists and health care professionals committed to preventing and curing liver disease.
Rank: 53 Followers: 27,5K Listed: 301
Tweets: 25,2K RT: 4


Jamie Coleman, MD FACS @JJcolemanMD
Trauma surgeon @UofLDeptofSurgery, wife, mom, #medtwitter. Speaker, media health expert & writer @HuffPost @USNewsHealth. Tweets mine. Contact:https://t.co/VoklwC6bOb
Rank: 53 Followers: 51,6K Listed: 281
Tweets: 33,5K RT: 5


Adil Haider @AdilHaiderMD
Dean, Aga Khan University Medical College, Pakistan @AKUGlobal; Trauma Surgeon and Public Health Scientist; Former President @AcademicSurgery; Husband & Dad
Rank: 52 Followers: 17,1K Listed: 126
Tweets: 7,8K RT: 4


WomenSurgeons @WomenSurgeons
The Association of Women Surgeons has been inspiring and encouraging women surgeons since 1981. Opinions shared here do not necessarily reflect AWS policy.
Rank: 52 Followers: 40,9K Listed: 374
Tweets: 35,6K RT: 7


Dr. Daniel Slobodianik @cirujano
Experto en tratamiento de pacientes con Biopolimeros Instagram: @Slobodianik | En twitter desde el 2008
Rank: 52 Followers: 230,2K Listed: 861
Tweets: 125,1K RT: 2


Patricia L. Turner, MD, MBA, FACS @pturnermd
Executive Director/CEO, @AmCollSurgeons (American College of Surgeons), Mother, Sister, Daughter, Surgeon, Music Enthusiast, News Junkie, Travel Lover, Advocate
Rank: 51 Followers: 10,8K Listed: 155
Tweets: 23,0K RT: 4


K. Sennholz MD @MtnMD
Ridin' w/Biden, https://t.co/qjziuxnbtH, Lists: Top 100 Twitter Accnts-HC Profs, Top 25 MDs Tribel and https://t.co/K2yB2a21qN @SimpleVitality
Rank: 51 Followers: 85,8K Listed: 1.452
Tweets: 3,3K RT: 5


DRPichel @drpichel
Cardiólogo, profesor de cardiología UdeP y columnista de La Prensa. Harto de la politiquería, la chamanería y los fanáticos. ¡Hala Madrid! y nada más…
Rank: 50 Followers: 28,3K Listed: 88
Tweets: 76,8K RT: 7


Steven D Wexner MD, PhD @SWexner
Leadership: Academic Surgery @CleveClinicFL; @ASCRS_1; @SAGES_Updates; EIC @SurgJournal; @AmColSurgCancer; @AmCollSurgeons; Video Host: https://t.co/10bRowQ24L
Rank: 50 Followers: 30,6K Listed: 291
Tweets: 108,7K RT: 1


BJS @BJSurgery
BJS (formerly the British Journal of Surgery) is the premier peer-reviewed surgical journal in Europe, with an Impact Factor of 11.122.
Rank: 50 Followers: 40,8K Listed: 323
Tweets: 15,1K RT: 7


Justin B. Dimick @jdimick1
Professor & Chair @UMichSurgery. Working to redesign surgical care and redefine surgical culture. Past President @AcademicSurgery.
Rank: 50 Followers: 19,9K Listed: 254
Tweets: 26,1K RT: 5


Karim Brohi @karimbrohi
Trauma Surgeon. Vascular Surgeon. Londoner. Director, London Major Trauma System
Rank: 50 Followers: 21,0K Listed: 184
Tweets: 13,5K RT: 10


SAGES is in Montréal 2023 @SAGES_Updates
Society American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons. Leading minimally invasive surgical society. Likes and RTs are amplification, not endorsement.
Rank: 50 Followers: 36,9K Listed: 297
Tweets: 51,9K RT: 0


Dr. Deanna Attai @DrAttai
@UCLAHealth Assoc Prof, @ASBrS past prez, Fellow @AmCollSurgeons, gardener, cat mom
Rank: 50 Followers: 17,6K Listed: 589
Tweets: 49,9K RT: 2


Colorectal Disease @ColorectalDis
The UK and the world's leading #colorectalsurgery journal. Official journal @ACPGBI @escp_tweets @AECP_FAECP. Impact factor: 3.92 (2021). Editor @Neil_J_Smart
Rank: 49 Followers: 15,6K Listed: 115
Tweets: 5,3K RT: 15


Paula Ferrada MD FACS FCCM MAMSE @pferrada1
Colombian born Surgeon-leader. Advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion Views are my own
Rank: 49 Followers: 21,4K Listed: 172
Tweets: 20,7K RT: 7


Dr Muffi @DrMuffi
Bariatric ,Laparoscopic Robotic Surgeon @thedigestivein, covid warrior, philanthropist, health & fitness enthusiast , amateur photographer.
Rank: 49 Followers: 6,7K Listed: 54
Tweets: 4,7K RT: 11


Aegastro @aegastro
Promovemos la investigación colaborativa y la formación de calidad. Spanish Association of Gastroenterology: collaborative research & education.
Rank: 48 Followers: 13,7K Listed: 156
Tweets: 10,8K RT: 10


Heather Furnas, MD @drheatherfurnas
Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery @Stanford. Loves sharp blades & sharp quills. Coeditor of #TheBusinessOfPlasticSurgery
Rank: 48 Followers: 133,0K Listed: 989
Tweets: 34,2K RT: 4


Sam Atallah, MD @SamAtallahMD
Prof Surgery @OurMedSchool. Chair, Dept #ColorectalSurgery @adventhealth Orlando. Co-Invented #TAMIS. Author #DigitalSurgery #DocsWhoRock Chair, @fascrs_tech
Rank: 48 Followers: 13,0K Listed: 184
Tweets: 23,0K RT: 1


Annals of Surgery @AnnalsofSurgery
The world's most referenced surgery journal—committed to discovering & disseminating the best of surgical science. Tweets by @stewartwjames.
Rank: 48 Followers: 52,9K Listed: 501
Tweets: 9,9K RT: 2


OncLive.com @OncLive
Healthcare publisher of oncology focused articles, videos, panel discussions, and much more that run the gamut of oncology care and management.
Rank: 47 Followers: 36,5K Listed: 592
Tweets: 87,6K RT: 0


Jeff Matthews MD @JBMatthews
Chief of #Surgery, University of Chicago. #music #songwriter #vinylrecords #puppies #DocsWhoRock #SurgeonsWhoRead #DadJokes #BadSportsTakes #Diversity #HeForShe
Rank: 47 Followers: 12,8K Listed: 210
Tweets: 29,1K RT: 1


ASiT @ASiTofficial
The Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) is a registered charity & educational organisation working to promote the highest standards in surgical training
Rank: 47 Followers: 20,9K Listed: 100
Tweets: 13,8K RT: 6


Pedro Graziano Sanchez @Wikimagen
Cardiologist Cardiovascular Imager
Rank: 47 Followers: 6,6K Listed: 46
Tweets: 14,6K RT: 13


Julie A Sosa, MD @Jasosamd
Surgeon/scientist determined to improve care for thyroid cancer pts; Chair @UCSFSurgery; EIC @WorldJSurg; President @AmThyroidAssn; She/her; Opinions-my own
Rank: 47 Followers: 13,7K Listed: 100
Tweets: 12,5K RT: 4


Neil Floch MD @NeilFlochMD
Associate Professor /#surgery/#Obesity Advocate /Author / #SoMe Editor @soard_journal / #COVID19 #bariatric @MayoClinic trained / Verified by my mother
Rank: 46 Followers: 130,8K Listed: 1.226
Tweets: 89,6K RT: 1


Gabriel Escalona Vivas @gaboescvi
Cirujano, comediante, docente. CPO @LappSurgery, @C1DO12 cofundador @sipliksalud. Fútbol es vida #Napoli #innovation. Academia y comedia @traumasotero
Rank: 46 Followers: 7,8K Listed: 161
Tweets: 21,6K RT: 6


The Obesity Society @ObesitySociety
committed to improving the lives of those with obesity and promoting the interdisciplinary nature of obesity research, management and education.
Rank: 46 Followers: 34,0K Listed: 567
Tweets: 13,4K RT: 2


Assoc4AcademicSurgery @AcademicSurgery
The Association for Academic Surgery (AAS) is dedicated to the advancement of academic surgery and surgeons everywhere. Likes and RTs are usually amplification
Rank: 45 Followers: 25,8K Listed: 211
Tweets: 25,3K RT: 2


Bryan Vartabedian @Doctor_V
Chief Pediatrics Officer — Texas Children’s Hospital Austin | Medicine, technology and the future of work
Rank: 45 Followers: 32,2K Listed: 1.483
Tweets: 43,7K RT: 0


Girma Tefera MD,FACS @gttefera
Professor of Surgery, University of Wisconsin, Medical Director Operation Giving Back at American College of Surgeons Opinions are my own
Rank: 45 Followers: 4,2K Listed: 37
Tweets: 1,0K RT: 19


Scott R. Steele @ScottRSteeleMD
Chair, Department of Colorectal Surgery, @ClevelandClinic; MBA @caseweatherhead; @BehindtheKnife; @ascrs_1; @ABCRSorg; @DCRjournal; @ClinicsColorect
Rank: 45 Followers: 9,3K Listed: 55
Tweets: 4,1K RT: 6


aecirujanos @aecirujanos
La Asociación Española de Cirujanos es una sociedad médico-científica que tiene como finalidad contribuir al progreso de la cirugía #cncirugia2022 #cirutuiteros
Rank: 45 Followers: 11,6K Listed: 189
Tweets: 28,7K RT: 4


European Society of Coloproctology @escp_tweets
ESCP is dedicated to promoting and advancing the prevention, treatment, education and research into colorectal disease internationally.
Rank: 44 Followers: 13,0K Listed: 103
Tweets: 8,4K RT: 6


ASMBS @asmbs
The American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery; improving public health by lessening the burden of the disease of obesity. Retweets are not endorsements
Rank: 44 Followers: 22,9K Listed: 286
Tweets: 17,4K RT: 2


European Cancer Organisation @EuropeanCancer
Raising awareness to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients. Organiser of #EuropeanCancerSummit
Rank: 44 Followers: 19,8K Listed: 266
Tweets: 14,0K RT: 2


Antonino Spinelli @AntoninoSpin
Colorectal Surgeon - General Secretary & President in Waiting European Society ColoProctology ESCP - Director CRS and Co-Director IBD Center @Humanitas
Rank: 44 Followers: 5,6K Listed: 38
Tweets: 7,6K RT: 8


Brendon Stiles @BrendonStilesMD
Thoracic surgeon expecting excellence. Cancer researcher. Patient advocate. #LungCancer #lcsm @lung_fund
Rank: 44 Followers: 9,1K Listed: 223
Tweets: 14,2K RT: 2


garth davis @Drgarthdavis
Medical and surgical weight loss doctor, Evidence based medicine fanatic, Ironman triathlete, vegan. Trying to educate on the benefits of plantstrong diet
Rank: 44 Followers: 19,8K Listed: 307
Tweets: 10,4K RT: 2


American Association of Endocrine Surgeons @TheAAES
Rank: 44 Followers: 5,8K Listed: 41
Tweets: 4,1K RT: 8


Techniques in Coloproctology Journal @TechColoproctol
International journal devoted to publishing cutting edge research, highlighting innovations in the management of colorectal and pelvic floor diseases. IF 3.7
Rank: 44 Followers: 7,5K Listed: 56
Tweets: 1,2K RT: 12


Elliott R Haut, MD, PhD @elliotthaut
Trauma Surgeon, Vice Chair Surgical Quality/Safety @HopkinsSurgery @HopkinsMedicine, Research @JohnsHopkinsSPH, @EAST_TRAUMA Past-Prez, @NatTrauma @StopTheClot
Rank: 44 Followers: 16,5K Listed: 145
Tweets: 22,0K RT: 1


SreyRam Kuy, MD @SreyRam
Surgeon. Healthcare Quality & Healthcare Public Policy. Writer published in the Huffington Post, Salon, USA Today, LA Times, Washington Post.
Rank: 43 Followers: 57,3K Listed: 222
Tweets: 1,1K RT: 3


BehindTheKnife @BehindTheKnife
Behind the Knife is a comprehensive surgery education platform for healthcare providers at all stages of their training and career.
Rank: 43 Followers: 18,4K Listed: 94
Tweets: 3,3K RT: 2


Andre Campbell, MD, FACS, FACP, FCCM, MAMSE, FCCOS @TraumaDocSF
Surgeon, Public Heath Advocate, ICU Doctor, Professor, #DEI, @ZSFGCare. Tweets are my own opinion. Medical News Commentary MSNBC|CNN|NBC|Yahoo Finance|CNBC|CBS
Rank: 43 Followers: 11,4K Listed: 176
Tweets: 11,1K RT: 2


Matthew Martin, MD, FACS, McRIB @docmartin22
Trauma/Critical Care, Bariatric, Gen Surg, Military(ret) Liberal, Heterodox, Dad to twin terrors! No patience for right-wing fascists OR left-wing totalitarians
Rank: 43 Followers: 12,7K Listed: 83
Tweets: 15,7K RT: 3


Op Dr Fak AKIN @DrFakiAkin
Genel Cerrah / General Surgeon (Univ. of Ghent) •• born in living in •• Beikta Congress member #obezitecerrahisi #bariatricsurgery
Rank: 43 Followers: 11,0K Listed: 46
Tweets: 17,8K RT: 1


Val Jones, MD @drval
Traveling rehab physician. Founder of Better Health, LLC: Smart health commentary.
Rank: 43 Followers: 24,8K Listed: 1.411
Tweets: 16,1K RT: 2


Skeptical Scalpel @Skepticscalpel
Person of interest. I hope. Proud to announce I’ve been blocked by @JennyMcCarthy.
Rank: 43 Followers: 21,5K Listed: 561
Tweets: 50,3K RT: 0


Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) & JNCI Cancer Spectrum publish peer-reviewed #research on #cancer and #oncology. @OUPAcademic journals.
Rank: 43 Followers: 23,5K Listed: 702
Tweets: 11,5K RT: 1


Fernando GomezSancha @fgomsan
Urologist, specialised in laser prostatectomy for the treatment of BPH & Da Vinci Robotic Surgery for prostate, bladder and kidney diseases
Rank: 43 Followers: 6,2K Listed: 55
Tweets: 5,7K RT: 6


Sociedad Española de Patología Digestiva (SEPD) @sepdigestiva
Organización científica sin ánimo de lucro que agrupa a más de 3.300 médicos. Sigue a @reedigestivas_ @saludigestivo. Nuestras webs: https://t.co/9GH19bijmA y https://t.co/FTi8rHSELJ
Rank: 43 Followers: 12,7K Listed: 161
Tweets: 17,3K RT: 3


Carla Pugh MD PhD @CarlaPughMDPhD
Surgeon, Wife, Mother, Researcher - Believer in Simulation & Tech based assessments!! Tweets and views are my own.
Rank: 43 Followers: 3,7K Listed: 85
Tweets: 334 RT: 8


Henri R. Ford, MD @HenriFordMD
Dean and Chief Academic Officer, Leonard Miller School of Medicine of the University of Miami
Rank: 43 Followers: 4,1K Listed: 33
Tweets: 172 RT: 12


Debby Keller, MD @debby_keller
Colorectal Surgeon and Surgical Scientist @mainlinehealth Lankenau Medical Center #colorectalresearch #colorectalsurgery (she/her/hers)
Rank: 42 Followers: 6,8K Listed: 73
Tweets: 16,3K RT: 3


James Rutka @JamesRutka
RS McLaughlin Chair, Department of Surgery, Professor of Neurosurgery, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neurosurgery
Rank: 42 Followers: 6,0K Listed: 40
Tweets: 1,5K RT: 9


Prof.Dr.Aziz Sümer @drazizsumer
BJK Kongre Üyesi/ Genel Cerrahi Uzman/Obezite ve Tip 2 Diyabet Cerrahisi /Endokrin ve Meme Cerrahisi/Kanser/Organ Nakli Cerrahisi/ GSM:0 505 925 71 42
Rank: 42 Followers: 7,2K Listed: 16
Tweets: 7,7K RT: 4


Manish Chand FRCS PhD MBA @ManishChandSurg
Chief Medical Officer @aischannel | Consultant Colorectal & Endometriosis| BSc MBA PhD FRCS FASCRS| Director Advanced MIS | Harvard SLP faculty @thelondonclinic
Rank: 42 Followers: 7,1K Listed: 124
Tweets: 18,3K RT: 5


Enrique Arias MD FACS @drenriquearias
Salvadoreño, Médico, Cirujano de Mínima Invasión, Docente Universitario, Empleado, Profesional Independiente, aficionado al ciclismo MTB
Rank: 42 Followers: 4,5K Listed: 5
Tweets: 2,6K RT: 12


Susan Pitt, MD MPHS @susieQP8
Human | Surgeon | Mom | Passionate about reducing #Overtreatment | #PROWD | #NYerORCoverChallenge | Views my own | RT not endorsement | She, hers
Rank: 42 Followers: 8,6K Listed: 92
Tweets: 10,9K RT: 2


Mary L. Brandt, MD, MDiv @drmlb
Professor of Surgery @TulaneMedicine, Pediatric Surgeon @CHNOLA, Graduate of @IliffTheology, She/Her/Hers
Rank: 42 Followers: 17,1K Listed: 423
Tweets: 91,1K RT: 1


Amir A. Ghaferi @AmirGhaferi
Chief Clinical Officer @umichmedicine | Past President @AcademicSurgery | Father, Husband | Focused on improving organizational systems & design
Rank: 42 Followers: 6,3K Listed: 132
Tweets: 10,3K RT: 2


John Stulak @JohnStulakMD
CV Surgeon. @MayoClinic. Heart Transplant/Ventricular Assist Devices. A life not lived in the service of others is a life not worth living. Tweets are my own.
Rank: 42 Followers: 4,7K Listed: 28
Tweets: 794 RT: 11


ACPGBI is a group of 1000 + surgeons, nurses & allied professionals who advance the knowledge & treatment of bowel diseases in Britain & Ireland
Rank: 42 Followers: 10,3K Listed: 65
Tweets: 9,8K RT: 3


Mark B. Pochapin, MD @MarkPochapin
Director, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology @NYULangone | Past President, American College of Gastroenterology |@NYUDocs Doctor Radio Host
Rank: 42 Followers: 6,0K Listed: 60
Tweets: 1,9K RT: 3


Jennifer Hartwell, MD FACS @traumamom4
mom, wife, trauma surgeon. tweets are my own
Rank: 42 Followers: 4,8K Listed: 39
Tweets: 4,9K RT: 4


Equipo De la Torre @EquipodelaTorre
Unidad Integral de Neurocirugía Equipo de la Torre, dirigida por el reconocido Dr. D. Manuel J. De la Torre Gutiérrez Consulta: 914451754
Rank: 42 Followers: 22,7K Listed: 244
Tweets: 10,8K RT: 5


EPC-Europ Pancr Club @EurPancClub
The European Pancreatic Club (EPC) is a non-profit, international scientific organization dedicated to the study of the pancreas
Rank: 41 Followers: 4,0K Listed: 39
Tweets: 3,0K RT: 6


Christian Jones @jonessurgery
acute care surgeon, surgical educator, cynical idealist, frequently frustrated, status quo questioner, he/him
Rank: 41 Followers: 6,5K Listed: 175
Tweets: 29,7K RT: 3


The American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) is dedicated to advancing neurological surgery and promoting the highest quality of patient care.
Rank: 41 Followers: 21,8K Listed: 184
Tweets: 4,6K RT: 1


Ramón Cugat @ramoncugat
Traumatólogo y cirujano ortopeda. Especialista en medicina deportiva. Y su equipo. Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Trauma and team.
Rank: 41 Followers: 16,9K Listed: 121
Tweets: 9,1K RT: 3


Lillian Kao @LillianKao1
general surgeon, intensivist, researcher
Rank: 41 Followers: 5,8K Listed: 75
Tweets: 4,1K RT: 2


Terry Simpson @terrysimpson
Surgeon, // Host of Fork U Podcast //dad, chef, author, sybarite, skeptic, culinary med he/him
Rank: 41 Followers: 6,6K Listed: 367
Tweets: 123,0K RT: 0


UW Department of Surgery @UWSurgery
Official home of the UW Department of Surgery. Follow along for highlights of our #doscommunity, including #dosresearch, #doseducation and #dosgrandrounds!
Rank: 41 Followers: 6,1K Listed: 106
Tweets: 8,7K RT: 2


Bryan Cotton @bryanacotton1
Professor of Surgery/Fellowship Director/Surgeon at busiest trauma center in US/Father of 6/Libertarian/Major Star Wars geek/Sometimes wrong, never in doubt
Rank: 41 Followers: 4,7K Listed: 38
Tweets: 4,0K RT: 3


SurgicalOutcomesClub @SurgOutcomes
The Surgical Outcomes Club is a consortium of surgeons and scientists interested in advancing health services and outcomes research in surgery.
Rank: 41 Followers: 6,2K Listed: 43
Tweets: 858 RT: 4


Joseph L. Mills MD @jmills1955
Professor, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery; Diabetic foot; Endo & Leg bypass; AAA; Carotid disease; Health Care; Science; Evolution ~ Tweets often my opinions
Rank: 41 Followers: 11,2K Listed: 106
Tweets: 19,6K RT: 1


José Vicente Roig @roigvila
MD, PhD, FEBS-c, FESCP, Colorectal surgeon. Centro Europeo Cirugía colorrectal. Hospital Vithas 9 de Octubre. Valencia.
Rank: 41 Followers: 1,9K Listed: 25
Tweets: 2,1K RT: 10


TXAggieBurnDoc @AmaliaCochranMD
Burn/ critical care surgeon | Educator and Mentor | Researcher | Trailblazer | Expat Texan | Pronouns: She/ Her/ Hers |
Rank: 41 Followers: 10,3K Listed: 170
Tweets: 14,0K RT: 1


Dr. Daniel Liu @danielzliu
Board-Certified #PlasticSurgeon & #Microsurgeon @CancerCenter dedicated to #BreastReconstruction | #DIEPflap | #Microsurgery | #Lymphedema | #VLNT #LVA
Rank: 41 Followers: 29,6K Listed: 424
Tweets: 17,0K RT: 1

También se puede consultar una clasificación mundial de Top Cirujanos, Top Surgeons en inglés, especialistas en la Cirugía Colorectal basados principalmente en el hashtag de Twitter #colorectalsurgery y nuestro Directorio de los mejores médicos de Barcelona.

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