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Cirugía Bariátrica (287)

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1 @Surgeon_General
(Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon Gene)
90 19th & 21st U.S. Surgeon General. Dad, husband, doctor, author. Dedicated to building a healthier, kinder, more connected world. https://t.co/UggS1fDmZA USA 1,1M
2 @arghavan_salles
(Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD)
68 media contributor | DEI researcher/consultant | speaker | part-time surgeon | physician wellness | feminist | yogini | words at places | views mine | she/her USA 52,0K
3 @asmbs
55 The American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery; improving public health by lessening the burden of the disease of obesity. Retweets are not endorsements USA 22,8K
4 @docmartin22
(Matthew Martin, MD, FACS, McRIB)
53 Trauma/Critical Care, Bariatric, Gen Surg, Military(ret) Liberal, Heterodox, Dad to twin terrors! No patience for right-wing fascists OR left-wing totalitarians USA 12,7K
5 @DrFakiAkin
(Op Dr Fak AKIN)
53 Op. Dr. Fak Akn | Official Twitter Account Internacional 10,9K
6 @drazizsumer
(Prof.Dr.Aziz Sümer)
53 BJK Kongre Üyesi/ Genel Cerrahi Uzman/Obezite ve Tip 2 Diyabet Cerrahisi /Endokrin ve Meme Cerrahisi/Kanser/Organ Nakli Cerrahisi/ GSM:0 505 925 71 42 Internacional 7,3K
7 @drenriquearias
(Enrique Arias MD FACS )
53 Salvadoreño, Médico, Cirujano de Mínima Invasión, Docente Universitario, Empleado, Profesional Independiente, aficionado al ciclismo MTB Internacional 4,4K
8 @BjsOpen
(BJS Open)
50 BJS Open is an #openaccess journal from @bjsurgery society, featuring high-quality #surgicalresearch from across the globe, with an Impact Factor of 3.875 Internacional 8,5K
9 @MetabolicEndo
(Chris Thompson, MD)
49 Professor of Medicine @HarvardMed / Director of Endoscopy @BrighamWomens / CoDirector CWMW @MassGenBrigham https://t.co/uJPqDh7DV5 USA 6,2K
10 @PSchauerMD
(Philip Schauer, MD)
48 Professor of Metabolic Surgery Director Bariatric and Metabolic Institute Pennington Biomedical Research Center USA 6,1K
11 @drhalilcoskun
(Prof.Dr.Halil Cokun)
47 #MemorialSalk Obezite ve Metabolik Cerrahi / Bezmialem Ünv Öretim Üyesi / Ankara Tp 94 / stanbul Tp Genel Cerrahi 99 / BAU Executive MBA 22 0532 0540049 Internacional 4,2K
12 @AntoniodeLacy
(Antonio de Lacy)
47 Director of Gastrointestinal Surgery Department @hospitalclinic ; President @AISChannel ; Director @IQLacyBCN Barcelona 12,7K
13 @gsurgstudents
46 National student-run global surgery working group for U.S. affiliated w/ @InciSioNGlobal. Mission to unite/inspire/engage students&trainees in #globalsurgery. Internacional 5,8K
14 @Drgarthdavis
(garth davis)
45 Medical and surgical weight loss doctor, Evidence based medicine fanatic, Ironman triathlete, vegan. Trying to educate on the benefits of plantstrong diet USA 20,0K
15 @iss_sic
(International Society of Surgery (I)
45 ISS/SIC represents members from 100+ countries. Integrated societies #IAESSurgery IATSIC @IASMEN_org @surgery_breast #ISDSSurgery @surgeryASAP. @worldjsurg Internacional 9,4K
16 @cascalescirugia
(Pedro Cascales)
45 Cirugía Oncológica Peritoneal y Profesor Titular de Cirugía UNIVERSIDAD DE MURCIA @umu Murcia 1,6K
17 @drsatishpattan
(Satish Pattanshetti)
44 Lap, Bariatric and AWR Hernia Surgeon at Pune, India/AMPH@ISB.. #Proud father of 2 daughters| GENERAL MERIT Internacional 2,4K
18 @anhanssen
(Andrés Hanssen)
44 General, Minimally invasive, Robotic and Bariatric Surgery. Former Triathlete, Amputee. Tweets are my Own. Vehement, and not necessarily politically correct. Venezuela 3,3K
19 @cynthiamich
(Cynthia Borg)
44 Bariatric & Upper GI Consultant Surgeon, London; AUGIS council member; Regional Surgical Advisor RCS Edinburgh; Member IFSO-EC MNAG; MBA student Ashridge United Kingdom 1,9K
20 @AuroraPryor
(Aurora Pryor, MD)
44 Professor and Chief, General Surgery; Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs and Director, Bariatric and Metabolic Weight Loss Center at Stony Brook USA 2,3K
21 @bariatricBOMSS
43 We are a professional society of surgeons involved in obesity management. United Kingdom 3,8K
22 @SurgMonkhouse
(Simon Monkhouse)
43 Consultant Upper GI & Weight loss Surgeon, Surrey. An educational page for weightloss surgery and a celebration of our patients success #wls #weightloss #sleeve United Kingdom 1,9K
23 @JacoboCabanas
(Jacobo Cabañas)
43 Jefe de Estudios y Jefe de Sección Ramón y Cajal. Oncólogo quirúrgico. Surgical Oncology. Consultor MDA Cancer Center Madrid. Profesor UAH. Presidente SEOQ Madrid 6,6K
24 @DoctoreFrio
(Doctor Frío)
43 Cirujano y Endoscopista Gastrointestinal. Cinéfilo, melómano, amante del café, gamer, ávido lector, y agradecido con Dios por la vida que me ha dado. Internacional 2,0K
25 @drnerioleon
(Dr. Nerio León)
42 Nerio Leon - Cirugía para la Obesidad y la Diabetes Avenida El Milagro, Maracaibo 4002, Zulia 0424-6454963 https://t.co/Cw0LMFEu7P Venezuela 2,7K
26 @WeightLossNYC
(Oksana Aron, MD)
42 I am an internist & bariatric physician, founder of WeightLossNYC, helping thousands of New Yorkers achieve their weight loss goals & improve overall health. USA 8,5K
27 @Nimeri_MD
(Abdelrahman Nimeri MD FACS FASMBS)
41 Family 1st. Associate Professor, Chief of Bariatric Surgery Fellowship PD @CarolinasSurg @Atriumhealth Secretary/Treasurer @ifsoSecretariat AE @journalObesity Internacional 3,4K
28 @ZairaFG
41 Cirugía de colon, recto y . Subespecialista en ser manco, con momentos de pro en la vida Internacional 2,0K
29 @DrBinks
(Dr. Martin Binks)
40 Obesity & Metabolic Disease Scientist, Educator, Clinician, Consultant. Dr. Binks offers online pre-post surgery education & support groups to bariatric clinics Internacional 1,3K
30 @colorectaltweet
39 Developments and Research in coloproctology - harvests the best tweets from research on #colorectalsurgery hashtag and from the colorectal twitterazzi Internacional 3,5K
31 @drmoniquehassan
(Monique Hassan, MD, MBA, FACS, FASM)
39 Assistant Prof @TAMU | Bariatric Surgeon @BSWHealth_Templ | trained @ClevelandClinic & @MadiganHealth | Fitness Addict | Pescatarian | Army Vet Tweets = mine USA 1,7K
32 @bonuslife
(walt medlin KILL THE FILIBUSTER, St)
39 #Bariatric Surgeon, had a #Sleeve gastrectomy ‘08, #SADI upgrade '19, #obesity care advocate, #paraglide, #wingfoil. #womansrighttochoose USA 3,0K
33 @frasson_matt
(matteo frasson)
39 PhD Colorectal Surgeon @HospitalLaFe @IISLaFe @cirdig_lafe, Associate Professor @UV_EG, Editor @cirugiaespanola, Editor @ColorectalDis Valencia 2,1K
34 @CorriganMcBride
(Corrigan McBride MD, MBA, FACS,FASM)
38 Prof # Surgery @UNMC and Dir of #BariatricSurgery at @NebraskaMed. Vice Chair Surg Informatics Passionate about access to care #WLS, Surg Ed,#ilooklikeasurgeon USA 1,3K
35 @victornoelq
(Dr.Victor QuiñonezMD)
38 Cirujano General y Videolaparoscopico /General Surgeon/Hospital san felipe/ Profesor titular III UNAH/ATLS Instructor Internacional 2,1K
36 @surg_john
(John Loy)
38 Bariatric Surgeon. in London USA 862
37 @DrEricDeMaria
(Dr Eric DeMaria)
38 Chief of General and Bariatric Surgery at ECU, Immediate Past President of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery USA 1,9K
38 @DrJennyMWeaver
(Dr. Jenny Weaver)
37 Saved by Jesus,nearer still nearer is my plea & prayer. Wife,mom. Bariatric surgeon,foodie,chocoholic-keepin it real.TNASMBS Prez. Latte required. News junkie. USA 671
39 @teamchrias
36 CEO @kemalerkanUSA Weight Loss Surgery, Bariatric Surgery #netde #WLS Disclaimer: https://t.co/dQs6HKLQmj #UmedTV USA 858
40 @colo_research
36 A virtual journal of the best research from #colorectalresearch - jointly authored from @bjsurgery @colorectaldis @techcoloproctol @dcrjournal Internacional 3,3K
41 @BilalAlkhaffaf
(Bilal Alkhaffaf)
36 Consultant Oesophago-Gastric & Bariatric Surgeon @SalfordCO_NHS | Cancer, obesity & metabolic disease, benign disease | Hon Senior Lecturer @UoM_DCS United Kingdom 1,1K
42 @mattars77
(Samer Mattar)
36 Professor and Chief, Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery Division, Baylor College of Medicine. Past President, The Fellowship Council, Past President, ASMBS. USA 895
43 @AmirGhaferi
(Amir A. Ghaferi)
35 Chief Clinical Officer @umichmedicine | Past President @AcademicSurgery | Father, Husband | Focused on improving organizational systems & design USA 6,3K
44 @ObesidadCVigo
(Jose Luis de la Cruz)
35 Doctor de José Luis de La Cruz Vigo, cirujano bariátrico. Tratamientos para la obesidad, By-Pass Gástrico por Laparoscopia y Gastrectomía Vertical. León 502
45 @VesaliusCX
(Daniel Gomez MD, FACS)
35 MIS ROBOTIC and BARIATRIC SURGEON/ Daniel Goméz Ruiz MD, FACS miembro @MISIRG1 vesalius0216@yahoo.com Colombia 1,4K
46 @PBillingMD
(Peter Billing, MD FACS)
34 Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeon, Mayo Trained Clinical Investigator. Founder of TransformWL. Medical Weight Loss. First to do same day sleeve gastrectomy. USA 898
47 @nychernia
(Brian P Jacob, MD)
33 twitter updates related to my surgery practice and my personal interests USA 880
48 @MichBariSC
32 The Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative is a consortium of MI hospitals and surgeons dedicated to improving bariatric surgery outcomes. Supported by @bcbsm USA 483
49 @DrRR
32 What is the Mini-Gastric Bypass MGB = Short, Simple, Effective Weight Loss Surgery, that can be easily revised if needed USA 831
50 @rachelmooremd
(Rachel Moore, MD, FACS, ABOM)
32 metabolic surgeon/bariatric endoscopist/obesity treatment specialist, wife, mother of three Internacional 12,1K
51 @SurgeryHealth
(Operation Health)
32 Operation Health: A @JHUPress #globalsurgery series including: Operation Health, Operation Crisis, Operation Ebola & soon Operation Cancer Internacional 6,5K
52 @TuesdayCookMD
(Tuesday Cook, MD, FACS, FASMBS, DAB)
32 Advanced Laparoscopic, Foregut and Bariatric Surgeon/Wife/Mom/Friend USA 376
53 @shanu_kothari
(Shanu Kothari)
32 Christ follower, husband, father, surgeon, boater, my family Internacional 1,6K
54 @ZaherToumi
(Zaher Toumi MD)
31 #Bariatric +UGI Surgeon #obsmuk founder, @asmbs + @IfsoSecretariat comms #diabetes #obesity @mcgillu alumnus, soc med Editor @SOARD_JOURNAL , R&I director United Kingdom 7,9K
55 @Trustursurgeon
(Daniel Jones)
30 Rutgers, NJMS USA 692
56 @Cikennedy
(Colleen Kennedy MD)
30 Mom, Bariatric surgeon and loving life! USA 314
57 @mr_javed_sultan
(Javed Sultan)
30 Consultant Oesophago-Gastric and Weight loss Surgeon, Unit Lead, GM Clinical Lead for OG Cancer #weightloss #wls #bypass #gastricsleeve #balloon #fundoplication United Kingdom 655
58 @DavidEarle13
(David Earle)
29 Dr. Earle is a General Surgeon, and Director of the New England Hernia Center in MA, and Associate Professor of Surgery at Tufts University School of Medicine USA 194
59 @markpernaMD
(Mark Perna MD)
29 Bariatric Surgeon USA 172
60 @simoncgibson
(Simon C Gibson)
28 Surgeon (QEUH), Football Doc (SFA and Queens Park), and Dad (2 awesome kids). United Kingdom 227
61 @RPetersonMD
(Richard Peterson)
28 Surgeon, veteran, teacher, runner, video gamer, skier and traveler. Views are my own USA 1,6K
62 @CarlosCgalvani
(Carlos Galvani)
28 Latest updates on obesity/obesidad; Weight loss surgery; acid reflux surgery & hiatal Hernia surgery,robotics and other interesting stuff. Hablo español USA 2,4K
63 @RomanTurro
(Dr Roman Turro)
28 Bariatric Endoscopy, Sailor, Centro Medico Teknon. Director Enbarna. obesidadteknon@gmail.com. Developing and improving. Barcelona 1,2K
64 @drminilap
(Dr. Yuvan MINILAP)
27 Cirugia General, Cirugia Laparoscopica,Gastroenterologia México 420
65 @sbcbm
27 Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Bariátrica e Metabólica Brasil 165
66 @eider_talavera
(Eider Talavera Urquijo)
27 Eppur si muove. MD, PhD, FEBS/FEBTS UGI, ESDE-MIE Fellow 2019-2020 in IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele di Milano; OG & Bariatric Surgeon in Hospital U. Donostia Barcelona 324
67 @ChtBariatrica
26 Unidad de Cirugía Bariátrica del Hospital Universitario Torrecárdenas de Almería Almería 359
68 @profkerrigan
(David Kerrigan)
26 Bariatric surgeon United Kingdom 87
69 @DrMarkSalcone
25 USA 69
70 @martajimenez135
(Marta Jimenez Gomez)
25 Cirujana General y del Aparato Digestivo. Hospital del Mar . Breast Surgery Specialization. General Surgery. Surgical Oncology. @Breastme4 #SoMe4Breast Las Palmas 674
71 @sharpsurgeon
(Souheil Adra)
25 Harvard & #BIDMilton #BIDMC #MIS #Robotic #Bariatric #Surgeon|Bariatric Surgery program Interim Director@BIDMC, Director@BIDMilton| Tweets own, RTendorsement Internacional 160
72 @jimenez_galanes
(HBP & UpGI Surgery)
25 Santos F. Jimenez de los Galanes Marchan, UpperGI and HBP surgeon. Associate Professor of #surgery at @ufvmadrid. Husband. Father. FEBS on Transplant Surgery Internacional 440
73 @doctorcdavid
(C. Steeve David, MD)
24 General Minimally Invasive & Bariatric Surgery USA 80
74 @wltmexico
(Weight Loss Team)
24 TOLL FREE 1 (800) 404-9064 or +1 (818) 949-6911 info@weightlossteam.com The official Twitter site of Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo - Puerto Vallarta Mexico México 671
75 @DMBariatrics
(Steve C)
23 Husband & father of five boys, Roman Catholic believer, Bariatric and GS. Hoping for American unity #patriot @ASMBS #Hawkeyes #obsm #kag #MFL2019 ifb USA 1,6K
76 @DomGadaletaMD
(Dominick Gadaleta)
23 All the views are my own, unless attributed to someone else. Retweeting is not an endorsement. I am always where I am meant to be. USA 1,3K
77 @BuckhBariatrics
(Buckhead Bariatrics)
23 Member-Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons, American College of Surgeons USA 66
78 @emachin13
(Dr. Enrique Machin)
23 Medico Venezolano, Cirujano Oftalmologo-Retinologo. Cirugia Desprendimiento de Retina.Retinopatía diabética, macula, catarata. https://t.co/3Ax7RgMaPo! Venezuela 3,3K
79 @NPujolCano
(Natalia Pujol Cano)
23 Cirujana general en el Hospital Universitario Son Espases. Palma de Mallorca. Islas Baleares 501
80 @OmarEspinosaGon
(Omar Espinosa)
23 #bariatricsurgery #herniasurgery #minimallyinvasivesurgery https://t.co/FtvTMo9VlH México 608
81 @DrMSierra
(Mauricio Sierra M.D., FACS)
22 Passionate Family man, Endocrine/MIS-Bariatric Surgeon, Simulation, Social Media and Social Research Initiate. Red Sox Fan, aspiring Cook and Athlete México 995
82 @SousaVaquero
(José María Sousa Vaquero)
22 Cirujano especialista en Cirugía oncológica y de la Mama MD PhD Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío. No concibo una vida sin leer. Sevilla 697
83 @drayhanmesci
(Ayhan MESC)
22 Prof. of General Surgery. Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon, Nobezite Clinic and Akdeniz University Ofis:05079898260 Internacional 736
84 @mfvialg
(Manuel Vial)
22 Cirujano Digestivo @TEMUCOHHHA - #ERAS - Prehabilitación - Cáncer Gástrico. #soydonante #QuedateEnCasa #Yomevacuno Chile 535
85 @alfantblog
(Alfonso Antequera)
22 Upper GI & Bariatric Surgeon. Obesity is becoming bigger health crisis than hunger, however It's still necessary to fight in both sides https://t.co/jBCkd9nd7m United Kingdom 718
86 @metabolic_knife
(Vance L. Albaugh, MD, PhD)
22 Metabolic Surgeon-Scientist at Metamor @PBRCNews curing & improving treatment of #obesity #diabetes @VUMCSurgRes @ClevelandClinic alum -Tweets mine- USA 1,0K
87 @cirugia_hgmo
(Cirugía HGMO)
22 Servicio de Cirugía General y Digestiva. Hospital General Mateu Orfila. General and Digestive Surgery Department. TOP 20,en 2004. MENORCA. Islas Baleares.SPAIN. Islas Baleares 638
88 @venkarch
(N Venkatesh Jayanthi)
22 Laparoscopic & Robotic Gastro-oeosphageal surgeon. Hernias, gall (&CBD) stones,reflux, Bariatric Surgery & cancer. @broomfieldnhs, @springfieldhosp United Kingdom 336
89 @philipcohenmd
(Philip A. Cohen MD)
21 USA 21
90 @cliffordkomd
(Clifford Ko MD)
21 Director of @AmCollSurgeons NSQIP, trauma, bariatric & cancer quality programs; surgeon & professor @UCLASPH @UCLAHealth; research affiliate @RANDCorporation USA 1,7K
21 Unidad de Cirugía Bariatrica Dedicada a la atención quirúrgica de pacientes con obesidad en ambiente de alta tecnología Internacional 1,6K
92 @Notocorda
(E. V. R)
20 Cirujana General y Ap. Digestivo / Tutora de residentes / Simulación clínica / Cáncer de Mama / Breast Cancer La Coruña 649
93 @CursosCirugia
(Cursos Cirugía Gral)
20 Portal de difusión de cursos de especialidades médicas,quirúrgicas,educación médica continua, guías,protocolos,seguridad y educación a pacientes. España 561
94 @Antoniomarti53
(Antonio Martinez)
20 Cirugia general - Digestiva - lap, bariatric surgeon, Asesoría quirúrgica, análisis de políticas nacional e internacional Internacional 501
95 @BNeedlemanMD
(Bradley J Needleman)
19 USA 243
96 @morandeira_a
(Antonio Morandeira)
19 Cirugía General Hospital General La Mancha Centro Castilla-La Mancha 367
97 @MichaelGarrenMD
(Dr. Michael Garren)
19 General & Bariatric Surgeon at University of Wisconsin. Views expressed are my own. USA 289
98 @Galileo_V
(GalileoVillarreal MD)
18 #Laparoscopy, #Bariatric Surgery, #Diabetes Surgery, #Gastric Sleeve, #Gastric Bypass#MasterSurgeonMetabolicandBariatricSurgery #BariatricSurgery USA 79
99 @celi_miau
(Celina García)
18 Criatura de paso por el mundo. Acérrima defensora del gato al que la curiosidad nunca conseguirá matar del todo. Surgeon around life. Internacional 811
100 @drdelacruz
(Pablo de la Cruz)
18 Medicina UAM USA 76
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  1. buenos días
    Hace años que estamos de alta pero hoy entramos en nuestra actividad y no aparecemos. Ni nosotros ni el listado que aparecía antes. ¿qué ocurre?

  2. Muy buenas. He estado un mes desconectado de redes por estar en el extrenjero sin acceso y veo a mi vuelta que mi KloutScore ha bajado 33,90 puntos hasta los 30.64 cuendo siempre estuve por encima de los 65. ¿Es que ha cambiado el sistema de cómputo o se me ha desconectado alguna red social. Atte,

    1. Klout ha cerrado como servicio de evaluación de la influencia en Internet, ahora el cálculo se realiza mediante un nuevo algoritmo basado exclusivamente en Twitter: TopRank360.

  3. Quisiera saber porqué teniendo un klout de 62, que bajé a 61 esta semana salgo hace meses en topinfluencers con 54 de klout.
    Lucas Evangelista fbk/ @LucasAuriens IG/Twitter. Muchas gracias

  4. Es muy interesante e indicadora…
    Me gustaría recibirla en mi cuenta de Twitter. ¿Qué tengo que hacer para ello?
    Mi cuenta es @ManuelMonerris.
    Muchas gracias anticipadas, en espera de sus noticias.
    Saludos afectuosos
    Manuel Monerris
    Menorca 2016

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